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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 31 May 2010 , in the 2010 World Cup category

Normally when talking about a ‘fest’, the word with ‘f’ is used before this, but in a different way to this.

Anyway, enough about that Constantia party last week!

When I heard last week that we were hosting a World Cup, I naturally thought this was quite cool and it’s also quite lucky, because now they can use that new stadium near the Waterfront.

Also, with this Soccer World Cup thing on the way, I’m pretty stoked at all the women who shall descend on Cape Town. Specifically the Brazilian ones. Ja, Brazilians, who can also lay claim to inventing that. AWE-some!

Now obviously if you don’t have tickets to all the games, you don’t to chill at home during the games not watching the games on the DSTV you don’t have. and even if you could watch the games live on TV, have you ever heard of someone coming right with a Brazilian SUPERDUPERMODEL in the stadium, from his house? No. Exactly.

If you want in on the action, both game and, well A-Game, then you’re going to need to surround yourself with a crowd of people who want to:

Watch soccer


Now parties don’t throw themselves, and you don’t need to throw a party either, because the team behind the Cape Town Fifa Fanfest have it all sorted for you. Even on non-match days, they’re going to be throwing down some sick events.

Imagine an entire month of party? Phone Discovery and up your party liability, because you’re in for it!

Have you ever had so many cool things to tell someone, that you don’t know where to start? Well that’s me right now. But here is a little information on what is going down:

The Cape Town FIFA Fan Fest

Location: Grand Parade

Capacity: 25 000

Opening Hours:  11:00 – 23:00

Entrance:  Free (on match days)

Distance to Airport: 22km

Distance to Stadium: 2.6 km


The Place

The Cape Town FIFA Fan Fest is the iconic Heritage Fan Fest of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. It is situated on the Grand Parade in the heart of The Mother City. This area, steeped in history, is at the foot of Table Mountain, in front of the City Hall and next to the Historic Castle of Good Hope (South Africa’s oldest building)

This historic venue, with over 350 years of history, is where Nelson Mandela addressed his fellow South Africans as a free man in February 1990, after spending 27 years behind bars for his beliefs.

The Entertainment

The Cape Town FIFA Fan Fest is a must as part of your Cape Town FIFA World Cup experience. With the ultimate soccer atmosphere it is definitely the most fun you can have without a ticket! Every match day the Cape Town FIFA Fan Fest will broadcast all the FIFA Soccer World Cup matches live on a 74sqm screen – to ensure you don’t miss one goal.
There is also a daily entertainment lineup between matches that will blow your mind. This lineup will include shows from local artists such as Goldfish, Freshly Ground, K’naan and Gang of Instrumentals as well as performances from African Marimba bands, local DJ’s and new and emerging talent.

There will be over 100 performances at the CTFFF and other attractions will also include Arts &Crafts stalls, food and beverage refreshment stands in the Chill Zone as well as interactive activity zones, including 5-a-side soccer pitches. Group match viewing experiences in the historic City hall will also be available.

Did you see that capacity? 25000 party people? I mean, it IS ridiculous!

I quite enjoy it how some people have to go to Ibiza to see Goldfish, and we just have them chilling here, playing at out Fanfest! It’s kind of how things operate here, but we’re so chilled we take it for granted.

Now I don’t want to be one of those guys who get’s you too excited, but just Google Imaging Brazilian Soccer Fan brings up these two results on the front page:

hot brazilian soccer fan

hot brazilian football fan

Your average soccer fan

Now obviously if that’s not your thing, then I’m totally cool with it. A month of playing Dungeons and Dragons and dreaming of maybe one day talking to a girl is kiff…you know…if that’s your thing.

Personally I like real, 3 dimensional people, so you know, I’ll be out and about mingling at these sorts of events.

But I mean it’s totally up to you.

While there are 10 days to go until the Cape Town Fifa Fan Fest breaks it down, you may as well start checking the schedule just so you can mentally prepare for it. Ten days should be long enough to wrap your head around it.

So click HERE to check out the website for loads more details.

And Google Image Brazilian.

I mean, Brazilian Soccer Fans. Either way, we’re probably in for a treat.

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2 Comments Stay On A Cruise Liner In Cape Town For The 2010 World Cup

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 14 Dec 2009 , in the 2010 World Cup category

I’m pretty excited about staying on land for the 2010 World Cup for the Cape Town games, but I must be honest, I do see the appeal in staying on a cruise liner! There are romantic undertones to it that will have guys/girls absolutely falling all over themselves to join you on your boat. For me, the appeal surely lies in the hilarity of people phoning you.

“Hey dude where you at?”

“I’m on a boat motherf&$#er! I got my flippie floppies!”

Can you imaging how ridiculous things would get? I’m pretty sure this boat must have a clause in the contract saying “Clothing Optional” because this would be the only way to spend your time on a boat, in a continual state of nakedness. The crew will no doubt go a bit mental, being stuck here for an entire month while the pleasure seekers have monumental amounts of sex, and they’re stuck in the hull with their crew member ‘Juan’. Shame, the poor buggers.

Anyway, One Ocean Club are offering you the opportunity to stay on a boat during the 2010 World Cup which is simply amazing.

Luckily for me my parents don’t read this website and I can FINALLY tell the story of those 6 Egyptian circus midgets on that boat in Plett in 2003! I honestly was about to bake a cake until I realised…wait that’s not baking flour. That’s Columbian coffee creamer. Ok we won’t quite get into the story for now (Because maybe it’s really a figment of a twisted imagination)…we lost a lot of good men that holiday. And the ones we didn’t lose immediately…well let’s just say some things stay in Plett, others come back.

Actually that’s not my story, but the way kids are going, it could VERY WELL be a true story from Plett rage 2009. I’ve heard it was philthy. If you’re reading this and have a kid who went to Plett all I’m saying is good luck. No jokes I’m sure they were like any other matric rage people, drinking tea and not touching each other in naughty places. As they do.

So where was I before Bernie hijacked my thoughts there?

Yeah, you can stay on a boat during the 2010 World Cup with One Ocean Club.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that their website is a nightmare. I HATE website that are trying to be fancy, and are hard to navigate. One Ocean Club have created a nightmare of sorts, the site is slow, there is music playing which might slow it down more, I don’t know I’m not a ‘web geek’

So it’s a terrible website which I hope is not a glimpse of what the ship will be like. But after some searching I found out the two boats that they will be using, and they seem decent. And by decent I mean so damn amazing, how could you love a baby this much? I found it easier to find information NOT on the One Ocean Club website, so grabbed this courtesy of Easier Travel:

Operating as a full-service hospitality partner during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, One Ocean Club is offering 4,600 additional beds for World Cup guests on two of the world´s largest cruise liners. This service will be supplemented by a full-scale premium hospitality programme drawn up in close co-operation with its South African partners and local authorities.

From the start of the World Cup on 11 June, the two luxury cruise liners MS Westerdam and MS Noordam, chartered by One Ocean Club from Holland America Line (HAL), will be lying at anchor in the harbours of Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town and offering approximately 4,600 extra beds, along with top-quality five-star service.

To realise this, One Ocean Club staff have been in South Africa for three years, exchanging information with the authorities and establishing a sound basis for close co-operation with local companies. As a result, around 80 percent of the food used on board over the four-week period in June 2010 is to be supplied by local partners. Regional cultural events, excursions organised in partnership with South African operators and numerous other co-operation projects round off the programme.

In addition to its top-class hospitality offerings, One Ocean Club guarantees guests the highest level of safety during their entire stay on board and the best possible on-shore escorts. A high-quality security concept, including controls in the harbours and on the ships, as well as shuttle services between the airports, ships and stadiums, will provide visitors with round-the-clock protection. An on-board hospital offering a 24-hour stand-by service and arrangements with local hospitals will ensure prompt medical attention in emergencies.

Werner von Moltke, initiator of One Ocean Club, said: “The One Ocean Club offering is a high-class addition to the services provided by local hotels and tour operators during the World Cup. To this end, we are working closely with the South African authorities and numerous local partners. Our aim is to forge links between our guests and the host country, allowing them to experience South Africa both on board and ashore. In this way, we hope to make an active contribution by supporting South Africa as a successful World Cup venue.”

So as you see I had to go to another website to find out which ships were being used. Nice one guys.

Please enjoy this from the website of the ms Westerdam:

The ms Westerdam is the third in Holland America Line’s series of Vista-class ships. As such, she embraces the latest industry and environmental technologies such as her use of a diesel-electric power plant for optimal energy efficiency and an Azipod propulsion system. Most of her staterooms have ocean views and many have private verandahs.

The theme of ms Westerdam’s art collection is Dutch heritage in the New World. Art ranges from paintings of historic Dutch ships, such as Henry Hudson’s Half Moon, to a huge Indian silver-overlaid wood palace doorway, a bone tobacco pipe carved in the shape of a woman’s head to a collection of 5,000-year-old pre-Columbian carved limestone figures from Ecuador. Contemporary pieces include an original Andy Warhol portrait and signature sculptures by Sedona artist Susanna Holt.

Guests on the ms Westerdam will be able to “show and tell” their vacation memories through the Digital Workshop powered by Windows. Free workshops led by Microsoft-trained “techsperts” will show even the most novice camera or computer user how to take better vacation photos, make movies, edit pictures and create scrapbooks using a variety of Microsoft Windows and Windows Live services. Guests will learn how to share all their digital memories through email, blogging and social networking — so friends and family can see where they’ve been cruising even before they return home.

Pretty crazy if you ask me!

“But Sean but Sean?!”

“Yes my young squire?”

“What…what…what does she look like?”

“Ah my young lad, she looks shaggable!”

“Have you got a photo Sean?”

“Yes me lad, just don’t tell your folks I let you look at ship porn. You may be too young”

Ladies and gentleman, the ms WesterDAMN!

ms Westerdam

Then there is the ms Noordam, with this:

Launched in 2006, the ms Noordam is the newest member of our renowned Vista-class ships. Named for the Northern compass point, she embraces the latest industry and environmental technologies such as her use of a diesel-electric power plant for optimal energy efficiency and an Azipod propulsion system that maximizes maneuverability.

On board ms Noordam you will discover museum-quality paintings such as an oil painting of the city of Utrecht painted in 1842, as well as contemporary art like the series of photographs of music greats Dizzy Gillespie and BB King. One of the most valuable pieces of furniture on board the ship is a remarkable inlaid chest flanked by carved wooden 17th-century Baroque columns. Made in Germany in 1885, the chest is inlaid with ebony and precious stones. Enjoy an onboard IPod self-guided tour of the complete ms Noordam art collection. The ms Noordam exemplifies the classic style of ocean travel with contemporary amenities and modern enhancements.

The ambiance of the elegant ms Noordam will provide a comfortable, spacious and relaxing backdrop as you sail the sunny Caribbean or romantic Europe in 2009 – 2010.

Aaaaah…beautiful! A little photo I took:

ms Noordam

They actually both look the same, but to get a true sensation of the sexual feeling they will give you, I’m going to drop two links here to their actual pages inside the internet. From there you can go on virtual tours and really get more acquainted with the space in which you will be pleasuring your lady/man friend. See the below links:

And that ladies and gentleman is all for now.

Click here for the One Ocean Club website.

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0 Comments 2010 World Cup Stadium Webcams

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 15 Oct 2009 , in the 2010 World Cup category

I get sent loads of links (Thanks to Rashiq for this) and this is quite cool, it’s a collection of webcams on the 2010 stadiums.

Unfortunately due to our work ethic in Cape Town and the weed from Hout Bay, the Green Point stadium camera is the only one that has not been updated, so the last photo is from the 4th of September 2009.


Below we have a photo from today of the Moses Mabhida Stadium and no I don’t know who that is either or where it is either. But apparently it’s there.


Laduma! Whatever that means…

But it’s kind of cool to check out the stadiums, although on a day to day basis it’s extremely boring. But the balls in your court now…rub yourself with it.

Rub yourself with balls.

Click here for the 2010 Stadium webcams.

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3 Comments Green Point Stadium Is Looking Good

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 29 Sep 2009 , in the 2010 World Cup category

Just a current look at the Green Point Stadium. The majority of you won’t know why this is being built, but I’m on the cutting edge of breaking news!


22 September 2009 progress, nice! Click here for high resolution

South Africa just won the bid to host a World Cup, where guys will be playing soccer! Apparently they just kick a ball around, and then try and get that ball go into a net. It sounds very intriguing. I knew you’d love that.

There are quite a lot of photos on the City Of Cape Town website, just click here to check the rest.

(Thanks Rashiq)

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3 Comments Marketing yourself for 2010 in Cape Town

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 21 Sep 2009 , in the 2010 World Cup category

A lot of people assume from the sort of content that I publish, that I’m not very intelligent. What? I’m like royalty in the journalism world after getting that journalism diploma! I promise you, I’ll show you guys. I’ll show you all, so we’re going to look at positive and effective ways at marketing for the 2010 World Cup. This is Sean Lloyd, and I’m bringing it! I’m taking this information from the Weekend Argus, from a headline “Brothels rife in Cape Town’s suburbs”


You see, I didn’t lie, we are talking about marketing yourself for 2010! Yourself being the operative word.

I guess I don’t really have a problem with brothels, not that it’s my scene in the slightest, but damn, if I were out of cash I’d sell myself for money, I don’t care! Ha ha…maybe…possibly…

This is quite a sneaky way to market a brothel because according to the Cape Argus article, these places are going under the guise of guest houses or respectable homes (*COUGH* — Cape Town madams and gimps *COUGH* Heard nothing) They say sex trade researchers (Awesome job — Sean) have identified 67 brothels across Cape Town which is believed to be a vast underestimate. No doubt!

This actually fits in perfectly, you see what I did there? No Doubts Don’t Speak, which fits in well with the brothel scene because no one speaks about it. And it’s pretty hard (Not to mention rude) to speak with a full mouth anyway.

Either I’m bulimic or telepathetic but something is going on with what I just said! I may even be a sidekick.

It’s interesting to note that the article states “This week, an alleged brothel in an upmarket part of Milnerton was exposed when neighbours spoke out about loud music, wild weekend parties and “strange men” frequenting the house.”

I can categorically state that there is no such thing as ‘an upmarket part of Milnerton’ This is completely false! (Apologies to our Milnerton readers, running on their neighbours wireless ADSL account. Love you guys.)

While it says brothels exist in Bellville, Parow, Table View, Plumstead, Durbanville, Claremont and Parklands, I’m pretty sure there are some in the upmarket suburbs of Cape Town.

It is well known that if you mingle in Cape Town long enough, you will in all likelihood be asked at one stage or another (Or is this just me?) if you want to make some good money. I’m actually being serious here, I was meeting with some guys about two years ago and I was asked if I wanted to work in an upmarket ‘massage parlour’

Well of course I’d love to have an eight ball shoved in my mouth while a gaggle of silverback apes proceed to shove pine cones up my ass!

So that was the last time I met with those guys, even though on the other matters business looked good, it would seems there was more ‘business’ I would need to do if I really wanted my money. But there are loads of stories around of weird parties happening, where it’s basically one big orgy. I know people who have walked into houses and it’s like one big pornfest! But these aren’t really brothels, I think we’d refer to these as upmarket swingers parties.

Cities can be SO weird sometimes!

So if you still haven’t found your niche market for 2010…someone say Heidi Fleiss!

Let’s look at what Fleiss looks like:


So don’t go into the business if you don’t want lazy eyes and hard equipment on your gums, damaging them and making you look like Heidi. Rest assured, she’s had more than just one white substance on those gums *Vomits*

She really has taking a proper hiding over the years, hasn’t she?

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6 Comments Cape Town property rental prices set to soar over 2010 Soccer World Cup

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 24 Jul 2008 , in the 2010 World Cup category

Cape Town – Owners of luxury Cape Town properties are set to break into the money club over the period of the 2010 Soccer World Cup with rental prices set to triple, to the delight of luxury home owners.

So says Ric Meulemans, director of and owner of 2 luxurious villas he successfully rents in Constantia.

We chatted to Ric about the price increases of property rentals and whether people will be willing to pay such high prices considering the current economic climate worldwide, which finds itself unstable riding on the back end of of high oil prices.

“Well essentially the people that these properties cater towards are more interested in the quality of the rental, money is a secondary consideration. They will not be affected like most of the population with regards to oil hikes. You must remember that these people are coming from overseas, so the exchange rate is highly in their favour, and in their countries they are already wealthy, so factor in the exchange rate and they are basically royalty in Cape Town”

“Looking at our rental options, our villas are top of the line properties situated in the finest areas of Cape Town such as Hout Bay, Constantia and Camps Bay. We aren’t marketing houses in Kenilworth, we are selling movie star living in elite suburbs” Said Ric

constantia villa

Lambo or Ferrarri? Lambo or Ferrari? No, let’s get the Lear jet

“We are targeting the top end of the market and our villas are top tier places. You are paying for exclusivity and if our guests want a butler, or a chef from a top restaurant to cook for them, we will organise it for them. If they want bodyguards, or they want to charter a private jet to Plettenberg Bay for the day then we will take care of that. Essentially guests are paying for a professional service and a professional team. If they want to be driven to a wine farm in a Hummer for a wine tasting session, and then dropped back home in a helicopter, we will do it, but obviously it comes at a cost”

“You must remember that these people are used to living like royalty in the finest areas the world has to offer. For them, helicopters are nothing and private jets are their form of transport”

clifton apartment

Veuve or Moet? Veuve or Moet? Honey, let’s just buy France

I also asked which would be the most popular areas in Cape Town for rentals.

“Our enquiries are mainly focused around the following areas”, says Ric:

Camps Bay

Hout Bay



“Another thing that the general public forget is that major corporations will also send their top directors down for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Let’s say, for example, Coca-Cola decide to send their major directors down to Cape Town for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, they will obviously be looking for top accommodation and will pay no matter what the cost. For these types of companies, this spending is nothing in comparison to their turnover and profits”

“To give you an idea, Carpe Diem, a villa in Camps Bay, could fetch 100k (ZAR) per day come World Cup time”

Ric’s parting quote sums it all up:

“There are no bad times for these clients. Oil can rise to $300 a barrel and they are still going to be drinking Moet at their Clifton villa while a sushi chef prepares their meal and the Lambo sits in the driveway”

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments The R250000 Cape Town 2010 Villa

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 19 May 2008 , in the 2010 World Cup category

Every so often something on the internet catches my eye. Sometimes it’s Gisele Bundchen naked, sometimes it’s breaking news, other times it’s just stupid celebrity stuff such as Megan Fox looking smoking hot. But a lot of the time it has got to do with money, and the excess lifestyle that can be had if you are heir to an oil fortune or just happen to have parents that invented Tik(Methamphetamine) Then you generally have loads of cash. However, there are some things you just cannot afford, even if you are fairly wealthy and stay in a decent suburb.

I bet you cannot afford R250000 per night to stay in a villa in Cape Town during World Cup 2010! Thats a quarter of a million ront every single day! And it doesn’t even come with a happy ending…nor are the walls sand blasted with cocaine! It’s quite outrageous, but even more outrageous is the fact that there will be someone out there who will be able to afford it. Think about it, 8 nights stay there and you could have pumped a R2 million house…and kept it!

But then again R250000 is not that much when you see how much money some people have. It’s probably a days worth of interest for some. In those terms it’s nothing really. R250000 is probably their equivalent of my R250. I won’t lie though, you would definitely come right in that villa. I don’t even know why I mentioned that because it’s SO obvious.






Making kids while enjoying the view…affirmative

You play it all cool though. You come off Clifton, tanned, white boardshorts, and put on a cream linen shirt. You comb your hair back and slip on your Gucci shades. All very low key stuff here.

You walk up to La Med and take a seat near to the hottest women at La Med. You inch closer to her. Eventually you are sitting right next to her, with a Coke looking drink in your hand(There is a reason)

“Hello” you say, in a faux European accent vibe thing.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you” you purr.

“Um…sort of…” she says nervously.

“Can I buy you a drink?” you say, with a twinkle in your eyes.

“Um…I kind of have a boyfriend, and he is going to be here soon, but thanks”

“I don’t know how to put this…but I have a very small penis”

“Um…what? Can you please move away from me freak show”

“That came out all wrong. I have a very small penis, and so to compensate for that I decided my only chance was to become disgustingly wealthy. I’m kind of…I’m kind of a billionaire”

“A billionaire drinking that shitty drink”

“That is a Lagavulin my lady”

“No buddy that’s Coke!”

“Yes, a Lagavulin and Coke. I sometimes actually wash my dishes with Lagavulin, I have tons of the stuff. What I wanted to tell you was that I have no natural charm. And a very small wang. But I’m very rich”

At this point you get up, and drop a bank statement in her lap confirming that you are a billionaire. She looks up at you with those “I could swallow a tree trunk” eyes. She stands up, you take her hand, you crack wood.

Right then her boyfriend comes sauntering up and confronts you.

“What are you doing with my girlfriend FOOL” he demands, as you are now holding her delightfully perky ass.

“I have a one inch penis”

And then you just walk off, leaving him dazed and confused. That’s it really. If you had huge cash, a situation like this would not be far out of reach. Obviously the boyfriend might want to kill you, but that is why you have a bodyguard.

I don’t know where this story was going, but it just goes to show that no matter how ugly, or small you are, money will cure all.

So if you are battling to come right or are just not as well hung as Ron Jeremy, then you should consider becoming a billionaire. It works wonders.

Trust me, this villa is what we refer to as a panty dropper.

Click HERE to check out some more pics. And anyone wanting to sponsor me a night at the villa for free, don’t hesitate to contact.

Sean Lloyd


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Game Plan 2010 with Gary Bailey

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 07 Feb 2008 , in the 2010 World Cup category

Being an international man of excess, leisure and absolute pleasure I find myself interacting with a vast amount of people. And therefore I get to do some cool things that other people may not know about or get invited to. Luckily for you, I share it all, with all of you, all the time!


Gary Bailey


So it was with some amusement and excitement that I was invited by my preferred safari operator, Siyabona Africa, to a presentation at Bishops school in Rondebosch with Gary Bailey speaking. Normally entering a school strikes fear into my body because it was a dark time for me. School that is. Anyway, seeing as though the World Cup is going to be played in Cape Town for a few matches, I thought it necessary that I attend this function. I also just attended because I thought a might get a free stay at one of the more exclusive game lodges up country.

Sadly all I got was some information on the 2010 World Cup. But that’s good news for you, because now you will be more informed!

Gary Bailey says that almost every sector of business will have an opportunity to get involved in the 2010 Soccer World Cup and this even includes schools. Looking at the size of the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa, it is clear that it is bigger than anything we have experienced.

Bailey said that there are expected to be 220000 overseas visitors and another 180000 from Africa. This means the 2010 Soccer World Cup will have 10 times more visitors than the 1995 Rugby World Cup and 15 times more visitors than the 2003 Cricket World Cup. Which means that it is going to be something to behold!

Naturally what this means is that every single one of these visitors needs to be accommodated and transported during their stay in South Africa. To do this will require a great deal of planning and co-ordination to ensure that the spectators are able to get to their games on time and also to make sure that they are kept occupied between games.

He said schools such as Bishops can get involved in the 2010 World Cup through the following opportunities:

Making use of the fields(Mini fan camps)

Renting out the boarding section to fans

It was also noted that building relationships with overseas schools with similar profiles to Bishops(Such as Eaton) would be beneficial. This could be done by making their boarding houses available to staff and families of students who may wish to travel to Cape Town during the World Cup. This could also open up opportunities for future exchange programs.
Gary Bailey said mobile phones will play an important part in the planning and co-ordination of such an event. One of the plans Bailey said was being considered was linking a spectators ticket to their cellphone. Therefore a fan will arrive at a certain venue and the ticket with the fans name printed on it will have to match up with the information on the phones SIM card.

The problem I personally forecast for this is the fact that people may lose phones, or forget them somewhere, or batteries may be flat. Technology like this is good but I think there could be considerable problems when we take the various factors into account.

What was interesting though was looking at the use of cellphones for crowd management. A display screen could be used to show organisers where overcrowding may be occurring by sensing the density of active cellphones. In this way the necessary crowd management measures could be put into place sooner rather than later.

Foreign visitors also may have some language difficulties here and Bailey said there is a project to use the online translation program Babel Fish to cellphones which would help communication with foreign visitors.

Another very important point raised was allowing fans without tickets to be able to view games at the various fan parks they are staying at. This involves the use if a special definition TV set which is an inflatable TV screen that can be erected at fan parks.

Gary Bailey said that in Korea and Germany, fan parks had proven to be a big success and that they would be really important in South Africa.

So those were the main points discussed. From my point of view I think fan camps will be a huge factor in the 2010 World Cup and I think they are an integral part of a successful Soccer World Cup in South Africa. However we are all going to need to be more involved in managing our use of electricity.

Fan camps are going to need power but it needs to be as clean as possible. If generators are going to be run they should try to be run on something like biodiesel. At last years Rocking The Daisies Festival in Darling the generators were run on biodiesel. It was made using cooking oil that had been collected beforehand from the food suppliers from the event. Something like this is a simple idea but we need the minds to put it together. We need to also make sure that our transport for fans to and from the various games is cleaner and better.

I will be going into more detail on the environmental aspects related to the 2010 World Cup in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, if your business is interested in maximising the potential of the 2010 World Cup, then please visit GAMEPLAN2010.

There you will find information on conferences that are on offer to help you and your business in making the 2010 World Cup a financial success.

Sean Lloyd


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The before and after photos

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 22 Aug 2007 , in the 2010 World Cup category

Here we show you a quick photo of the original Green Point Stadium. This one was taken by Charlie V last year while I was stuck down in the stadium waiting for Metallica to play! Some of you might even remember reading about THAT! Then we have the stadium at the moment, where it no longer exists. That’s quite hectic!

If you look at the latest photo, you will notice the old stadium is the smaller circle above it, where no cranes are working. You will be able to recognise where it lies by looking at the grass traffic circle. So the new one is clearly quite a bit bigger.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You can see me down there…somewhere…

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Like David Copperfield…it disappeared before our eyes



Sean Lloyd 


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0 Comments SLXS XcluSive photos of Green Point Stadium

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 20 Aug 2007 , in the 2010 World Cup category

I can actually say that no one else has these photos- Because I took them! The things I do to entertain the masses are astounding.

I also hope you enjoyed what I did with the previous few posts. Those readers familiar with the movie Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy, might have noticed the Anchorman theme I have been going with. That is because I received my copy of Anchorman the other day and I have been watching it all day for a few days in a row now. It really is great. Anyway I also hope you like it how I interviewed myself, I thought that was extremely clever. I promote myself and my website on my own website, which is quite stupid. But I enjoyed it. Anyway, back to this post:

While I was happy with the other photos I took of the stadium, something was missing. I have the entire of Cape Town at my disposal and I was not being excessive enough. The very thought of me not doing things to the maximum excess left me a little worried that my readers would leave me.

All of this made me nervous and I needed a pilot to get me into the sky, fast. Obviously I don’t have all day to make phone calls, and so Charlie V gave Terry Redman a call, to see if we could be airborne before the week closed. Terry obliged(As people do when the SLXS phone call is made) and before I knew it I was at Cape Town International! While all the regular people come into the airport and take a left turn to go the the aeroplanes, we took a right turn to go to the hangers where all the choppers are kept.

While most phone calls are mundane, this one actually got us into the air which was spectacular.

We were met by Terry and I was expecting a white T-shirt, Aviators and a leather jacket. Then I realised we were there to fly a helicopter and not a jet like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Terry was dressed like an ordinary person. We quickly jumped in the yellow Bell Jetranger. I’m sure we could have flown in a regular coloured helicopter, but I think Terry might have known that we were the home of excess and we would only settle for something completely crazy and loud. Yellow as a colour is LOUD. There were other regular coloured helicopters, but yellow is quite excessive and quite suits me actually.

Flying in a chopper around Cape Town suited me fine, and I was happy that this would be counting as work. We took off and flew over my house, then we just cruised from there. We went over Cavendish shopping centre, past Newlands rugby stadium, over UCT (University of Cape Town) and from there it was into the centre of town, over The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Then from there we sped along past Clifton, Camps Bay, Llandudno, Dungeons and into Hout Bay. Then through Tokai, Constantia and eventually we made our way back to the airport.

It was also interesting because to chat to the people in the chopper, you wear a headset(Like a real pilot!) and then through there you can hear everyone, including the air traffic people. It’s fascinating to hear how they talk and their warnings of other planes in the area that you should watch out for. Quite an intense job, way too intense for me! Imagine having the lives of thousands of people in your hands everyday? That is stressful.

It is the most fun you can have in Cape Town! There is nothing like seeing the city of excess from up where the birds fly. Flying over Clifton I was wishing that it was summer and I had some binoculars. The sight of the beaches had me longing for summer, and it will be here soon enough! It’s quite crazy that we will then go from helicopters to yachts and sailing boats and other watercraft. SLXS are going to play so hard this summer in Cape Town, even I can’t believe it. It’s actually way too much to even consider right now, so I won’t consider it just yet.
I’m not going into too much detail in this post, but I hope you enjoy the photos. More to come over the next few weeks from all the places we visited.

Thanks to Terry Redman for piloting us safely around our city, I had a fantastic time. We will definitely do it again, it’s quite a worthwhile endeavour to see this city from up top. It will blow your mind. I can’t believe I live in Cape Town!

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It’s a fact: It’s the most beautiful city in the world!


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Robben Island in the background to the left


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A few cranes at work


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It’s a pity the golf course(Bottom of photo) also has to go


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How cool are SLXS to get these photos?


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Signal Hill in the front is the spot from where our previous photos were taken. How we get around.


Sean Lloyd



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