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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 25 Sep 2010

So like, had a FAB weekend with my bitches. Went to the beach. Took photos. Lomo obviously…you aren’t cool in Cape Town unless you’re doing lomo. Plebb.

Made some FAB cupcakes. Because that is the most important thing in the world, with world hunger and global warming coming in a close second and third.

Ah, must tell you! I’m not sponsored by them or anything, but I wearing these new jeans that I’m not really trying too hard to promote. CAPE TOWN BOY SPONSORED BY NUDIE JEANS. But they really are fab, and I’m not just saying that because they’re free. Does my bum look fat in these?


Thoughts? Muffin top?

Anyway, popped down to get some sunglasses, totally forgot that they sponsor me and that all my blog content suddenly revolves around sunglasses. Well other than those silly cupcakes and those photos of me NOT POSING in the mirror and taking photos of myself.


Took this beautiful picture.

lomo shoes

Pretty shoes!

All the cool kids are taking photos of their shoes. But you’re not cool unless you’re feet are pointing inwards like this! I mean, all the kids at the Biscuit Mill in the We Are Awesome galleries have their feet pointing inwards like this, so it must be cool, right?  Besides, makes such a deep and insightful FB profile pic. Absolutely gorgeous.

Anyway, that’s quite a bit of deep and meaningful content I’ve written there, so that’s enough to keep the sponsors happy this week.

Happy shopping and cupcaking.


Cape Town Boy



cupcake orgasm

Cupcakes and my ADT/electric fence. Yippee! (Plate by Boardmans. Dogs coat by Science Diet. Paving by Boss. Fingernail lacquer by Mac)

Had an absolute cupcake orgasm.


Hair by Redken For Men. Skin by Elizabeth Arden. Contact lenses by Bausch + Lomb. Personality by PET 5, now recyclable into Ken and Barbie. Cupcakes by Spar (Plebb). Wall paint by Plascon. Light by Philips. Chest by lack of testosterone caused by too many cupcakes and Sex And The City re runs.

It would have been a macaroon orgasm if I had any.

Sipped cocktails. Searched for vintage clothes. Went to the Biscuit Mill yesterday. Crazy energy there! Almost like a pure, organic energy to the place.

Anyhoo, toodaloo.



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Mrfelly Website Reply

Oh my. THERE IS GONNA BE A RECKONING WHEN I RETURN. I leave for 8 months and you go batshit crazy. thats it when I get back its strip clubs and 12 year old whiskey for a while.

Amod Munga @@phr0ggi Website Reply

I almost did a spit take (of my chocolate milk) when I read this.
And that would have been a waste of good chocolate milk.
A real waste.
Like the amount of space on drives around the world that are given over to blogs (that aren’t about chocolate milk) that sacrifice quality content to punt shit they’ve been given for free ( even if it’s not chocolate milk).
I gotta go now (and drink some chocolate milk).
Laterz (when I’ve done drinking my chocolate milk)

*this comment is not sponsored by the Chocolate Milk Corporation*

Andrew @n/a Website Reply

Hi Sean,
Not to be a bitch, but I just want to know how you see this as different to your mantality and halo stuff?
These guys are making a living off blogging, earning good money, what would you have them do – personally I wish people gave me free stuff!
Kind regards

G-Man Website Reply

As MrFelly said, we need to have a chat… I get the humour, but i sense a seriouse lack whiskey binges and nights spent doing coke off dead hookers.

This will all soon change. I hear MrFelly’s sister is a hooker, i will even bring the plate glass window.

Until then, Lets Get Fucked Up!!!

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey Andrew

Dude, just having a bit of fun! I have nothing against CTG or the brands she promotes, just having a bit of a laugh.

I just feel that bloggers (Not CTG necessarily) are taking things too seriously at the moment, and they feel as if we can’t poke fun at each other. We all do this for fun, firstly. Whatever comes free after that is awesome, but I think we all need to remember to have fun.

I just felt like doing something weird, and was having a laugh with the cupcakes, I get in these weird moods ha ha. No hatred against CTG, just good times :)


CTG is fucking WEAK! In the old days people used to name drop and that would fuck people off nowadays you cant escape it via Facebook and twitter were people try and outdo each other by saying how rad their WEAK cupcake and coffee was from VIDA Jesus buy a cupcake from Spar and have a cup of ricoffee better yet have a nice warm cup of harden the fuck up! Fucking WEAK people!

Refer to this is you have any further queries:

Yes Sean, I hope Halo is paying you in sex, drugs and rock n roll and not in dead hookers like last time

trem Website Reply

hahahhahahahaa honestly, ive had a shit time this year. this has made it worth it. you light up my world sean dennis lloyd

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