9 Comments J&B Met 2009 Elite Corporate Facilities in Cape Town

Article written by the brilliant on the 30 Sep 2008 , in the Cape Town Dates To Diarise category

If there are any corporates or private individuals wanting the best party of their lives, we have got itfor the 2009 J&B Met in Cape Town

I received a quote for the 2009 J&B Met, for a full hospitality set up for 200 guests, but we’re unable to receive confirmation from the various people that were supposed to attend. Instead of ditching the quote and losing the possible booking I thought I would put this out there to anyone who might be interested before we give this space away to someone else.

This is what you are looking at very briefly for the 2009 J&B Met:

  • Full marquee set up
  • 42″ plasma screen tv installed
  • Flooring
  • Carpets
  • Dedicated security
  • Dedicated tote facilities
  • Dedicated VIP toilets with janitor
  • Dedicated cleaner for the day
  • Outdoor furniture (Beechwood)
  • Buffet lunch and tea/coffee
  • Afternoon snacks
  • Chairs, tables and linen
  • Cutlery and crockery
  • Catering service
  • Full bar service
  • Village and corporate signage
  • VIP parking and shuttle service

You’re going to be looking at spending around R740000 which is three quarters of a million South African Rand, but it’s not really that much in the bigger scheme of things. Think about it…it’s not. This quote can still be worked on and there are a multitude of other options that can be organised. And the team organising it are the best in the industry and are doing some very high profile events, otherwise we wouldn’t deal with them.

So if you’re a corporate wanting to show some glitz and glam to your clients, or just a private individual wanting to have the party of your life with 200 of your closest friends and family at the 2009 J&B Met, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will put you onto the team to organise this for you. You can contact me at: [email protected]

Please do forward this to anyone you think might be interested as I can’t hold onto it for much longer…

Thanks ladies and gentleman!

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments Intimo:Luxury mens underwear & swimwear in Cape Town

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Fashion & Grooming category

With Cape Town being a cosmopolitan city, you will see your fair share of guys kicking it in suits from the likes of Armani, Hugo Boss and our own Shakur Olla. And now we finally have a place stocking underwear that fits in with the exclusivity of these suits.

Intimo was founded by Giovanni and David and they offer a selection of handpicked, sought after international brands which you will want. Chicks dig it when you are wearing Calvin Klein underwear.

Situated in Sea Points exclusive Piazza da Luz, Intimo offers ranges from Italy and Los Angeles such as Bikkembergs, Diesel, Calvin Klein and Andrew Christian that are all selected from annual underwear shows in Paris and Milan.

It’s actually SO weird, because I was just browsing through my terrabyte of midget circus porn when I came across a folder called “I’d do me”

It was from my old modelling days (I got out of the industry on top while I was wealthy and ripped) and shows me wearing a pair of Calvin Klein underwear.

It’s weird that I went from being the most ridiculously good looking and ripped model to running SLXS. How crazy is that? Anyway, you will need a body like mine to pull of a shot like this, but with a bit of gym I’m confident you will do it:


Intimo can be found at:

Shop 17 (You should see vida e there as well)

Piazza da Luz

94 Regent Road

Sea Point


South Africa

Check out the Intimo website HERE

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments Pirate Facebook

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Uncategorized category

You have to do this. On your Facebook page, click “Settings” on the top right of your page. Go to “Account settings”, then “Language” and scroll down to “English: Pirate”


After this people don’t write on your wall, they “scrawl”, your inbox becomes a “Bottle o’ messages”, home becomes “Home port” and logout becomes “Abandon ship”

And that’s when you know you have waaaaaay too much time on your hands.

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments Veuve Clicquot and Porsche make ice buckets

Article written by the brilliant on the 29 Sep 2008 , in the Uncategorized category

I was reminded of this when I went to Hemisphere on Friday night for some sort of Veuve Clicquot party. Shane from The House of Marketing had sent me this link (HERE) a while back letting me know of the best way to chill champagne, knowing that I like the odd tipple.

After 5 years of research (Time well spent on keeping nerds in a lab) Porsche and Veuve Clicquot have created a Viagra of sorts because it is giving me a huge bone.








PRESS. CHILL. SHARE are the words it goes by. This ice bucket will cool a bottle of champagne in 20 minutes, and keep it cool for 4 hours. The secret is in it’s cooling core, which unfortunately can only be used twice (Once for 8 hours, or twice for four hours) It works by drawing heat out of the bottles and into a heating stone…I think. Actually I’m not sure what it’s vibe is, but it’s sick!

We refer to these lifestyle accessories as “panty droppers” because chicks go mental for this stuff because it shows that you are wealthy. And wealth unfortunately trumps good looks (Donald Trump, Mini Me, Lyle Lovett etc)

This should launch in 2009 which incidentally is exactly 100 years after the first bottle of champagne was produced by a young man named Jean Girard Champoen. Brewing the first load of champagne from potatoes on board the HMS Tittyride, Jean Girard was a conqueror of the ladies. It is said his spirit lives on in every bottle of champagne made today, hence the reason why every time you enjoy a bottle of champagne with a lady, you get sex.

The first bottle of champagne was enjoyed by Jean Girard and his lady love on board HMS Tittyride off there by the Bahamas, and that night he went on to pump out a couple of Girardlings. It is said he died afterwards, and his ashes were placed in this bottle of champagne and mixed with cocaine and scattered in the ocean.

Which seemingly explains why models like Kate Moss have lots of sex, do lots of cocaine, drink lots of champagne and like to chill on yachts in exotic locations.

Jean Girard can also therefore be credited with the “Size Zero” or “Runway Diet” of champagne and cocaine which helps models keep their sexual physiques.

Truly a revolutionary, Jean Girard was a great man and his spirit lives on in every bottle of champagne. And with the Veuve Clicquot and Porsche designed ice bucket, his spirit is now a cool one.

A tribute to a legend, prost!

Click HERE for more pictures.

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments Clever Camps Bay Karma

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Cars category

I was shuttled through to Karma in Camps Bay on Saturday night to check out the vibe with the B2R Team in the B2R Truck.

Something that I found very clever was the stamps that Karma give you upon entrance. Most nightclubs just give you a regular stamp with the name of the club, or some other random stamp. Karma have got a very clever idea though tied in with Rikkis Cabs.

Check out the stamp below:


Stamped on my strong and powerful wrist 

It’s not too clear as I started showering, then realised I needed a photo of the stamp, so some had washed off. But it says “Don’t drink and drive. Call a Rikkis” The number of Rikkis is also then printed on there, but I can’t quite make it out.

I think it’s a great idea that nightclubs promote the use of cabs so we don’t have a whole lot of drunk people driving around Cape Town, endangering their lives and other peoples lives. It’s such a simple idea, but I thought it was really clever, and if it can reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads, then it can only be a good thing. Rikkis have definitely done a lot for reducing drunk driving in Cape Town, with some clubs having phones you can use for free to call Rikkis and organise a cab.

This public service announcement is brought to you by SLXS in the hope that you will still drink excessively…and then NOT drive yourself.

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments What is up with serving suggestions?

Article written by the brilliant on the 26 Sep 2008 , in the Uncategorized category

Look, we’ve gone into how stupid corporates are with their branding before here on SLXS. We spoke about Pick ‘n Pay and their plain soda water that was labeled as flavoured (Over HERE)

We’ve also spoken about how Woolworths want us to take their tinned peas, put them back in their pods and then serve them (Over HERE)

Now we are onto Spar. I strolled in at a brisk pace after dropping a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy inside my brain because I was having a blinder of a day. I drank that bottle but was then too chilled, so I needed some coffee to pick me up. I don’t drink a lot of coffee, but when I do I grind the beans myself so I know they are fresh and strong.

What do you know? Spar don’t want me to drink their coffee, they want me to just serve the whole beans. Just like that. On a plate, or in a bowl or something because that is what their serving suggestion is.




How on planet earth am I going to enjoy whole coffee beans on their own? Is this some sort of sinister trick to kill Sean?

Spar, do you even find this mildly amusing? Do you know what a serving suggestion is? It is a suggested way of serving something!

Why do you suggest I serve my coffee as whole beans, with no grinding, with no water, with NOTHING!

I am absolutely speechless as I seem to cover this serving suggestion topic with every shop that I go into. I just don’t have anything left in me to even raise an argument.

I’m shattered.

Sean Lloyd


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2 Comments Goldfish at Assembly tonight

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Cape Town Dates To Diarise category

Remember everyone, Goldfish are playing at Assembly tonight.

We don’t need to go into the details of this do we? You just know in your DNA that you should be there. Tickets are R80.

It’s happening at The Assembly in Cape Town which is at 61 Harrington Street, or Road, whatever. Tickets to be bought online at Webtickets are already sold out so I’m not quite sure why I’m telling you this, but anyway!

Shit…I don’t even know if my crew bought tickets for me. I hope so…otherwise someone is fired!

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments The beer goggle effect

Article written by the brilliant on the 25 Sep 2008 , in the Uncategorized category

I found this very scientific website that delves deep into how beer affects a mans judgment. “Beer goggles blind” is an affliction that I myself have experienced once or twice and it is scary, shocking and can sometimes be deadly.

I’m sure all of those with a love for the beer will think twice after seeing this, seeing what beer can do to your sex life.

From shagging Gisele the night before, you wake up next to Shrek and it’s not funny, unless your mates post a video of sorts to YouTube or the pictures get put on Facebook. If those things happen, it’s funny, unless you’re the guy who slept with the whale.

Click here to see the whale to model effect.

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments Trevarno Organic Men’s Moisturiser

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Fashion & Grooming category

It’s a well known fact that I like to keep my youthful looks through a debaucherous drinking regime healthy diet and the right skincare products. Seriously, I’m not really afraid to admit things and I have probably been using moisturiser since standard 7. Hey, the ridicule I would have received! It seems I was way ahead of my time in that respect. Back in the D everyone would have laughed had I told them I actually used a face wash that did not contain soap, and that I put cream on my face, like a chick!

For me it’s been necessary as I have always had very dry skin, even after supplementing with flaxseeds and fish oil supplements. And that’s one of the reasons for my silky smooth skin, I have always spent some decent money on it. Obviously now I don’t buy things anymore because they get sent to me for free! Well…not exactly.

But in this case, Faithful to Nature have been kind enough to send me one of their top men’s products, in the form of the Trevarno Organic Men’s Facial Moisturiser. Being organic, you will not find anything unnatural in this face cream, and it really does do your skin wonders. I have been using it in place of my normal cream for the past couple of days, and it’s an absolute treat!

Trevarno Organic Men's Facial Moisturiser

On my face

What I love about it is that it does not smell of a moisturiser that is artificial. I used the Aramis Lab Series Lift Off Plus moisturiser a couple of years ago, and I couldn’t get over the smell of it. All day it would make me feel ill.

Coming in at R203 for 30ml’s, the Trevarno moisturiser is not as cheap as something like, say a Nivea moisturiser. But that’s not what we are about…we are about giving you the best in lifestyle choices! I would never recommend something inferior and this Trevarno moisturiser is the absolute best.

The moisturiser contains oils of Jojoba, Olive with Calendula, Sesame and Carrot Oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Those of you in the know in health circles (Like I am…cough cough…) will know that a supplement called Procydin is made from grape seed extract. Grape seed extract is a powerful anti-oxidant, so should help to protect your skin from oxidative stress caused by smoke, pollution and the sun (I kid you not…that line was not copied and pasted, that’s from memory, I’m a God!)

Furthermore it is enriched with Vitamin E, well known in aiding healthy skin.

FURTHERmore it is blended with antibacterial Teatree, Lemongrass and Rosewood essential oils so you are not going to be breaking out like you do with that cheap cream you have been using from Pick ‘n Pay.

Using a moisturiser such as the Trevarno Men’s Organic Moisturiser is one of the best things you can do to keep a hold of your youthful skin, and the earlier you start using it the better. Look we all want to be like Bear Grylls and tell people we don’t use moisturiser, but lets be honest here. I see all my friends, drinking beer, smoking, going to outdoor festivals, but secretly they keep loads of moisturiser in their bathroom cabinets! I’ve seen it guys! Don’t be shy…Look at me…I’m letting the whole of Cape Town know.

In my personal opinion this is one of the finest moisturisers for men out there. I think it’s probably just as comfortable sitting in your bathroom cabinet as it is next to a bottle of whisky. The black tub with the silver lid almost hides the fact that it’s a moisturiser…and it’s organic. The smell of this cream is absolutely stunning and cannot be compared to anything else you have ever tried. The container can also be recycled easily as it’s glass which is a bonus.

Guys trust me I know all the moisturisers and this is the one you want. I cannot even describe the smell but it’s just very natural and does not clog up your nose with some overpowering fragrance all day. The fragrance is courtesy of the natural blend of ingredients and is quite calming to the senses!

I have quite dry skin if I don’t use cream, and this keeps my skin soft all day and yet it it’s not greasy. It also doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a mask, as I sometimes find some creams feels thick and heavy on your face. It’s light yet moisturising, absorbs quickly and is easy to apply. It’s the perfect men’s moisturiser and the packaging even makes it look Chuck Norris!

I’ve just washed my face this morning and applied the Trevarno Organic Men’s moisturiser and just look a the results! My skin is glowing!



So if you want to look youthful, if you want chicks to touch you, if you want to make more money, feel more confident, have healthier and smoother skin then Trevarno moisturiser is the answer!

Another great thing about using a face cream is that you keep your tan longer, and even in the middle of winter, you just look healthier. I’m often asked in winter why I look so tanned, and I don’t do the fake tan thing, so I have to put this down to my diet, drinking lot’s of filtered water (In between binges of alcohol) and also using the very best moisturisers.

So do the right thing and click HERE to buy the same Trevarno moisturiser I have on my face right now.

And for the ladies…there is obviously the rest of the stunning Trevarno range for you, and there is a 20% discount when you buy the cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Click HERE to get it!

Also look out for the great ranges from Esse , Garden Route Organics and The Victorian Garden which is a luxurious yet very cost effective range.Three fabulous brands (All local I believe. And yes, I can and will use the word “fabulous”)

UPDATE: CRISIS that’s a big photo of my face!

Sean Lloyd


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2 Comments Bread bag advertising

Article written by the brilliant on the 23 Sep 2008 , in the Design and Advertising category

I was just browsing Cherryflava and they had THIS article relating to an MTN advert of a loaf of bread. It’s weird…on April 23 this year I wrote THIS piece and wondered why there was no advertising yet on pizza boxes to offset the increasing prices of wheat around the world.

The breadmakers have taken the initiative…but unfortunately this ad money has not helped the consumer as the price of bread has not dropped.


Photo courtesy of Cherryflava

It will be interesting to note if place like Butlers take to allowing advertising on their pizza boxes. After all what do they have to lose? Stoner students are not going to change to another pizza outlet because they feel Butlers have sold out.

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments Stalking at David Guetta…

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Cape Town Live music, parties and events category

I’m not sure if it’s my general vibe, or my looks, or my writing that girls are not attracted to, but it seems that I sometimes battle to even have a conversation with girls. I don’t know what it is! I just can’t pinpoint it! So every so often I have to resort to stalker tricks, as I did at David Guetta on Saturday night. I just couldn’t seem to attract any female attention and I was feeling sad about this and wanted to cry. I mean…shit you know…It’s not like I look like Lyle Lovett or anything. In contrast here I have a massive ego and am particularly arrogant so maybe this is what puts the girls off…either that or my immense piece.

So I sidled up to this chick earlier in the night and tried to chat to her, but it didn’t work. I then tried standing behind her, trying my best dance moves, in the hope that she would turn around, see me and fall madly in love with me. Anyway, I did this, and you can see me on the left in the photo, quite nervous. Nervous that she will slap me in public.


She hadn’t seen me yet 

The next thing I know, blondie is chatting to her friends.


SHIT! She saw me stalking her! (Nice Photobomb) 

But as you can see by the expression on her face, she is clearly talking about me. But not in a good way. A bad way. Probably something like:

“OH. MY. GOD. Have you seen the stalker behind me? He is so weird”

That is weird.

Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have an answer? What is going on? Do I look dirty?

(Sean exits the stage, pours himself a drink and tries to console himself, as no one will answer his messages or calls. The scene ends, Sean crying, listen to “I’m all out of love” by Air Supply)

In related chick news, I was watching Girl Interrupted on one of the DSTV movie channels this morning and good grief I would give them one! Winona Ryder and Angeline Jolie are so messed up, it’s actually quite sexual.

I dig that messed up vibe at this current stage of my life for some reason. Maybe it’s this dark weather at the moment.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments David Guetta at The Bellville Velodrome

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Cape Town Live music, parties and events category

Heading out to Bellville, to see some Bellville Bombers (The locals) is always quite a state of affairs, but it was form something worthwhile. We were there to see David Guetta and Godskitchen. And if God had a kitchen, I’m sure it would have been laid out exactly as this party was!

It’s impossible to describe the atmosphere inside, but let’s just mention that there were girls swinging from the ceiling, girls dancing behind the bars, cigarettes and booze everywhere, beach balls, more chicks than you would care to know and a whole lot of people wanting to party hard. Check out some photos I took, apologies for the picture quality in some, but my mind was on the chick swinging from the ceiling above me.

One of the better things to happen was the decision to drop a whole load of beach balls on the crowd, it was the radness. To those of you in attendance, how funny was the trashed guy who was running around like mad jumping on all the bach balls and trying to burst them? He was definitely tripping like Cristiano Ronaldo (I made that up now…feel free to use it)


Here we see the beach balls chilling in the ceiling, waiting to be dropped. Afterwards, naturally, I was like a little kid seeing all these balls being dropped. For the guys actually tripping balls, it must have been one hell of a sight! I’m sure some people got The Fear, thinking these were dinosaurs being dropped on them. Well that’s what this one guy told me.





There were a lot of girls dancing, and swinging from the ceiling and all that with their legs wide open, which is quite therapeutic. I must say, I quite enjoyed it. There was also a guy, but let’s forget about that for a second.


 The next picture is quite bad quality, but we can clearly see a female form, legs open, swinging from the ceiling. I enjoyed this immensely.


I don’t know how they put all this together, but everytime Urban Wave put a party together, it is insane! And it’s free entrance, provided you get sent a ticket.

I’m still beat from this weekend, as is quite evident from my lack of writing. I just can’t seem to get any energy back! But it will come, we just need to wait.

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments David Guetta, Beluga, Caprice…

Article written by the brilliant on the 22 Sep 2008 , in the Uncategorized category

Good mooooooooooooooooooooorning Vietnam!

Well well…what can I say?

Anyone who was at David Guetta on Saturday night will also be speechless like me. The angels swinging from the ceiling, the beach balls dropping from the ceiling…my goodness it was madness.


THIS. IS. DAVID GUETTA (As I continue to be fascinated by 300)

Anyways, I’m hop skipping my way to the pharmacy, and the health store to sort out my various ailments this morning. Twenty three years old and my body is in it’s chops! Good Lord this body is wasted from abuse. But enough of that.

We decided after David Guetta, it would be wise to take our very civil selves to Beluga for sushi and cocktails. After that we would do Caprice, just because…because…I don’t know anymore.

Also, if you are thinking of ways to spice up your sex life, there are things I recommend. And things I don’t.

Please do not ever have sex on a railway line. Not because you will have electrified jizz. But because you will get caught, mid pomp, in the line of a train. The train will hit you. And you will die. Seriously, you will die. Click here to see a story. Surprisingly, this actually happened in South Africa, the home of tik so this type of behaviour is quite normal.

I thought that was quite weird.

I will write on the rest of the weekend in the course of the day, but my body is on the verge of shutdown and I need to sort this out, because it’s not quite ideal. I’m not laughing.

Sean Lloyd


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3 Comments Editor wins $1.2 million

Article written by the brilliant on the 19 Sep 2008 , in the Uncategorized category

All lies, I just thought that would excite you. Hey…I might have won it…that’s why I’m chilling so hard.

Anyway, to let you delve deeper into this whole internet thing I thought I would list some really cool sites here, but before you do this, you need to click HERE to see the best beer ad in the world. I’m not joking, it is the best beer ad in the world. Anyone schooled in threeways, spit roasts and Eiffel Towers (We’re talking sex here, Maths Freak) will absolutely love it. God knows I did.Shane found this, unbelievably. It will change your life and you will be tempted to try it.

You might also be tempted to try The Switcheroo, where…well…you end up waving at your bird from outside the window, giving her a massive surprise. Those of you in the know will know exactly what I’m talking about. A popcorn surprise is also fun. But enough about that.

For those of you into celebrity stuff, The Superficial is possibly the best site out there because of it’s humour. Most of the stuff you will understand, some of it is so far gone you just need to laugh. The Superficial might not have breaking news on the minute, but it picks up all the good stories and makes them hilarious. I read this every day mostly because of the hilarity of the writing. Click here to check it out. Also note that it’s called “The Superficial – Because you’re ugly” I love it.

A sister site of The Superficial is I Watch Stuff, where basically, they watch movies and stuff like that for a living. For all the movie news, and the same quality as The Superficial, I Watch Stuff is the site to go to. It’s also awesome just to think that some people watch movies for a living. It’s on par with what I do (Secretly, deep down, I’m training to become an official Playstation 3 gaming tester. Until they hire me, chilling in the apartment drinking all day is my job) I Watch Stuff pulls in a cool 850000+ pageviews a month.
Geekologie is also a sister site of The Superficial and focuses of geeky stuff like gadgets and all that. Again, this site is about the humour. Sure there are probably better sites out there, but none are as cool as Geekologie. It pulls in a cool 3.2 million page views a month. Not bad. All of these sites fall under the Anticlown Media umbrella.

Talking of new websites, I’m amped to start a new one myself. It won’t be the same vibe as SLXS, but it will probably save the world. It’s in production stages and I hope I can pull it off because it will be the radness. We’ll keep an eye on that, and report back here. That’s if I start it. It’s just so hard to actually move from the couch.

I’m feeling so drowsy, I’m on tablets called Celestamine. That sounds like molest, oddly enough. It’s funny that they would call these tablets that…you know…coincidentally they make you drowsy.

It’s almost like I have spiked my own drink. And I guess the next right thing to do would not be to pay my TV licence, but to take advantage of myself.

I would use my wank tool, but it’s in for repairs, and when it comes back I’m definitely insuring it.

Ha ha! That’s all lies! It’s not broken…and I don’t need to insure it.

Uh…ahem…la la la doo lee la…this is awkward.

I’m just going to go now to the pants store. For the pleats.

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments The Richard Branson way

Article written by the brilliant on the 16 Sep 2008 , in the Product reviews category

I rarely, if ever, mention books on my website as I’m not much of a book fan, although as you will know I am quite well read!

But I really do enjoy biographies and autobiographies. My favourite two books have to be from Richard Branson, entitled Losing My Virginity and his short read book entitled Screw It, Let’s Do It.


From the editors personal collection, from his office that has many leather bound books and smells of rich mahogany

As you may have noticed, I do things a little differently in life. I take the work I want to do, if I want a drink during work hours I will have one, I work on projects that I’m passionate about and that I believe in. I have never been good at doing things or participating in things that I’m not 100% confident in. And I think a little bit differently…I’m not into the 9-5, suit wearing, following the crowd working in an office vibe. I hate that. I also don’t like lives that are perfectly planned out. People who tell me their 5 year plan, and their 10 year plan drive me mad.

It’s good to plan ahead a little, but, and I know it’s a cliche, you need to live for today. Do what you want, have fun, and in the process make money. When you are passionate about something you work harder at it and eventually the money comes because people believe that you believe in the product or line of work you are in.

Ok…getting a little deep there!

Anyway, the first book that you should read is Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson. It’s basically his life story and it’s a very interesting life indeed.

The thing I enjoy about the book is that it’s not one of those books that says “Retire young and retire rich” or “How to become a millionaire”

I often think that with books like these they are telling you things that you might not be interested in, or things that don’t suit your personality type. Not everyone is going to want to learn how to make money in the property market, or learn how to trade shares…traditional things these books tell you to do.

But I’m a firm believer in doing what you really want to do, and Richard Branson gives you the inspiration to do this. His is not a book telling you to do anything specific, or in any industry, rather it is about giving you the motivation to do what you really want to do.

The book offers no definitive answers, but after reading it you are inspired to do the things you really want to do in life.

And I think the younger you are when read this book, the better off you are. Sometimes I come up with crazy ideas, and the older people I know say they won’t work. But that’s because they were brought up in the days when everyone followed their parents careers and when free crazy thinking was frowned upon.

It’s probably one of the best books I have ever read, and I regularly page through it when I’m looking for inspiration for something. It’s especially a good book for those not interested in following the status quo, and doing their own thing. Click HERE to buy it.

The second book by Richard Branson is Screw It, Let’s Do It, one that I always keep at hand. If you have read Losing My Virginity, this book will pretty much repeat what has been said there, but it’s fantastic to keep at hand, or keep on you when traveling.

It’s the ultimate book to keep handy when you are needing a bit of inspiration, whether it’s at work, or just wondering whether to open up your own business and go it alone.

Screw It, Let’s Do It is something that Richard Branson definitely taught me from this book. Who cares what other people think, if you believe in something, just do it. It’s quite liberating really, doing what you really want to do.

The perfect book to read on the road, or just to keep in the car or bag. Click HERE to buy it.

Those truly are two brilliant books that I highly recommend and I have personally read both of them ,and live my life in the same way. It’s the way to do things.

Who’s keen for beers? I know I am!

Enjoy them!

Sean Lloyd


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