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I was just browsing Cherryflava and they had THIS article relating to an MTN advert of a loaf of bread. It’s weird…on April 23 this year I wrote THIS piece and wondered why there was no advertising yet on pizza boxes to offset the increasing prices of wheat around the world.

The breadmakers have taken the initiative…but unfortunately this ad money has not helped the consumer as the price of bread has not dropped.


Photo courtesy of Cherryflava

It will be interesting to note if place like Butlers take to allowing advertising on their pizza boxes. After all what do they have to lose? Stoner students are not going to change to another pizza outlet because they feel Butlers have sold out.

Sean Lloyd


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  1. sean i hate always having to blow holes in these wonderful theories of your. credit cards for students etc. and now with your great butlers pizza box advertising. butlers started doing advertising in there boxes many years ago. the problem with it, was it was left up to the butlers to put all the stickers on the inside cover of the box. time consuming and boring. it ended up being more fun to stick it on other drivers or the managers car. i think they still do selected advertising on the boxes. but you would have to call rob or mariska and ask them.
    always glad to help you out

  2. Hey Steve shot for the comments again!

    I didn’t realise they tried the advertising thing, however…

    I still think it’s a good idea and if advertising companies had to draw up a consumer profile of who are the most likely people to buy pizza’s and then pinpoint which companies would benefit from the advertising, I think it could do well. I think MTN advertising is brilliant as it firmly targets the bread buyer:

    Average person, and as it’s a bread loaf from a regular cafe (As opposed to a special Woolworths bread) you can already gain that it is not a particularly wealthy person buying it. And it’s bread, the food of the masses. It’s no use advertising MTN’s “Up to 95% off all calls on all networks” on a Woolworths steak as it is not targeting the consumer who needs to save money. Also it would bring down Woolworths’ reputation from an elite retailer to some cheapskate retailer.

    Also, relying on the butlers to stick the ads on is a bit lazy of the Butlers team…you could for instance print the ads on the boxes, but then make it that companies have to buy 2000 or 3000 ads, or whatever it takes to make it cost effective.

    With butlers sticking the ads on, it’s a bit like GQ saying to Gucci “Give us your money and we might put your advert in our magazine” It takes a more concerted and business minded approach to make this a success.

    Obviously it would be up to a specialised marketing/ advertising team to draw up the campaign and see if it is viable, but I just thought it was an interesting point to take note of.

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