Pizza box advertising- Why not?

I was reading something or other about the rising cost of food worldwide, which has many contributing factors, especially the rising cost of oil. Oil is used to farm food, to produce fertilisers, to transport the food to the shops and so on and so forth. Obviously oil is not in huge supply(Check THIS out. Bleak) and we are looking at the end of the world pretty much if nothing is done. That’s kind of crazy, if oil runs out and we have no back up plan, the world could literally end in disaster! And not even a Playstation 3 or all the money in the world could save us. Bizarre! But let’s not worry about that, that’s why we have scientists.

Who incidentally have no answer to what we can use in place of oil. So yeah in ten years the world could end. No pressure then to come up with an alternative. Especially seeing as though bio fuels are proving to not be the answer as the amount of energy expended making them pretty much cancels out their benefits.

So anyway…with global wheat prices rising 181% over the 36 months leading up to last February (Source) you are no doubt going to see that pizza gets more expensive. I don’t really know what pizza cost a year ago and what it costs now, but I’m sure somewhere along the line it has gone up because no doubt the cost of all ingredients has gone up.

But to offset these prices why don’t pizza houses place advertising on the boxes? Or if that takes away too much from the actual brand, then place an advert on the inside of the lid. It’s advertising that cannot be missed. You open the box…BOOM…an advert in your face. And unlike pop up adverts on the internet you can’t just click this one away. You have to see it. And it’s unlike any other advertising, because you place only one advert in a box. Whereas newspapers or magazines have many different adverts, this could be a dream come true for advertisers.

Mmmmm this looks GOOD…open the box…cheese, salami, mushrooms…look up…BAM…an advert for Weigh Less!

Advertisers can buy however many ad placements they want i.e buy 1000 adverts on 1000 boxes and then they pay accordingly.

Why has no one thought of this? I’m sure someone has but maybe advertising in a pizza box just takes too much away from the actual brand that makes the pizza. But then again, why should it? You know where you are going to order from normally, and off the top of my head it would be Butlers, Scooters or St Elmos. In any case, it’s not as if anyone else sees the box except for the customer so it doesn’t take away from the branding on the delivery guys bikes or cars.

I know I know…I’m an absolute prodigy. I have said this before and I will say it again…many people only believe that I exist in myth. But lucky for you (Girls) I am real, and you can touch me.

That’s right, form an orderly queue.

Clothing optional…

Sean Lloyd


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