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Peas served in their pods, Woolworths?

I took this photo a while ago and just stumbled upon it now while perusing my vast collection of photographs which include some sort of rhino sighting from extended members of the SLXS Entourage. I have to show you the rhino photos, they are nothing short of legendary.

So what we did want to be do saying(Would have never thought I studied with a sentence like that) was that Woolworths have gone and made a MONUMENTAL error. That’s to put it mildly. In fact, Woolworths have blown the lid off the pressure cooker inside my head with this absolutely stunning label on their tinned peas.

You might care to take a look at your cereal box. It might show the cereal, in a bowl, with milk in it. On the side of the box you will notice that it says “Serving suggestion” In other words they suggest you serve the cereal in a bowl with milk. Pretty standard stuff, and you could definitely understand that even if you were home schooled.

But Woolworths, who I always see as innovators(They seemed to bring the organic food trend in first, before places like Pick ‘n Pay and Spar, and they now sell Organic cotton T-shirts) have gone and blown me away by showing me this on the tinned peas.

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Woolworths- Clearly failed school this time

They suggest that we serve the peas IN their pods. Can you actually handle it? So basically, Woolworths have gone to the effort of seperating the poor peas from their pods(It’s brutal), put them in a tin, and then sold them to me. Now they want me to find the pods to these peas(Where do I even start looking?) and put them back in. Would it not just be easier to sell me the peas in their pods?

I just e-mailed Woolworths customer care, and asked a question under the “Please help/ how do I?” Section(HERE). I told them that myself and my readers are interested in finding out how we get the peas back into their pods. I even left my Woolworths card number because it guarantees a speedy response. I await their reply and hopefully we will have good news soon.

I’m so confused. I need to just go top up the coolant in my body before it overheats. I should also put in some brake fluid so my life can slow down a bit.

It’s crazy here in Cape Town.

Sean Lloyd

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