Woolworths respond

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I just received a call from Woolworths customer care, which is some good service! We all know that no one really works on a Friday, but Woolworths seem to be on top of their game. Calling me on a Friday to respond to an article I wrote, that’s good service.

Anyway, we had a good laugh at the mistake that had obviously been made and it seems as if the tinned peas are not on the Woolworths stock list anymore, obviously due to bizarre way they wanted us to serve them!

It’s so good in the sun today and I’m chilling nicely with this case we were sent. It’s nice and chilled, straight out of the Boardmans wine fridge. This is good. Real good. It’s pretty much the ideal Friday.

Thanks for the call back Woolworths, you guys are surely one of the few companies that respond so quickly, and on a Friday!

It’s time to punch out. For the weekend.

Sean Lloyd


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How does my hair look?

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Many people have often asked how I get this thundering mane of hair in such tip top shape. Well it has been a secret for a while now. I guess it’s a LITTLE embarrassing. I like it how I made the word “little” in capital letters like it is actually big. Just playing some mind games there. It’s because I’m listening to The Beatles.

My locks carry a certain sheen throughout the day, and those locks folks, are no accident. Please enjoy the current size of my hair care collection:

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That is how a lions mane is made 

You might be mistaken for thinking that is my wifes collection. You are wrong there firstly because it is mine. And secondly because I don’t have a wife. That collection people, is how you do it.

It is a little too excessive and I’m not quite sure if I should be showing it to the world.

Look if I was reading this site and I did not actually run it, I would be a little freaked out!

I’m actually not quite sure why I’m letting this out into the world. It’s just that you really do need to know a little more about the weird workings of my life, in order to understand why I live the lifestyle I do.

I really can’t explain the fascination with haircare products though. You must admit though, it is a glorious collection. And you are probably looking at it and thinking “It’s beautiful, sheer poetry”

I know, tell me about it.

Sean Lloyd


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0 Comments Peas served in their pods, Woolworths?

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I took this photo a while ago and just stumbled upon it now while perusing my vast collection of photographs which include some sort of rhino sighting from extended members of the SLXS Entourage. I have to show you the rhino photos, they are nothing short of legendary.

So what we did want to be do saying(Would have never thought I studied with a sentence like that) was that Woolworths have gone and made a MONUMENTAL error. That’s to put it mildly. In fact, Woolworths have blown the lid off the pressure cooker inside my head with this absolutely stunning label on their tinned peas.

You might care to take a look at your cereal box. It might show the cereal, in a bowl, with milk in it. On the side of the box you will notice that it says “Serving suggestion” In other words they suggest you serve the cereal in a bowl with milk. Pretty standard stuff, and you could definitely understand that even if you were home schooled.

But Woolworths, who I always see as innovators(They seemed to bring the organic food trend in first, before places like Pick ‘n Pay and Spar, and they now sell Organic cotton T-shirts) have gone and blown me away by showing me this on the tinned peas.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Woolworths- Clearly failed school this time

They suggest that we serve the peas IN their pods. Can you actually handle it? So basically, Woolworths have gone to the effort of seperating the poor peas from their pods(It’s brutal), put them in a tin, and then sold them to me. Now they want me to find the pods to these peas(Where do I even start looking?) and put them back in. Would it not just be easier to sell me the peas in their pods?

I just e-mailed Woolworths customer care, and asked a question under the “Please help/ how do I?” Section(HERE). I told them that myself and my readers are interested in finding out how we get the peas back into their pods. I even left my Woolworths card number because it guarantees a speedy response. I await their reply and hopefully we will have good news soon.

I’m so confused. I need to just go top up the coolant in my body before it overheats. I should also put in some brake fluid so my life can slow down a bit.

It’s crazy here in Cape Town.

Sean Lloyd


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Could fast food chains open eco friendly petrol stations?

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Once again, the cat in my head has been let out of the bag and it is running amok. Ow! It just scratched my eye from the inside. Oooooh it burns!

Excuse me meow?

So anyway, a while ago I had this idea that fast food chains should start collecting their used cooking oil and turn this oil into biofuels. They could all partner up, and together open up a petrol station, or petrol stations(Well diesel at least). Then I thought that all restaurants in Cape Town should actually get their used cooking oil taken away to be turned into biofuel. This could then be used to fuel any vehicles that run on the diesel liquid on the earth.

So the idea has been jumping around inside me like an ADD kid on a 2 litre Coke(Umm…Coca Cola) attack. So I started the internet machine this afternoon and opened up the Google application. One quick search and I had a website which told me more than I needed to know. Read THIS to get the high up on what I’m talking about.

Basically, I’m not going to go into detail here, but they are based in Denton, Texas and collect used cooking oil in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex and then turn it into biodiesel. This biodiesel is used in local garbage collection trucks, commuter buses and other fleets serving the Metroplex. Even better, people in the area can stop at one of the filling stations, and fill their diesel vehicles with this cooking oil biodiesel.

It’s too clever!

So Cape Town, who’s going to start this business up here? I think it’s not such a bad idea, considering the world is in a a spot of bother at the moment.

Remember, if this idea does take off in Cape Town, you heard it first at SLXS. Unless of course you heard it somewhere else before. And if it goes on to be a success, I might just kick myself in the head with a steel toed boot for not actually starting it off myself.

Wow…I’m on top form.

Move over home school, ‘cos there’s a new Sheriff in town.

Sean Lloyd


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Where is all this oil coming from?

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I am startled! SHATTERED even! I like to look closely at the things in my life- I examine my DVD’s for scratches, I read the labels of food to see what I’m feeding my temple, I touch my friends to see that they are real and not fake. The last ones a lie, but that’s not the point of this, is it? Why am I asking you if I am writing the article? That’s stupid, I asked you a question there again. I should not be asking you. But then why do I keep on doing it?

It’s the heat today, it’s making my mind into porridge, I apologise profusely. I’m sweating profusely as well.

So what I wanted to speak about was all this oil in various products I use, and some I don’t use but seem to be lying around the house.

Firstly, the Sunsilk conditioner that mysteriously appeared in the shower, says that it contains “Hazelnut and carrot oil” Hazelnut I can understand, but carrot? Are you serious? How on earth do you extract oil from a carrot? And even if there is a small amount of oil in carrots, HOW MANY carrots are you using to make this product?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You see…it’s true 

It’s no wonder the world is short of food! Carrots are being used to give us silky smooth hair. It’s bizarre! And then we have corn which is being used to make bio-fuels. Strange.

I tell you what is even more bizarre. I have “Rice bran” cooking oil. Who would have ever thought that we could get oil out of rice? Well from rice bran anyway. It’s getting a little bit mad here people!

Enjoy this too. According to my shower gel, it contains pure essential oils of Lavendar, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli.


How many plants and vegetables and grains and herbs and whatever else are we using each year to put onto our skin and massage into our silky smooth tresses? I liked that. Tresses. You enjoyed it too.

I see that naughty smile.

You want me to nibble your ear?

I can’t babe, I ate ribs for lunch. That’s why I’m picking at my teeth. I will do it later. Now go lie down and drink that  wine we were sent today from that wine place. I can’t remember the name. We can chat about it next week.

I’m just shocked. No wonder the world is in such a state.

Well…that’s out the way now. I feel better. I hope you also noticed these things. Or am I the only one who is observant? I have no idea this day has been too much for me. Chilling at a coffee shop for the afternoon seemed easy, but it took it out of me! The chilling…chatting…carrot muffin…I am spent!

Call me.

Wait…that makes no sense.

Sean Lloyd


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Dates for this week

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Today, the 29th of November 2007, we see the opening of a health and wellness centre(I think that might be it’s actual name), at Cavendish Connect at Cavendish Square shopping centre in Claremont. I received a pamphlet(A huge one), and a bottle of spring water at the traffic lights at Cavendish yesterday. Unfortunately I lost the information, but I believe they will have everything from organic foods and products(Grooming,cleaning products etc), supplements and books on health. Pretty much everything you will ever need to keep your body looking like a temple.

Then Plush are having the launch party for their album “Rage on” at Tiger Tiger tomorrow night, from 8pm.

That’s it for now, I need to find out how to work this new voice recorder…


Sean Lloyd


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What did SLXS do today?

Article written by the brilliant on the 28 Nov 2007 , in the Uncategorized category

I feel like the worst person in the world. I was supposed to stay in and type up an article on mountain biking in Tokai forest, and instead I went to the beach. It’s just that…the beach was GLORIOUS! The co-anchor put in the morning call saying we should hit the beach, and when the co-anchor speaks I listen. Because she knows what is good in Cape Town. And she was right.

It was a little bit bizarre though as about 100 school kids were all over the beach when we arrived. It was some “Survivor” style school outing and they were building all sorts of sand castles on the beach. I wish I was a kid again! Life is so simple for them…

Then we had the small problem of a bit of wind, which had sand blowing in my ears, eyes and nose. Charming. The sand also scoured nicely with my phone, digital camera and iPod. Definitely not the ideal situation.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


It’s actually ridiculously hot these days and I was wearing SPF 25, and still managed to go a darker shade. I mean I am of Greek God Adonis descent, so my natural skin colour is of course a coppery/bronzy type of sheen.

I am now sitting at the computer PUNISHING some spring water, which is so good. I was quite parched from lying in the sun all day doing absolutely nothing.

While we were at the beach Britter read a “book” I’m not too clued up on the words “book” and “read” I should have learned to read in school. In fact I should have probably also learned to read when I studied something called “Journalism” Now all I can do is write, but I can’t read what I’m writing. It’s all very odd.

I’m so tired from doing nothing today, so I have just banged Blades of Glory into the DVD player as inspiration.

Get out of my face… “I’ll get inside your face”

Watch it, it is a movie of spectacular quality with some beautiful one liners.

I think tomorrow I actually do have something to do. Something about an interview at a coffee shop. There is also some other interview, I heard the word Google being thrown around. I don’t know. As I say, I’m not too awake at the moment, so I will have to double check my plans and ask Britter what is happening. Because I only have half a brain, and need help getting through the day. Sixty percent of the time half of my brain works…everytime. Which means I’m pretty much running on a quarter of a brain.

Now isn’t that astonishing?

Sean Lloyd


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The Samsung blog

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The blog over at Samsung are currently running some sort of competition, and one of my favourite entries at the moment has to be Gryfen Macfly’s! He is also known as “The G – Man”

Anybody who by day is a “Systems Network Account Campaign Assistant Information Advisor” has to be hilarious. Which Gryfen Macfly is.

Seriously, watch the push up video and you will see what I am talking about. Enjoy the tone of voice he uses as well.

So that’s it, Gryfen Macfly’s Heroes entry, right over HERE.

Check it, check check check it!

Sean Lloyd


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I’m running

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At least I was running earlier. It’s quite a glorious day in Cape Town and I thought I would smash out a run while hammering some tunes through the iPod.

Damn it was good. This reminds me that I must write my article on mountain biking in Tokai, because it’s something I’m quite fond of. I have not ridden my mountain bike in about a week and should actually get it out and punish a ride sometime this week.

I have photos though from a ride earlier this year in Tokai. It’s good fun, and good exercise, and loads of guys and girls can be seen punishing the Tokai trails on the weekends.

So  what I will do is use those photos, and then write the article. Genius really. The ride starts in Tokai, goes up up and away and you then cycle through Silvermine, and back through Tokai. When you are fit it is so much fun, and when you are not fit…well not so much fun!

I will try and publish that for tomorrow, or very late today, I just need to find out a few little details.

Wicked cool.

Sean Lloyd


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A weekend chilled on ice

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Not too sure about that headline but it’s the best I can do. I put my mind on standby this weekend, and it seems as if it’s running on Microsoft Windows so it is bound to shut down, stall and generally cause mayhem, so do forgive me.

“Milk?” Was the first thing I heard this morning.

“TIT!” I shouted.

It was supposed to be something about milk in my tea but when I hear milk I just think jugs. If you know where I’m at right now in my mind, congratulations, you are a special person for understanding me and the movies I watch.

Heard more stories about the FTV smash up. Apparently it got so bad(Not me, other people) that someone bought a double tequila and orange juice. Who does that?!

The Sunday Times is now $600000 in Zimbabwe. Or about 9 ZAR. Interesting…

Quote of the week overheard at Tiger Tiger: “Sorry are you famous?”


“Well then please leave I don’t want to speak to you”

Smashed up the Twenty Brand party at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock on Friday night. Flash Republic are better than I originally thought, not having listened to them all that much. Tamara Dey and Ryan Dent ripped it up and Tamara’s stage presence is quite awesome, it was so great seeing them. Partied there until about 2am with the girls and boys. Beautiful people everywhere, we could definitely have done worse than go to that party.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tamara Dey and Ryan Dent as Flash Republic


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The girls played naughty with us at the Old Biscuit Mill

Went to Ignite last night where I met another Sean who is writing a book of sorts, not too sure what it’s about as he is not allowed to divulge any information on it, but he is currently savouring the Cape Town lifestyle. Welcome Sean! Enjoy the city, it’s good. Sometimes I think it’s too good, if that’s at all possible.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sean the book writer, the SLXS co-anchor Britter, and Gary. See Gary in House & Leisure, page 69.

Remind me to tell you about my plans to turn Robben Islands R25 million rand loss last year into a billion dollar profit. My plans are not exactly legal, but if we can just suspend reality for a moment, it could work.

Roger Goode was at Ignite last night. My first thought was “Oh no not The Rog!”

Goldfish also played last night which is never a bad thing.

Got a flyer from Ben Peters of Plush(Ben’s brother Dominic is from GOLDFISH, not a bad music vibe in that family then!) and their launch party for the album “Rage On” is happening at Tiger Tiger nightclub this Friday the 30th of November from 8pm or 20:00 if you are a stickler for that time theme. Visit the Plush website HERE.

Co-anchor Britter was out last night after having a Saturday dinner with some guys who you might remember. You would never be able to guess who they are though. They are singers. Such a strange story!

The world is progressing at such a rapid rate at the moment that it seems man has stepped foot on the moon. It’s mental! And nobody is even making that big a deal of it! Read HERE and have your mind shattered. The guy guy who walked on the moon is none other than Neil Armstrong. And it seems like just the other day that he won 7 Tour de France titles, is there anything the man cannot do?

Then I was looking at buying shares in this thing called “Google” which is on the internet machine. It’s not a bad start up and I think it might have potential so you should have a look at it.

The weekend was definitely chilled like it was on a bed of ice. Reminds me of Chaz Michael Michaels from Blades of Glory, “Sex on ice” In fact I might just watch that now. If only to listen to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman singing “Time to say goodbye” That song, combined with the incense, Bing Bong, my zen garden(I found one) and this ginger tea will have me more chilled than the Arctic, I’m sure of it.Bing Bong is LOVING the zen garden.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Enjoys it

As I drift off into some sort of Feng Shui/zen type of feel, I will think of more to write, but that’s it for now.

Sean Lloyd


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Good morning SLXS!

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Hell everybody I hope we all had an excessive weekend of living the dream.

I have so much to tell you!Well…not really but there are a few thoughts and ideas mulling around inside my brain. Well that’s what I call it. Doctors can’t explain my brain. Scientists call it a vortex of some sort.

You know what…I’m just rambling now. I don’t even know what is going on!

Ha ha ha…um…that’s all I have to say now.

Check in later, I might have something to tell you. Most likely not. But I might.

Sean Lloyd


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I’m in for a treat tonight

Article written by the brilliant on the 23 Nov 2007 , in the Cape Town Live music, parties and events category

Well I definitely was not aware that Flash Republic and Roger Goode are playing at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock tonight! Who would have ever thought? Because I wouldn’t have. I have seen Roger Goode live plenty of times and he always rocks out hard. This brings a tear to my eye and I am sweating profusely.

Not because Roger Goode is playing but because I have just gone and done something seriously stupid. I just visited Nandos to get their spicy strips and rice, and I ordered it in the “hot variety” Normally I’m used to ordering their grilled chicken in the hot variety, but it’s not so bad because in the grilling, a lot of marinade burns off and the rest is lightly infused into the chicken, giving it a good hot flavour. But now the actual sauce is mixed in with the rice and I’m actually getting dizzy from the heat.

Seriously, I’m burning up! I’m quite a sight at the moment, my nose is running and I am physically sweating. I’m not even joking, this is BAD people! I forgot what pain like this feels like, and it’s not good at all. I am actually quite sure that I’m going to die. But it’s that type of burning where it hurts so much that it’s good. Like hitting the funny bone in your arm, or stubbing your toe.

I’m in a state of semi laughing/ semi crying/ semi praying to the Nandos chicken God that I don’t die. No please don’t laugh it’s not funny, I’m in major pain right now. Oh no my eyes are even going red. Good grief my nose is now burning, I think it’s the end. My eyes have now started to water. I have even taken a photo of myself which I refuse to publish because there is sweat, my face is red and my nose is not in good shape. WEPT this is HOT! If only I could find a bird this hot.

Quite strange that they gave me two knives with this meal. They never gave me a fork. I’m now quite sure that they are trying to kill me. They know that after my first bite I will be burning up inside, and the knives are there so I can end my life in less pain. Maybe by cutting a major artery or something. It’s really good though to push my body to these limits. At least if bird flu is ever going around I won’t catch it.

Anyway, the party tonight should be SICK! I’m looking quite forward to it, and if I don’t die from a heatwave, I should make a spectacular entrance tonight.

Listen I must go now, I just want to pop past the fire station and get extinguished.

I have never felt this HOT in my life.

I should also probably mention that Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heavens Door” is playing LOUD over the amplifier in the lounge.

“Mama take this badge off of me, I can’t use it anymore. It’s getting dark, too dark to see, I feel I’m knocking on heavens door”

Is this a coincidence that this song is playing…

I think not!

Slowly seeing stars…


I can see Blue!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sean- Currently seeing Joseph “Blue” Palasky

He looks glorious!

Sean Lloyd


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Nice dye job, ROOK

Article written by the brilliant on the 22 Nov 2007 , in the Uncategorized category

I’m not sure if some peoples eyebrows stay dark, and their hair goes grey, but I noticed this AWESOME man on Sky News yesterday.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

AUDREY! This is bush! Bush league!

Note the grey hair and JET BLACK eyebrows. Stunning. And then please notice the expression on this mans face, as if he is the most boring man on the planet!

Not to worry bud, I’m sure chicks dig you. In fact my good friend Gisele has just called me, saying that she wants to be ON you. Give me a call and I will hook the two of you up…

Ring ring…(Oh it’s my phone)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Gisele- Currently on the line

“Yes Gisele daaa-ling?”

“Oh Sean you sexy animal, did you hook me up with that Sky News man?”

“Yes I did pumpkin tits. I just put the word out on the internet now”

“Ok great…just tell him…you know…if he interested…make it three people. My friend Heidi interested in sexy time as well”

So there you go Sky News man! I have just hooked up a threesome for you. Can I make your life any easier? Or more exciting? No I can’t!

Sean Lloyd


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Twentybrand party

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A while back I was in attendance at the Twenty Brand party, and I had an AWESOME time. Granted I was a bit tired, but I think if I was not I would have had an AWESOME time. So…

I received my invite/e-mail/sms yesterday saying that I’m on for this Fridays party at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. It’s always interesting because you get to invite a partner. In situations like these I always wonder who to take. So what I have now done is send out the word to about twenty people. I have a 5% success rate on average with things like these and so I’m counting on getting at least one reply back. I have NEVER been so excited!

So to those of you going on Friday night, I will see you there along with Jerry D and Charlie V. I don’t quite know what sort of angle I’m going for at this party. Should it be slicked back hair, Italian style? Should I drink cranberry juice, plain? Should I talk to girls like they are a 4 even though they are a 11? Should I just stand back at the bar and put out the vibe, and wait for the crowds to gather, like Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Should I put out the vibe like Lloyd Christmas?

Should I make a Hunter S Thompson entrance, and as I walk in, spew lighter fluid out my mouth and then light it on the floor, entering in a trail of flames?

Should I even go?

So many questions, so little time.

Sean Lloyd


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Co-anchorage in Kalk Bay

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You liked that didn’t you? You enjoyed that headline. You know, I managed to get “Co anchor” in because the co-anchor and I went to Kalk Bay on Friday. I also managed to sneak “anchorage” in. Because Kalk Bay has the whole ocean/harbour thing which naturally lends its hand to it having boats. Boats have anchors. Anchorage fits into this theme. Do you see where I’m at right now? Nice. Now did you enjoy it? I know. Me too. Yes I am THAT crazy. But I know you will still call me… If I go crazy. Which I am. So you will still call me…?

Seriously, that’s the type of weekend I had(I typed this up on Monday), where I start typing such alarming things as I just have done. You never know what I’m doing.

Right now thats out the way! So what happened in Kalk Bay? We obviously had a good look at the Kalk Bay people who are quite interesting. Very much on their own wavelength. We saw two strage looking kids and Britter said “Oh God they look like those people from that movie…” And then she could not remember.

I quickly said “Like the Hills have eyes?”

At this point Britter burst out laughing as I was in fact correct. Britter thinks there is stuff that she knows that I don’t know. But she is wrong. I know what she knows before she even knows it. I often just read her mind for fun. She honestly believes sometimes that there are things on this planet that she knows that I don’t know. Well she is wrong.

Kalk Bay is wicked and obviously we popped into The Brass Bell for a drinky drink. It was not my call, it was the co-anchors addictive personality that had us going for one drink. I don’t like going for one drink because it usually ends in disaster.
The shops along Kalk Bay are quite cool and there is a lot of old stuff to buy at the antique places. You will find all sorts of stuff that you don’t actually need, but are compelled to buy it because it’s old. And you feel you need to have a bit of history in your life and your home.

It could also be that you have inhaled too much second hand herb smoke whilst trawling Kalk Bay and you are on a bit of a different level of thinking.

I saw various alarming things such as a manual pair of what looked like hair clippers. Great if you have a lifetime to shave your head. Nice for the barber shop.

We shot out the front of The Brass Bell and Bing Bong felt compelled to jump into Britters lap. I was then forced to take a photo and was quite jealous of Bing Bong. Naturally. Bing Bong chats up birds at Tiger Tiger, then steals part of the show at FTV bar and then jumps into the co-anchors lap. He is only a week old! Horny little bugger.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket




Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



So anyway I took the photo and then punched Bing Bong, he deserved it. Bastard.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

View from The Brass Bell area taken a few months back. It shouldn’t have changed too much.

Kalk Bay has this weird feel about it where you just feel quite calm and chilled. It’s away from the city, the ocean is there and it feels as though no one actually works. Which is a good feeling. I enjoy it and am rather intrigued by the Kalk Bay scene. I will be back there soon to have another gander at what it is exactly that makes Kalk Bay function the way it does. It might require some in depth scouring of the area and a little bit of finesse. Which I naturally have plenty of.

Take it easy out there. Summer is already taking its party toll.

Sean Lloyd


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