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There are a multitude of beaches in Cape Town, but the three most popular ones in summer for spotting the beautiful people are no doubt Clifton, Camps Bay and Llandudno. Let’s look at them in order of my rating, the best one being first.

Llandudno in Cape Town

Llandudno brings a true otherworldly feel to Cape Town, and access is via one entrance to this coastal suburb. Llandudno is completely secure, with private security at it’s lone entrance, and it finds itself as the place where the rich and famous come to play and hide away.

The beach is within walking distance of any of the houses, or at least a little bicycle ride down to the beach. Surfers gather at Llandudno regularly and it attracts a more discreet crowd than Clifton and Camps Bay, and it’s an absolutely pristine beach. Parties are often held at the lifesaving club on the beach, and a villa in Llandudno is the ultimate way to spend your summer in Cape Town. An example of what you could expect from a Llandudno villa:

villa lara romantic pool

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This photo was taken by me during a Llandudno sundowner session, just down the road from our Llandudno villa:


Summer sees all the residents and non residents gathering on the beach with friends, family, drinks and snacks to socialise and appreciate everything that Llandudno offers us, all year round. Llandudno is still, in my mind, my favourite place in Cape Town.

Clifton in Cape Town

Clifton is the beach for everyone and you will most likely see everyone you know hanging out at Clifton in the summer! Clifton has four beaches, with the most popular being Clifton 4th beach. It is here that summer originates in Cape Town, with all the beautiful people of Cape Town (And the world) gathering at this piece of paradise.

Clifton 4th

Clifton 4th beach in Cape Town

Yachts park just off of Clifton while their owners and guests sip champagne and toast to the best lifestyle in the world.

The beach is favoured by a younger, impressionable crowd but also attracts the old favourites and it’s always good fun to cruise around Clifton. However, in summer, Clifton 4th tends to get way too packed, and for the locals, we all stay away. Parking is a nightmare, and the beach gets uncomfortable. It is great though just before summer kicks in when the weather is warm but not hot, and the tourists have not yet arrived yet in their thousands.

Click here for a preview of the sorts of crowds Clifton 4th attracts in the heat of summer.

Camps Bay in Cape Town

The Camps Bay strip is at the centre of the Cape Town dream, with supercars driving past the beach, and Cape Towns hottest restaurants and nightclubs situated along this piece of paradise. The beach hosts a myriad of tournaments including volleyball and touch rugby tournaments and is always popular.


Camps Bay Beach*

Simply pack up your towel and beach things, walk off the beach and into the nightclubs and party it up with the Cape Town crowd. My only problem is that the beach is very unsheltered and the wind can very easily ruin a good day at the beach.

Nonetheless, Camps Bay is a stunning Cape Town beach which is always worth a visit, but again, not my first choice.

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