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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 22 Nov 2007

I’m not sure if some peoples eyebrows stay dark, and their hair goes grey, but I noticed this AWESOME man on Sky News yesterday.

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AUDREY! This is bush! Bush league!

Note the grey hair and JET BLACK eyebrows. Stunning. And then please notice the expression on this mans face, as if he is the most boring man on the planet!

Not to worry bud, I’m sure chicks dig you. In fact my good friend Gisele has just called me, saying that she wants to be ON you. Give me a call and I will hook the two of you up…

Ring ring…(Oh it’s my phone)

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Gisele- Currently on the line

“Yes Gisele daaa-ling?”

“Oh Sean you sexy animal, did you hook me up with that Sky News man?”

“Yes I did pumpkin tits. I just put the word out on the internet now”

“Ok great…just tell him…you know…if he interested…make it three people. My friend Heidi interested in sexy time as well”

So there you go Sky News man! I have just hooked up a threesome for you. Can I make your life any easier? Or more exciting? No I can’t!

Sean Lloyd