2 Comments Candice Swanepoels Greatest Love Is Food

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Candice Swanepoels Greatest Love Is Food lead image

Candice Swanepoel, one of South Africa’s best loved models and Victoria’s Secret Angel, has been accused of being on the skinny side. But is it just camera angles, Photoshop, or is she really too skinny? Well jump inside and see for yourself [...]

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0 Comments Taylor Lautner In Diesel Laderry Leather Jacket

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Taylor Lautner In Diesel Laderry Leather Jacket lead image

Taylor Lautner has been spotted in a jacket he’s clearly quite attached to. It’s from Diesel of course, the masters of avoiding smart and going for stupid. Read on for more about this amazing leather jacket…and remember to Be Stupid.

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4 Comments Your Tequila Might Come From Here

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Mexico brought us tequila and nacho’s and I think that’s about all. Your tequila comes from the place, but do you ever wonder what Mexico City actually looks like? Here’s a taster:

mexico city urban sprawl

Photo Via

So that place alone is basically responsible for most of the parties around the world, interesting contrast.

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9 Comments Marlboro Blue Ice Look Awesome

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I don’t smoke, but I won’t lie to you, if I did I’d be smoking these bad boys! I’ve smoked one or two menthol cigarettes in my time, and they are kind of awesome. I’d smoke them all the time if smoking wasn’t bad for you, but these look awesome if you’re already a smoker. Although, no one seems to like menthol for some reason…

marlboro blue ice

These are out now at all the stores, and the best part is because they’re so cooling, you don’t feel as though you’re setting fire to your lungs! Which is amazing trickery.

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0 Comments Buffett Gets It Right

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This doesn’t apply to me luckily, but I’m sure it does to some of you with bosses who are just complete idiots. And idiot managers. Look, I’m sure a lot of people need to be told what to do every day, but people in general have WAY too many meetings. I’ve never seen the point of a meeting, when you are working, you get things done, you get new tasks, you work on those, you chat to bosses/managers as you go along. All along the way you are communicating. So why people need to get together in a room (And waste time by not attending to their jobs) is beyond me. Meetings just sound important, and it makes your boss feel as though he/she is accomplishing something, before he/she goes back to playing Tetris or whatever they were playing. I think, if you just let people be themselves, treat them respectfully and pay them fairly, people are way more productive. Unfortunately, too often bosses are greedy, want to sit back, do no work and earn money (Because that’s how they were treated and want to get one back now) It’s an old way of doing business, and doesn’t work. Each year, Warren Buffett writes a letter to shareholders, and this is an excerpt:

Charlie and I hope that the per-share earnings of our non-insurance businesses continue to increase at a decent rate. But the job gets tougher as the numbers get larger. We will need both good performance from our current businesses and more major acquisitions. We’re prepared. Our elephant gun has been reloaded, and my trigger finger is itchy.

Partially offsetting our anchor of size are several important advantages we have. First, we possess a cadre of truly skilled managers who have an unusual commitment to their own operations and to Berkshire. Many of our CEOs are independently wealthy and work only because they love what they do. They are volunteers, not mercenaries. Because no one can offer them a job they would enjoy more, they can’t be lured away.

At Berkshire, managers can focus on running their businesses: They are not subjected to meetings at headquarters nor financing worries nor Wall Street harassment. They simply get a letter from me every two years (it’s reproduced on pages 104-105) and call me when they wish. And their wishes do differ: There are managers to whom I have not talked in the last year, while there is one with whom I talk almost daily. Our trust is in people rather than process. A “hire well, manage little” code suits both them and me.

Berkshire’s CEOs come in many forms. Some have MBAs; others never finished college. Some use budgets and are by-the-book types; others operate by the seat of their pants. Our team resembles a baseball squad composed of all-stars having vastly different batting styles. Changes in our line-up are seldom required.

That’s the way to roll.

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2 Comments Mondays Inspiration #20

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Hopefully this inspires our sports channels to not use the likes of Naas and Joel:

Hey? How would viewership spike locally if we had Marika Fruscio presenting ANY SPORT.

It’s so much better than ‘Ja well on the other hand Darren…’

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0 Comments How To Rock Ray Ban Wayfarers And All Black

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This is the way to rock them, in an all black outfit:

A) Be a rockstar.

B) Be a ridiculously wealthy rock star.

C) Have Ashley Greene on your arm.

ashley greene and jared followill

Jared Followill can do as he wants, and he shows you how to pull of this look.

Image Via

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1 Comments Boerewors Arrives In Australia

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Ha ha, so our Australian buddy Keith posted this on Facebook today. Boerewors has finally touched down, down under! It’s taken them long enough:

boerewors in australia



If they learn to skillfully combine this, rolls, and a klippies and Coke, they’ll need a new police force to calm the riots. We’ll call it Stellies.

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2 Comments Some Thoughts Over The Weekend

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So obviously my writing quantity has dipped of late, it’s just that, you know, you don’t quite pay me to write. If you did, things would be all sorts of crazy. Or I’d just lie in bed all day.

But until that day, I’ll still have to tend to the day job, unless, ahem, there is an angel investor wanting to pay me to just mess about and write all day? Not even an investor as such, just someone to drop around 20k a month (After tax) to allow me to drive around and think up all sorts of crazy ideas.

Speaking of which, I’m writing this from my bed. I’ve tried writing from my desk, but I get overcome with anxiety, it’s really weird. I can’t explain it. I’m also writing this now with this insane feeling that comes after three Red Bulls and a litre of Coke consumed throughout the day. I can’t say I’m addicted to coke, because we’re in Cape Town after all.

I’m actually watching Pulp Fiction right now, I turned it on for the dancing scene.

I was reminded of it when I was with my girlfriend on Saturday night at Hudsons in Green Point. I don’t know why I had never been there, but we rolled in and it reminded me of Travolta, especially when I saw Chris nailing a massive milkshake (Nailing a melkskommel always makes me laugh)

“Goddamn, that’s a pretty f&#&ing good milkshake!”


It reminded me of what a genius Tarentino actually is, and at the same time I was reminded of DVD Nouveau in Bree Street. Speaking of which, they did a little feature on people who work in video stores, in the Sunday Times Lifestyle section. The dude at DVD Nouveas is legend, not as legend as the guys in Sea Point though. Roll in and they’re playing guitar, friendly as hell…I love it when people have average jobs like that, but love them so much, and make the most of it. It always reminds me…’enjoy the little things’

But Hudsons is awesome, it’s cheap, the music is amazing (Old school) and they serve Coke in bottles. Coke served in plastic, tin and out the machine would be outlawed of I led the free world. Which I surely will one day?

Shit, how funny is this, some free stuff was being handed out the other day, and have you ever noticed how humans just LOVE free stuff. And I’m entitled to like free stuff, because I’m not quite driving an Audi R8. But don’t you love it how rich people love free stuff. You’ll see them walking in Constantia Village, and someone will be giving out free chocolate…and they rush over to grab it, put it in their mouth and look smug as hell that they scored something free, even though it only cost R10. Mind you, lots of the soccer moms there are used to putting things in their mouths to get stuff for free. It’s a given. But just look out next time when something is being given out free…no matter how small, people go into full on fist pumps over getting something free. And then quietly go fill their Audi Q7′s with R800 worth of fuel. It’s an amazing world we live in.

Also, don’t you hate stupid pedestrians? You know how difficult it is trying to turn right, crossing over two lanes? You have to wait for both lanes to be clear, which sometimes takes an eternity. And then, like some sort of heavenly light, a gap opens, and a FLIPPEN PEDESTRIAN walks in front of your car!!!

And suddenly, bang, your opportunity at crossing is over!

Doesn’t it drive you insane? Speaking of which, these motorbikes who cut between traffic are also asking to be hit. Get in line, and practice the same rules as cars. If you try sneak in through the small gap between me and the car next to me, and I accidentally hit you, you better fall off your bike and not hurt yourself, because I’m not stopping.

But whatever, it’s Monday, let’s not be complaining.

Seriously, how cool was John Travolta?

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0 Comments Your Weekend Diary

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Quite a simple one this weekend, and this particularly applies to stalkers, who want to know where I’ll be:

The Vibe Party — It starts tomorrow at 12:00 at The Grand, we’ll be there. So be there!

Cape Epic Time Trial Prologue –  A 27km prologue awaits the riders on Sunday in Tokai Forest, at the Chrysalis Academy. The first riders kick off at 7:00:00, and the last ones at 12:06:30. I’ll be watching that and taking some photos and probably getting sweated on by these beasts. Hot.

Red Bull F1 Showcar Cape Town — It’s now been moved to Killarney Race Track, 27 March, from 13:00. And it’s free!

And that’s it, your weekend sorted.

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1 Comments Must Love Dogs Hotel

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The reason I’m mentioning this is because I actually originally came up with the name (Yes yes, from the movie, but I decided to actually use the name locally). I’m not joking, my sister was looking for a name for a dog website, and so we registered About two weeks later we got a frantic e-mail from these people, they had set up this entire company, but we were owning their local real estate. A few thousand rands passed hands, and they had their domain again ;)
I didn’t quite know that they were setting up such an elaborate affair!

must love dogs hotel

Check this, your dogs will have TV’s, webcams, heaters fans…this is like a regular hotel, but for your dogs.

To be honest, I have never, but if you are looking for a hotel for your dogs, then this looks like the one you’re going to be using (But it’s in Randburg)

So just giving your little pooch a heads up. That could so easily have been a line with ‘cooch’ and ‘head’, but seriously…we cannot lose our composure here.

Click here for the website.

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0 Comments Follow Him Read That

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So I’ve just told you I hate hype, but I love something called Hypebeast! No no, it’s just a really cool online international magazine that I’ve been reading for ages now, but I just never mentioned it. It’s full of cool fashion and culture news and photos, and I think you’ll love it:


Click here for Hypebeast.

And then your Twitter #followfriday:

This man: @phroggi

That is all.

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0 Comments Your Hype Is Killing Me

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You know what I’m tired of right now?


Admittedly, I am the worst person in the world to try and hype up, because I don’t believe it at all. Anything that is worth anything in this world doesn’t need to be ‘hyped up’

The best brands, people, products and events don’t need to be hyped up.

Hunter S Thompson was never hyped up as a good writer.

Johnny Depp was never hyped up as a good actor.

Kings Of Leon were never hyped up as musicians.

The best things in the world are the best things because they don’t try to be. They become popular because they’re just damn good. I dabble a fair amount in blogging, tweeting and general online media, and I’m absolutely sick of hype.

Blogs throwing thousands of links out on Twitter to hype something up. Saying ‘Oh but so and so is going to be at the event’

‘Biggest event of the year’

I don’t care about your celebrity. I don’t care what show you’ve been on, what magazine you’re in, I care about what you really have to say. I don’t care for superficial celebrity interviews, I don’t care about posting photos of naked chicks to attract more readers. You want that? Try Egotastic, The Superficial and all those sites, they’re awesome, but I’m not out to copy anyone or ride in on easy web traffic.

I don’t get invloved in the mass hysteria that most of the sheep today do. I don’t jizz in my pants when a new iPad is released, I don’t want an iPhone. I don’t want the sunglasses that Sunglass Hut are selling. I want to seek out the very best brands in the world, and not the ones that pay me.

I want to wear Serengeti sunglasses, because I honestly believe, after years of wearing other brands, that they have the finest lenses on earth. They give a knockout to Oakley and Ray Ban. And I own Oakleys and Ray Bans.

I don’t want to wear any other brand of denim jeans in the entire world but Nudie Jeans. Because I’ve worn Levi’s, Diesel, G-Star and all the rest. But Nudies to me, produce some of the finest quality, well cut denim on the planet, and that’s why I have to import them when I need them. They don’t pay me to wear them, and I don’t expect them to.

You probably haven’t heard of Nudie jeans or Serengeti sunglasses, because you read the mass media, the mass blogs, the mass mass mass. And that’s fine, fall for the hype, or seek out the best brands in the world. Fall for the hype of bands, of cars, of friends, of parties.

Or say screw that, screw the system, screw the advertisers, I’m going to live the life I want to live. I’m going to base my life on quality, not on who has the best advertising campaign. I don’t want to be sold a lifestyle by some cocaine fuelled advertising team. I want to choose the brands with passion, the brands I believe in, the brands that give ME joy. Not the brands with labels all over them, where people immediately judge me by the brand names. I don’t gain any joy from knowing that people know that I am wearing popular brands. I simply do not care.

I want brands with meaning, where wearing them gives me joy, simply for the way they make me feel. When I’m wearing my Nudies and my Serengeti sunglasses, by myself, at home, they still give me joy. And that’s the key.

If you’re wearing your Ray Bans from Sunglass Hut, and your True Religion Jeans with their white stitching, and you gain joy from knowing that people are looking at you because of the brands that you wear, you need to ask yourself who you are.

Are you Ray Ban? Are you True Religion? Are you Ed Hardy?

fucking hipsters

You’ve been to the Biscuit Mill and been spotted by some  ‘street photographer’, maybe you’re even a ‘creative’ who reads One Small Seed and has their photo on We-Are-Awesome and sips lattes at Vida. Wow, you’re so cool and I really want your life and you’re really doing wonders for the world and changing it for the better.

Or are you an individual with your own mind, your own choices and your own life?

Choose brand names for the way people will perceive you. Choose brand names to cover up your insecurities. Choose brand names to get sponsored. Choose brand names to fit in. Choose brand names and follow the crowd. Choose brand names and be cool.

Or seek out your own life, be an individual, carve your own path.

But whatever you do, don’t listen to what anyone says.

Hell, not even me, I’m just some blogger without more than 10 banner ads and one who doesn’t hang out with celebs.

Choose your path, go on, get out of here, why are you even reading this.

Sheep ;)

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0 Comments My Version Of The Dream

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hunter s thompson big sur

Hunter S Thompson — Doing whatever he wanted to do

Put me in front of the sea, with a desk and something to type on, and I think you’ll realise that I need no more than that.

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0 Comments Jude Law Downgrades

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I won’t lie, we’ve all had a thing for Sienna Miller! She’s that naughty, dirty, wealthy and hot type of London. So when Jude started dating her, I gave him my blessing. We sat down for a cup of tea and I looked him in the eyes and said ‘Sienna?’ with a disapproving look on my face.

He always knew my word was the truth in his relationships, and he seemed perturbed that I mentioned Sienna’s name with disapproval. But I quickly said:

‘She bloody well sounds like she’s from LUN-DUN! Damn right doggy, she’s hot!’

jude law sienna miller

I approved of Jude Law and Sienna Miller

So naturally when I saw him recently with Lily, I thought it was to promote Guiness for St Patricks Day. In fact, I’m sure that is still the reason he hooked up with her recently.

jude law lily cole

I don’t approve of this one

I mean, we all like a bit of honey. Ginger honey? Not so cool.

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