Candice Swanepoels Greatest Love Is Food


So her Twitter bio says:

candice swanepoel twitter bio

And this is what she looks like:

candice swanepoel skinny

candice swanepoel thin

candice swanepoel weight loss

Thoughts? Does she really love food that much?

In all fairness, my girlfriend took me to see Cirque De Soleil (Phenomenal) and some of the gymnast chicks there were equally as tiny, but they were throwing themselves all ove rthe place and were phenomenal athletes. Does this make them unhealthy? Take runners for instance, check these dudes:

skinny runners

They’re skinny, but are fitter than most of us and we wouldn’t call them unhealthy. And they’re guys, who in today’s world are supposed to be protein CHINAS. Does being skinny necessarily mean you’re unhealthy? Where does our definition of normal come from?

Story And Photos Via Dailymail

2 Comments on “Candice Swanepoels Greatest Love Is Food

  1. She probably loves the taste of food. Just not the bit where it stays in her body. I’m not saying she’s bulimic and if that’s what you’re thinking, then shame on you… Shame. On. You.

    As for “healthy” and “normal”, let’s not forget that’s a cultural/societal vibe. Different strokes for different folks. I guess as long as you’re still able to get around by yourself and not die in a pool of your own vomit, you’re winning.

  2. I totally agree, and given the camera lens/angle which distorts everything, she’s not exactly dying. And yeah, I think if you can get around by yourself, you’re definitely all good :)

    There are a lot of girls that size, they just don’t make the DailyMail.

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