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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 29 Mar 2011

I don’t smoke, but I won’t lie to you, if I did I’d be smoking these bad boys! I’ve smoked one or two menthol cigarettes in my time, and they are kind of awesome. I’d smoke them all the time if smoking wasn’t bad for you, but these look awesome if you’re already a smoker. Although, no one seems to like menthol for some reason…

marlboro blue ice

These are out now at all the stores, and the best part is because they’re so cooling, you don’t feel as though you’re setting fire to your lungs! Which is amazing trickery.


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rache Website Reply

I think the ice ball makes it worse for your health. The ice ball releases a mint liqioud once you click it. Don’t think smoking the mint liquad can be good for you.

Hesmarie Reply

Actually Rache it is proven that marlboro blue ice is the healthiest cigarette, the blue ice ball actually hold the tar within the filter and therefore you don’t inhale anything but the nicotine and the fresh minty taste

I have no idea if they are better or worse for you, but I just tried one 5 minutes ago, was curious, searched the Google machine and here I am.

I’m not a fan of menthol AT ALL, but these were pretty frikken tasty. They have a subtle menthol taste at first, but once you pop that little ball, it’s like smoking a pepermint (nicer tasting than menthol as well). Granted I won’t be changing my brand for these, but I think having a pack around for a little change once and a while will be nice.

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey Jay

I also tried one the other day, my girlfriend bought a pack and they are awesome! As I say, I don’t smoke, but have the odd cigarette, and these are rad, so icy cool.

As for the menthol ball being worse for you, smoking isn’t exactly good for you, so I doubt a menthol ball is going to worry smokers too much.

Nolene Martin Website Reply

Thank you so much for discontinuing my brand of cigarettes – seriously I can’t thank you enough – you bunch of morons. Couldn’t you rather just bring them out as a new brand instead of deleting Marlboro menthol completely… AAARRGGGHHH

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hi Nolene

Oh hectic, I don’t smoke so don’t know too much about what was discontinued, that does suck though.

From what I believe, the cigarettes are menthol though and you don’t have to break the ball, which gives you the normal menthol taste…but that’s just from what i know, I don’t know what their regular menthol taste like.


Venessa Website Reply

It is not on, why take something off the market that clearly sells well. I bought a pack of Blue Ice the other day & it was awfull, now I can’t find my usual menthol in any shop.

It would be nice if anyone from Marlboro could give me some answers, but you can’t find a website to direct your questions to. I am the consumer after all, why not ask people what they think about the product before removing it completely!!!

BRING BACK MY MENTHOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shane Website Reply

Deffinately seems like a better smoke because if you smoke a normal cigarette the smoke is much more thicker than blue ice…

I think it tastes very nice…

JonJon Website Reply

theres no such thing as a healthy cigarette

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