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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 29 Mar 2011

Mexico brought us tequila and nacho’s and I think that’s about all. Your tequila comes from the place, but do you ever wonder what Mexico City actually looks like? Here’s a taster:

mexico city urban sprawl

Photo Via

So that place alone is basically responsible for most of the parties around the world, interesting contrast.


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Nash Website Reply

Holly. Fucking. Shit! Most insane photo I have seen in a while.

Hey Seany,
I’ve done a bit of work on some tequila brands and they’re actually a protected food (like champagne and cognac). This means that to be called a tequila, the spirit has to be made in the Jalisco region of Mexico, check it,_Jalisco it’s no Cape Town, but it’ll do!

Sean Lloyd Website Reply


Ah I see…yeah I saw this photo and wanted to use it and all I could relate Mexico to was tequila ha ha! I know tequila had to be made in Mexico, I just wasn’t aware it had to be made in a specific region, very interesting. I’ll post a follow up to this :)

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