0 Comments Pharrell Williams Keeping It Cool In A Cardigan

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 08 Apr 2011 , in the Fashion & Grooming category

The cardigan isn’t only for those still suffering from a Nirvana hangover, and even with a bigger knit, you don’t need to look as though you got this from your gran as your 7th birthday present. The cardigan is cool, and Pharrell shows you how to wear it right. Because let’s be honest, Pharrell is a cool guy [...]

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0 Comments Mondays Inspiration #14

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 31 Jan 2011 , in the Mondays Inspiration category

You know what Mens Health say you should look like? How they make you feel the need to look like someone who spends all day in the gym? Well yeah, you can look like that, but it won’t necessarily make you happy.
Just do what you want to do. Go for a run. Ride your bike around. Run around playing on the beach. Surf. Kite board. You don’t need to be at the gym. And you don’t need to have a Mens Health body. Here are 4 men who are proof that you don’t need to look like a Mens Health cover model to enjoy life:

johnny cash finger

Surely didn’t care about gym

johnny depp yacht

Johnny Depp chilling on his yacht with his wife. His net worth? Apparently around $75 million

pharrell williams player

Pharrell Williams, not known to be pump huge weights in the gym. Has gained international success. Net worth? Also around the $75 million mark.

richard branson naked model kiteboarding

Richard Branson. Does what he wants. Net worth? Ag, about $4 billion.

And you’ll notice a trend amongst the worlds most successful people, none of them care about the gym. Sure, they may still exercise for health reasons, but they certainly don’t care about sculpting the perfect body.
Drop gym if it doesn’t excite you.
Just do what you want to do.

It’s those advertisments, those marketing people, who have you wanting all this stuff. These supplements. Stuff you don’t need. Stuff they want you to ‘need’

Open your eyes man, there is a whole world out there beyond the gym bubble.

Find it. Experience it.

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3 Comments Pharrell Williams Keeping It Low Key With Red Boat Shoes

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 19 Jan 2011 , in the Fashion & Grooming category

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a huge Pharrell Williams fan, just purely for the way he lives his life. He is just cool. Never in the press for the wrong reasons, in fact, never really in the press. Just doing what he loves. Keeping at it. Keeping inspired. And I was at Country Road about two weeks ago, and there were some boat shoes there. Now I’m a Sebago Docksides fan, but there were a pair from Country Road for R399 on sale. They were red. A little crazy, but with so few pairs left I had to make a quick decision. I hate impulse buys, and it’s not unusual for me to spend two months planning my next purchase. So this was unusual for me, and I bought them. As I walked out, I was thinking ‘Crisis Sean, you now own a pair of red boat shoes. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?’ But then I thought, hell, I like red in small doses. They’ll look cool with the slim cut Nudie jeans. And a white v-neck t shirt, which I’m known to wear most of the time.

country road red bost shoe

country road red boat shoes

Now I’ll admit, the cut and quality isn’t Docksides, but for R400 you can’t even get a decent pair of canvas shoes. At some places you can’t even get a t-shirt for that price, so I’ll take them. These photos above were the photos I was going to post to ‘Change Room Superhero’ (A new addition to SLXS that I will be adding soon)

Those are the Docksides in the photo with the Country Road.

But my doubts have gone away, now that I see Pharrell Williams is kicking back in the same look as me.

pharrell williams miami

pharrell williams red boat shoes



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