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So we do have a fan page floating about! If you join it won’t really get you any more money or even a sexy new partner, but I use the SLXS Fan Page just to send out the odd message, sort of like a Twitter feed but not filled with my boring day to day activities. I’ll drop a link that I think SLXS readers might be interested in when I don’t feel the need to write an entire article on something. For instance, the latest link on the link between Paul Mitchell and Patron Tequila which I’ve seen you drinking at Karma Lounge lately. Honestly, read that link, it’s very interesting. Starting a business with some $700 and turning it into a $900 million per year empire. Fascinating!

Anyway, join the group and you will instantly have more street cred, sickie woo!

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In the post below you’ll see we were on Llandudno. While I love it, sometimes the salty water, sand and people are a bit much to deal with. No stress, simply gain a bit of elevation to Casa Del Pleasure, the summer beach villa. The thinking persons beach. The writers enclave.

Llandudno maxing

Yes, that’s the spot

And suddenly, Llandudno feels new again! Pool, lawn, fridge inside…I’ll have that. It’s amazing how a different perspective changes your whole world.


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Just like I’ve forgotten my very own birthday for the last two years, so I forgot to wish my readers who celebrate Christmas, a happy Christmas! But you know, in between supermodels, dogs and watching You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, oh and Llandudno, there hasn’t been much tome for thinking, let alone rational thinking. I’d try write, but it’s damn difficult when you’re having a braai, or on the beach, or just tanning at the pool while looking at the beach. Such is life.

So my best Christmas wishes go out to you! Myself and Alessandra were just chilling earlier, and she wanted to wish you guys and girls a merry Christmas as well, here we go!

Alessandra Ambrosio Christmas outfit

Just chilling babes!

But I’m still alive, evidence from the past few weeks:

Llandudno chilling

This is what I do, every day

Courier notice

I’m battling to post the babies and the dead crack whores stuffed with money and drugs that I have, any ideas?

Big dawg

Marks’s 95kg dog is like having a horse inside your house

Dog watching TV

But it’s more like a person, sitting on the couch with us, watching You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

So everything is all good on this side, we’ll get into more real writing only into next week. Updates will happen here as I feel necessary. I don’t do Twitter updates because I don’t feel it necessary to upload every second of my life online, from what I’m eating, drinking, or looking at to just random comments “Sean is bored” Twitter just hasn’t made a big impression on me. The website is where it’s all happening, so keep an eye out here.

I’m not neglecting you, I’m just living on the beach, which makes internet difficult, and to be honest, why write when you can just do nothing and stare at chicks in bikinis instead?

Exactly! In fact, I’m so chilled we may not even come back to SLXS. If you don’t hear from me for three weeks, consider me retired. This writing thing gets a bit much! Retirement is on the horizon.


Yeah, and like lank high fives and Ed Hardy wife beaters and chilling with my broad, just klapping some HGH and Muscle Milk BRU! Going to Sandton Square my CHINA. Check how DAK I am boeta. Pek deck, check it.

Can you honestly handle the amount of Joburg that is currently is Cape Town? It’s easy to spot. Okes who have so much muscle they cannot walk, coupled with a ‘broad’ who weight 40kg’s and is sporting the Ed Hardy trucker with a tank top and tiny shorts and a fake tan.

No okes must be dak boet, gotta look after my broad.

Hey bru, are you checking my chick out? I’ll moer you.

Ja bru, don’t even look this way.

I’m on animal PAK’S my China. I’ll flatten you.

Honestly, do I come to Joburg and behave like a this? You’re welcome to come to Cape Town and have an awesome time, but behave, and just chill. No ones out to get you. No ones out to steal your ‘broad’ Trust us, Cape Town is the home of modeling, we’re cool with it.

You have nothing to prove here, because in Cape Town, we truly don’t care. We’re that chilled.

Deal with it.

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Article written by the brilliant on the 21 Dec 2009 , in the Cape Town Dates To Diarise category

If there is one thing from Cape Town 2009 that stands out it’s got to be the awesome amount of music festivals/gigs and the quality of the artists on display. Just Jinjer are massive, and how often do you get to see the lead singer of a band chilling in a small coastal enclave like Scarborough, just jamming for an intimate performance at The Cape Farmhouse? This is quite something if I must be honest.

It takes place the day after Christmas, so you’ll all be chilled, broke from buying presents and wanting to chillax. Which is why this is perfect!
It’s only R70 at the door (Some of those clubs are now charging us R100 at the door) and you can just chill out, shoot the breeze and listen to rad music.

Just chilling babes! Details…Ghostrider…requesting details.

Affirmative Ghostrider, the details are affirmative:

Stealing Love Jones take a break from making it big in the USA to rock their South African fans throughout December. The Stealing Love Jones ‘Homecoming Tour’ reaches the CAPE FARMHOUSE on the 26th of December and also performing is one of SA’s most successful rock artists, Ard Matthews. It is going to be a night to remember!

Stealing Love Jones

Since moving to San Diego in August to try a new venture in the Los Angeles music scene, Esjay and her new boys (Daniel Kurts – drums, Christian Rush Williams – guitar, Rowdy Bossard – bass) have opened for Sprung Monkey and ‘Rockstar: Supernova’ heroine Dilana and seen their song ‘Don’t Blame Britney’ nominated for a Hollywood Music Award.

During the same short three months, the singles ‘Hospital’ and ‘Dont Blame Britney’, from the ‘Bleed Too Bloom’ album, have been play listed on San Diego radio station 94.9, mirroring the rapid rise Stealing Love Jones made in South Africa.

The country’s most promising pop-rock act since forever, the group managed to make their mark on the local music, fashion and surf scene in the short space of just four years, boasting six Top 10 radio singles, headline status at SA’s major music festivals and sharing the stage with the likes of One Republic and Maroon5.

But that wasn’t enough. At the beginning of 2008 Stealing Love Jones embarked on a three-month self-financed tour of North America that included performances in New York City and showcases for major labels at LA’s famed Viper Room. A little over a year later Esjay made the move back – permanently.

Global Ambassador for South Africa’s MyLife Foundation, recording artist Ard Matthews launched his first charitable contribution “First Offerings” through

Ard Matthews

“Ard Matthews, frontman of one of SA’s biggest selling rock bands, is making a special solo appearance at the Cape Farmhouse alongside SLJ on the 26th DEC.

Having written, covered and performed hits such as “Shallow Waters”, “Like U Madly”, “What He Means”, “Sugarman” and “Here’s to you” (to name but a few), Ard is regarded as one of the most industrious and talented artists in South African history. Ard and his band – whose name we needn’t mention – have successfully sold 2 double platinum records, 3 gold records, had 6 number 1 hits and ten top ten singles.”


So your post Christmas shenanigans are sorted then!


Did you just say pow?


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Oh oh oh I so excite! I’ve been  NEEDING to use this photo I took about three weeks ago on my lunch break up to Hermanus. Yeah that’s right, myself and Charlie V were bored so we decided to drive up to Hermanus because it’s awesome there. It’s basically where I want to be all the time. Unfortunately for me I cannot make it up tomorrow for the festival which has put my kugelsak in a vice. Well at least that’s what it feels like.

Sean In Her(m)anus

“Built To Be Ridden…Her Anus Cycles” Come on, that’s genius…

Anyway I believe it’s going to be a scorcher, do you realise how many people from Cape Town are in Hermanus right now? It’s bordering on pornographic. Seriously, Hermanus gets a bit silly with the amount of people there now, and the funny thing? All the girls who go up just happen to be models of some sort! and if they’re not models, they’re just hot anyway and given the chance…well I would.

Enough about me though! Let’s get the details:

Forbidden Fruit Festival

Forbidden Fruit Goes Coastal

Hermanus High School 22 December 10 bands 10 hours music festival

On the 22th December South Africa’s new festival experience Forbidden Fruit hits the coast, for a one- off mega band slam summer concert featuring a staggering ten bands over 10 hours of rocked out madness. The sleepy seaside town of Hermanus is preparing itself for a serious wakeup call as the largest outdoor music event ever in the Overberg, hits town.

The intriguing stellar line up covers the complete range of what is happening in the SA Rock scene.  From the enfant terribles of the Afrikaans scene Die Heuwels Fantasies and their angsty big brothers Van Coke Cartel through the indefinable percussive driven funk metal which is Napalma, the slinky summer skunk of 7Th Son, the -Rock-Pop-Blues-Jive of Hot Water, right through to crowd pleasing upstarts Heroes Wear Red, the line up is a fat juicy slice of what is really mattering, music wise today.

Add to that local coastal stalwarts Akkedis and Cape Town favourites  Reburn, all leading up to an incredible finale from, the soon to be stadium rock gods, the indie darlings The Dirty Skirts and the band who have been called by many as the greatest SA alternative rock back ever  -Sugardrive, it verges on audio overdose territory.

For the price of some single band gigs you get yourself a day long fest with some of the most decadent delights that SA rock as to offer, all crammed into an unmissable musical feast. Forbidden? This festival is going to so darn bad, rightfully it should be banned!

11 hours 10 Bands 110 Bucks One day Only

22nd December 2009 14:00 Gates 12:00

R110 Presale (Click here to buy your tickets) R125 (door) under 12 R50 under 6 free

Contact info(at)4biddenfruit(dot)co(dot)za

Gracious me, that was like reading a viagra.

Because I have a boner.

Remember, depending on how you drive, Hermanus is only like 40 minutes away from Cape Town! Be there!

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Article written by the brilliant on the 17 Dec 2009 , in the Uncategorized category

I’m often asked, for some reason or other, for advice on relationships.

“Sean, how do I know when she’s the one?”

“Well my young squire it’s easy. When you meet her, and you get that tingling feeling in your pants, where at that moment, you’d do anything to bone her. That’s real love my man”

And this is true both ways, for guys and girls. Useful advice once again from me!

But while I could pen a script full of thousands of words of advice on the stalker/psycho situation which continues to plague certain individuals in Cape Town (You know who you are — the one with a restraining order laid against you, by me), I’ve always believed that a picture paints a thousand words.

So a video streams a billion. Guys, date anyone, but avoid this type:

Simple, pure advice. Follow it.

(Thanks Trem!)

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Has anyone noticed that on the Shaun Oakes page, his picture never changes? He ALWAYS looks the same!

Shaun Oakes

Shaun Oakes

Ever the investigative reporter, I was at Clifton yesterday and blow me down…Shaun Oakes has aged indeed!

Check this snap:

Shaun Oakes Aged

As you can see the hard living lifestyle has hit him hard and he’s now carrying a cross. But ladies, let’s be honest…the man still rocks a Speedo.

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2 Comments Stay On A Cruise Liner In Cape Town For The 2010 World Cup

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I’m pretty excited about staying on land for the 2010 World Cup for the Cape Town games, but I must be honest, I do see the appeal in staying on a cruise liner! There are romantic undertones to it that will have guys/girls absolutely falling all over themselves to join you on your boat. For me, the appeal surely lies in the hilarity of people phoning you.

“Hey dude where you at?”

“I’m on a boat motherf&$#er! I got my flippie floppies!”

Can you imaging how ridiculous things would get? I’m pretty sure this boat must have a clause in the contract saying “Clothing Optional” because this would be the only way to spend your time on a boat, in a continual state of nakedness. The crew will no doubt go a bit mental, being stuck here for an entire month while the pleasure seekers have monumental amounts of sex, and they’re stuck in the hull with their crew member ‘Juan’. Shame, the poor buggers.

Anyway, One Ocean Club are offering you the opportunity to stay on a boat during the 2010 World Cup which is simply amazing.

Luckily for me my parents don’t read this website and I can FINALLY tell the story of those 6 Egyptian circus midgets on that boat in Plett in 2003! I honestly was about to bake a cake until I realised…wait that’s not baking flour. That’s Columbian coffee creamer. Ok we won’t quite get into the story for now (Because maybe it’s really a figment of a twisted imagination)…we lost a lot of good men that holiday. And the ones we didn’t lose immediately…well let’s just say some things stay in Plett, others come back.

Actually that’s not my story, but the way kids are going, it could VERY WELL be a true story from Plett rage 2009. I’ve heard it was philthy. If you’re reading this and have a kid who went to Plett all I’m saying is good luck. No jokes I’m sure they were like any other matric rage people, drinking tea and not touching each other in naughty places. As they do.

So where was I before Bernie hijacked my thoughts there?

Yeah, you can stay on a boat during the 2010 World Cup with One Ocean Club.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that their website is a nightmare. I HATE website that are trying to be fancy, and are hard to navigate. One Ocean Club have created a nightmare of sorts, the site is slow, there is music playing which might slow it down more, I don’t know I’m not a ‘web geek’

So it’s a terrible website which I hope is not a glimpse of what the ship will be like. But after some searching I found out the two boats that they will be using, and they seem decent. And by decent I mean so damn amazing, how could you love a baby this much? I found it easier to find information NOT on the One Ocean Club website, so grabbed this courtesy of Easier Travel:

Operating as a full-service hospitality partner during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, One Ocean Club is offering 4,600 additional beds for World Cup guests on two of the world´s largest cruise liners. This service will be supplemented by a full-scale premium hospitality programme drawn up in close co-operation with its South African partners and local authorities.

From the start of the World Cup on 11 June, the two luxury cruise liners MS Westerdam and MS Noordam, chartered by One Ocean Club from Holland America Line (HAL), will be lying at anchor in the harbours of Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town and offering approximately 4,600 extra beds, along with top-quality five-star service.

To realise this, One Ocean Club staff have been in South Africa for three years, exchanging information with the authorities and establishing a sound basis for close co-operation with local companies. As a result, around 80 percent of the food used on board over the four-week period in June 2010 is to be supplied by local partners. Regional cultural events, excursions organised in partnership with South African operators and numerous other co-operation projects round off the programme.

In addition to its top-class hospitality offerings, One Ocean Club guarantees guests the highest level of safety during their entire stay on board and the best possible on-shore escorts. A high-quality security concept, including controls in the harbours and on the ships, as well as shuttle services between the airports, ships and stadiums, will provide visitors with round-the-clock protection. An on-board hospital offering a 24-hour stand-by service and arrangements with local hospitals will ensure prompt medical attention in emergencies.

Werner von Moltke, initiator of One Ocean Club, said: “The One Ocean Club offering is a high-class addition to the services provided by local hotels and tour operators during the World Cup. To this end, we are working closely with the South African authorities and numerous local partners. Our aim is to forge links between our guests and the host country, allowing them to experience South Africa both on board and ashore. In this way, we hope to make an active contribution by supporting South Africa as a successful World Cup venue.”

So as you see I had to go to another website to find out which ships were being used. Nice one guys.

Please enjoy this from the website of the ms Westerdam:

The ms Westerdam is the third in Holland America Line’s series of Vista-class ships. As such, she embraces the latest industry and environmental technologies such as her use of a diesel-electric power plant for optimal energy efficiency and an Azipod propulsion system. Most of her staterooms have ocean views and many have private verandahs.

The theme of ms Westerdam’s art collection is Dutch heritage in the New World. Art ranges from paintings of historic Dutch ships, such as Henry Hudson’s Half Moon, to a huge Indian silver-overlaid wood palace doorway, a bone tobacco pipe carved in the shape of a woman’s head to a collection of 5,000-year-old pre-Columbian carved limestone figures from Ecuador. Contemporary pieces include an original Andy Warhol portrait and signature sculptures by Sedona artist Susanna Holt.

Guests on the ms Westerdam will be able to “show and tell” their vacation memories through the Digital Workshop powered by Windows. Free workshops led by Microsoft-trained “techsperts” will show even the most novice camera or computer user how to take better vacation photos, make movies, edit pictures and create scrapbooks using a variety of Microsoft Windows and Windows Live services. Guests will learn how to share all their digital memories through email, blogging and social networking — so friends and family can see where they’ve been cruising even before they return home.

Pretty crazy if you ask me!

“But Sean but Sean?!”

“Yes my young squire?”

“What…what…what does she look like?”

“Ah my young lad, she looks shaggable!”

“Have you got a photo Sean?”

“Yes me lad, just don’t tell your folks I let you look at ship porn. You may be too young”

Ladies and gentleman, the ms WesterDAMN!

ms Westerdam

Then there is the ms Noordam, with this:

Launched in 2006, the ms Noordam is the newest member of our renowned Vista-class ships. Named for the Northern compass point, she embraces the latest industry and environmental technologies such as her use of a diesel-electric power plant for optimal energy efficiency and an Azipod propulsion system that maximizes maneuverability.

On board ms Noordam you will discover museum-quality paintings such as an oil painting of the city of Utrecht painted in 1842, as well as contemporary art like the series of photographs of music greats Dizzy Gillespie and BB King. One of the most valuable pieces of furniture on board the ship is a remarkable inlaid chest flanked by carved wooden 17th-century Baroque columns. Made in Germany in 1885, the chest is inlaid with ebony and precious stones. Enjoy an onboard IPod self-guided tour of the complete ms Noordam art collection. The ms Noordam exemplifies the classic style of ocean travel with contemporary amenities and modern enhancements.

The ambiance of the elegant ms Noordam will provide a comfortable, spacious and relaxing backdrop as you sail the sunny Caribbean or romantic Europe in 2009 – 2010.

Aaaaah…beautiful! A little photo I took:

ms Noordam

They actually both look the same, but to get a true sensation of the sexual feeling they will give you, I’m going to drop two links here to their actual pages inside the internet. From there you can go on virtual tours and really get more acquainted with the space in which you will be pleasuring your lady/man friend. See the below links:

And that ladies and gentleman is all for now.

Click here for the One Ocean Club website.

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Article written by the brilliant on the 13 Dec 2009 , in the Cape Town Dates To Diarise category

I’m heading through for a birthday party, and Locnville are also playing, sick!

Locnville live at Karma Lounge in Camps Bay

See you there. Wednesday is a public holiday…

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3 Comments Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers Boot

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Something that never goes out of style is a pair of boots teamed with jeans, and I’ve been rocking a pair of Caterpillars for many years now. Boots are awesome for winter because while everyone else avoids puddles, grass and anything else, I just trek through all of these hazards, because that’s what leather boots are for. But by far the coolest looking boot at the moment is the Timberland Earthkeepers boot. The sole on my Caterpillar boots is quite thick and they actually are not quite ideal for walking in. They’re not uncomfortable, but they could be better.

The Timberland Earthkeepers are made to be walked in, with a much thinner, more flexible sole than Caterpillars, as well as softer leather. Everything about the boot is awesome! While probably more of a winter item, boots can be worn with jeans anytime of the year and you can’t possibly go wrong with the Earhtkeepers. Another great thing is that they are part of Timberlands new practices, that focus on the environment by using recycled materials and trying to reduce their environmental footprint where possible. Let’s check what they have to say about them:

Timberland Earthkeepers Boots

Timberland Earthkeepers


Our Earthkeepers range features tough, rugged footwear made with the environment in mind. Thanks to moisture-wicking linings made from recycled materials, organic cotton content, rugged outsoles made with Green Rubber material and the all-day softness of leather from a silver-rated tannery, they’re durable, lightweight and always a talking point. This is laid-back comfort – with a conscience. Imported.


  • Premium burnished full-grain leather uppers combined with lightweight textured goatskin leather from a Silver Rated Tannery
  • Moisture-wicking textile linings made from 100% recycled PET
  • Footbed is lined with leather from a Silver Rated Tannery
  • 42% recycled Green Rubber outsole
  • 100% organic cotton laces
  • Smart Comfort Biorhythmic system is made on a contoured last for better comfort and no break-in period. It has a 5mm memory foam top layer for instant comfort on a dual-density EVA Smart Comfort insole. The insole includes innovative biorhythmic air channels to push air through a series of interconnected chambers to provide cushioning and deliver additional support where and when it’s needed most. Finally, the insole is leather lined for comfort and durability.
  • Waterproof

Yeah, the waterproofing is a bonus! And Timberland have legendary status for the waterproofing on their boots. You would have seen a boot in a tank of water at their Cavendish store some time ago.

Timberland Earhtkeepers boots are available for R2000 at all Timberland stores (Try Cavendish and the V&A Waterfront) Try them on…one of the better boots around!

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0 Comments Boat Shoes And Check Shirts For Summer

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Fashion & Grooming category

One of the cool looks for this summer is a classic really and not exactly something new. It is however awesome, and is basically the stuff that my folks used to wear! Boat shoes and check shirts will never go out of style, but I’ve seen check shirts make quite a big impression this summer as they’re so versatile. You can wear them during the day with shorts, either with or without a t-shirt underneath, and you can go out at night in them and look equally as smart. It’s best to go for the long sleeve check shirt, and roll the sleeves up — sorted. And Mark Wahlberg wore a check shirt in Shooter, a good testament to the durability and radness that the shirt holds.

Mark Wahlberg Check Shirt In Shooter

The same goes for boat shoes, you can wear them with shorts during the day and with jeans at night, and you’re going to look smart. You can find mens boat shoes at many outlets including Markhams and ZOOM, but if you’re really looking for boat shoes, then you’re going to need to buy them at Timberland, Country Road or at a place like Yacht Squadron at the V&A Waterfront, because it’s there that you’ll find the real boating shoes, Sebago Docksides baby! I’ve only ever known Docksides as my dad has worn them ever since I was a little girl. That’s a long time ago!

Sebago Docksides

Sebago Docksides — My one…my only…my love!

There are the classic Docksides in one colour, or the Spinnakers that come in two and three tone colours. You really can’t go wrong with the Spinnakers. The great thing is that they are all leather and are designed to be worn without socks, moulding to your feet and having no odour problems. The more you use and abuse them, the better they get. Scuffs add character and time forms them to your feet, making these a real treat. They haven’t gone out of style ever, but only a few people really know them. Some of the plebbs will mention that theirs were only R300 and look exactly the same as Docksides. Docksides are not only about price (They’re around R1300), they are about a history and a heritage. Have your brand of shoes ever been through a round the world yacht race? Have they ever been out on deck when the world is about to break on them? Have they been with their owners when their lives are at risk out on the open ocean? Probably not. And whilst this may not really matter, it actually really does. You’re buying a piece of legend in the form of Docksides. You’re paying homage to some of the toughest people on the planet. You might not be into boating yourself, but you’re respecting those who are into boating. You’ll EASILY be able to walk into Royal Cape Yacht Club in a pair of Docksides, without feeling like you’ve cheated!

I’m just saying…

Anyways, take a look at Docksides, I know I have been scoping the styles out this past weekend. Timberland also make a good shoe, but despite what I said back there, if you really do want a pair of cheaper ones, ZOOM and Markhams are stocking them.

For check shirts, obviously the likes of Diesel will be stocking, but for a more down to earth price, check out Country Road at Woolworths (There is also a stand alone store at the V&A Waterfront, but the men’s section is really small — On that note if you’re looking for a great pair of basic, indigo jeans, Country Road have them for R549. Perfect for pairing with a suit jacket for work or any smarter occasion. Everyone should own a pair of non faded blue denims, they go with everything.), Esprit at the V&A Waterfront and Cavendish (Looking at about R500), as well as Woolworths and Markhams (Looking at around R250/R300) Let’s pull this look together quick, with a quick look at this from Country Road…

Country Road Check Shirt


So I think you can’t go too wrong with boat shoes and check shirts this summer. For basic white t-shirts (V-Neck included — perfect for wearing under a check shirt) Woolworths are selling them for R50. I don’t know about the fit, especially the length on bigger sizes, but for the small shirts they fit great and are the perfect length.

Great, now we’re one step closer to owning summer!

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4 Comments Matblac Hand Crafted Leather Wallets At The Mobile Boutique In Woodstock

Article written by the brilliant on the 12 Dec 2009 , in the Fashion & Grooming category

The Mobile Boutique

It’s not often that I’ll move from my perch on a Friday night when I’m stuck in the chill zone. So last night I was chilling out, shooting the breeze, reading the HELLO! magazine and kicking through some of my new DVD’s including A River Runs Through It. You see…I’m deeper than you think! And yes, my Fridays are that crazy…ladies.

So I got a call from my brother last night, telling me that I had to come through to The Mobile Boutique at The Old Biscuit Mill, to check out these awesome hand crafted leather wallets. I suspected something was up, and that this was code for  “I’m being hijacked, I was on the way to the airport, my car broke down and now things are going wrong”

So I jumped in the beast, put foot, and drove so fast that I arrived there earlier than when I left. I like to call this using my Jedi Mind Power.

It’s something Ewan McGregor taught me when we were in our drug days and we used to sit in our wendy house in Kenilworth and spot trains. Later it was adapted into a movie called Trainspotting, I was paid a kazillion dollars for being the inspiration for the film and I ended up where I am now.

So I minced into The Mobile Boutique (I have given up on ‘walking’) at around 7:30 (After leaving home at 7:50) And he was there! So my premonition about the hijacking was completely wrong, but you can never be too cautious.

Now it’s not often that you get calls on a Friday night telling you that you have to see a product made by a local designer. In fact, no one has ever called me from YDE to tell me to come look at anything. But this was different and I was amped.

The modern world has long forgotten about real money and we all pay on debit cards, credit cards and store charge cards. The other benefit of not carrying money like coins is that when the bajillionth guy asks you for small change for food…(Read tik — Awesome story, I stop at the petrol station the other day and some guy says “Sir please some spare change for some food I know you have a good heart” So I cruise back out and throw him a loaf of bread, and he looks at me like I’ve just kicked a baby in the head and says “What am I supposed to do with this?” Ja, AWESOME)…you can say “No no little man, I don’t think I can”

And matblac wallets know this, and have foregone a coins pocket, for the simplicity and style of a space to hold your notes, and space to hold your cards. And this is all you really need, R500 in cash in your wallet (Always carry cash for bribing traffic cops…what? Nothing), your AMEX and other bank cards, driving license and that’s it. None of this other rubbish that collects in your wallet like till slips, business cards and the like.

matblac logo 1

The benefit: Your jeans pocked doesn’t bulge because of your wallet, that is actually more like a satchel with all the rubbish stored in it. This looks better, it feels better and life is easier, plus your jeans keep their shape. Life is all about keeping it simple these days, because we’ve got so many systems to ‘make life easier’ that have actually made them more difficult. Don’t get me started on the number of store ‘points voucher’ cards we need to always carry. I think they should honestly be stored digitally on a chip on one card…seriously nerds, do something to fix this.

Anyway the matblac wallets are nothing short of awesome! Mat Neilson has designed and hand crafted a range of wallets that have been two years in the making. What’s awesome is that the wallet closes using magnets. Two ultra slim magnets keep it closed and keep everything inside and they have a 1 year guarantee or $1 million in cash back (I might be wrong here…don’t take my word for it..ha!) Let’s check it uit:

matblac wallets 1

matblac wallets 2

The card holder

matblac wallets 3

matblac wallets 4

Next to my wallet, which is quite honestly, embarrassing now

matblac wallets 5

matblac wallets 6

And the great thing is that you can buy some one off designs, so you’re not going to be carrying around a Fossil or Polo wallet like your other friends (You can now point at them, laugh and go “Get out my way…plebbski”). They’re slim, hand crafted, beautifully designed and even better is the price — If I’m correct they’re around R320 – R350, which is a lot cheaper than those other wallets that are “Designed In The Swiss Alps” but then manufactured in a sweatshop that is located in an underground bunker below a fish and chips shop in Taipei. And it’s cool to support local. The great thing about this local is that it’s got an international look, you’re not crusing around with an ostrich skin (Joburg kugel) wallet with a buffalo imprinted on it. That’s just too local, Pietrus.

This wallet will be as comfortable in Cape Town as it will be in L.A when you go there to hang out with Paris and the crew.

matblac wallets and card holders are local, hand made of leather and are available at The Mobile Boutique that takes place on Fridays at The Old Biscuit Mill, and according to the website the trading dates are December 11, 15, 28, 29 and 30. Otherwise you can drop Mat an e-mail at matblac (at) live (dot) co (dot) za

You saw it here first.

Alpha Bravo Charlie check it…

Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a fly by.

Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

Click here for The Mobile Boutique website.

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6 Comments Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Available At V&A Waterfront In Cape Town

Article written by the brilliant on the 11 Dec 2009 , in the Fashion & Grooming category

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Tom Ford’s latest fragrance, Grey Vetiver, is a classic fragrance that will in all likeliness remind you of a bygone era. I have tried it personally, and it’s not really for me. While I’m not tuned to the different variables of scents, I know what works and what doesn’t work. As a young, urban guy, you’re probably not going to get on too well with Grey Vetiver. It’s an old fragrance and may in fact remind you of old people…and church.

I tested it out yesterday at Edgars in the V&A Waterfront and I was expecting to come right within 5 minutes of trying it on. Not so…not to say it’s not a nice scent, it doesn’t make me go “WTF is that?!” It’s an old school, elegant scent, one which I don’t think is particularly suited to the younger generation. In fact, I’d say wearing this in your late 30′s would be ideal. But then again, maybe it would be cool seeing some dude arriving at a function in his Timberland boat shoes, white V-Neck shirt and semi-faded jeans and wearing Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Maybe the contrast would just be so awesome that it works? Possibly.

If you have seen the ads for Grey Vetiver, and are a Tom Ford fan (Like me), then you may very well be wanting to try a little spritzing of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. I tried Canal Walk and Cavendish Square and no one is stocking it, but Edgars in the V&A Waterfront are stocking it. It’s pricey, at between R1000 and R1200, but look, we’re not plebbs now, are we? No!

Tom Ford is a master at design and is credited with turning Gucci around into the brand it is today. Tom Ford’s Gucci Pour Homme is an absolute classic and something that I don’t often speak about because it’s like a secret that I want kept to myself. I want to be the only one wearing it sometimes, such is the effect of the fragrance. Every single person has fallen in love with Gucci Pour Homme after testing it. My bottle has run out and it is not available in South Africa anymore. BLEAK.

Gucci Pour Homme

Seriously, does anyone know where I can get this in Cape Town? Can we order it from somewhere? Tried Amazon but it can’t get to SA…Should I try one of those US postal address vibes?

So to be fair, it’s not a bad fragrance and some will love it, but I think if you’re reading this website…maybe give it a skip.

Gucci Pour Homme II is awesome though, give that a go.

Gucci Pour Homme II Gift Set With Shower Gel

This costs around R800 at Stuttafords in Cape Town

Seriously, try it, I think you’ll be impressed.

Lothario. Antonio. Julio.

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3 Comments Win The Ferrari 458 Italia

Article written by the brilliant on the 10 Dec 2009 , in the Cars category

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the most visually appealing cars on planet earth at this moment, with the performance to match. It’s every mans dream to drive one of these, but at some R1766926 million (ZAR), it can be a little out of touch of the everyday person. Not anymore! Let’s first look at what we’re dealing with:

Engine: 4.5 litre V8
Power: 425kW/540Nm
0-100km/hr: 3.4 seconds
Top Speed: 325km/hr

Ferrari 458 Italia Front View

Ferrari 458 Italia Side View

Ferrari 458 Italia Rear View

There really isn’t anything to say about the car, other than the fact that it is car porn. This is the stuff dreams are made of! Imagine burning down the Camps Bay strip in this beast? While I wouldn’t want to be a home wrecker, I’m afraid if I was driving this car, I would simply have to wreck homes! Guys wives would be throwing themselves at me, and while wrong on a moral basis, I would have to sleep with all of them. Only because I’m a giver!

Look, the fact that I only have three minutes in me is besides the point. Three minutes is a round in a heavyweight title match! Yeah…you wouldn’t trash talk Ali would you? So don’t trash talk me! Now that the car porn images are out the way, let’s look at the Ferrari 458 Italia burning around the track like it just doesn’t care:

Not too bad? Want one?


Seriously, that’s your only chance of ever owning one. I’m not forcing you to buy tickets, but you’ll look like a bit of a tit if I win, and drive past you on the Camps Bay strip, and throw my slush puppie all over your Yaris. Then bang your girlfriend. And take your mom out for a nice seafood dinner…

And never call her again.

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1 Comments Radox MAN Activate Herbal Deodorant Is Quite Awesome

Article written by the brilliant on the 09 Dec 2009 , in the Fashion & Grooming category

Radox Man

I actually don’t wear deodorant. No jokes. I’m not a hippie, or dirty, but I used something called ‘Spray Mist” and it changed my life a few years ago. When I was in school I used to use anti-perspirants, and these, oddly enough, made me sweat like a beast. Crikey we used to sweat big time in summer! And then from all the ingredients in deodorants, the arms of my shirts would go yellow…not ideal! But something of which you are probably aware.

Anyway, there is a whole post devoted to this “Crystal Mist deodorant”  that I wrote over two years ago. Check that article HERE. Seriously, have a read over that. This stuff will change your life!

Everyday I either wear Hugo Boss as a fragrance, or Gucci, maybe even some CK One. But if you’re more into the supermarket deodorants, then there really is only one choice. You’ve been through the Axe range and you’re tired of smelling like you’re a school kid and need something a little more mature, and something that smells expensive.

Well I’ve got just the thing for you. I keep a can wherever I go, there is almost always a can in my car for when I need to smell like sex, money and rock ‘n roll.

Radox Man Herbal ‘Activate’ with Ginseng is a refreshing scent, and doesn’t make you smell cheap like some deodorants do. It honestly smells like something you’ve paid hundreds of rands for. And I keep getting complements about it, people asking “What are you wearing?” as though it’s some sort of new release from one of the worlds great fragrance houses.

A general situation goes like this:

Sean exits his car, rolling a white t-shirt and jeans, Nike ‘Dunk Low’ shoes, keeping it low key.

I spray on some Radox Man.

In my mind I think that chicks are going to go mental and throw themselves at me. They love the scent of the Radox, and are about to say something like “I’d totally do you”

They then realise it’s me, and they throw their empty Coke Light can at me, going “Oh there goes that has been ‘blogger’. I remember when I used to read that SLXS thing”

So times have changed, but I’m here for the readers!

So while Radox Man doesn’t get me any action, I guarantee it will raise your score rate.

Pulling chicks will become as easy as clubbing baby seals (Apologies to PETA)

Honestly though, grab a can, this is THE deodorant to wear. Don’t say you didn’t hear it here first.

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