Boat Shoes And Check Shirts For Summer

One of the cool looks for this summer is a classic really and not exactly something new. It is however awesome, and is basically the stuff that my folks used to wear! Boat shoes and check shirts will never go out of style, but I’ve seen check shirts make quite a big impression this summer as they’re so versatile. You can wear them during the day with shorts, either with or without a t-shirt underneath, and you can go out at night in them and look equally as smart. It’s best to go for the long sleeve check shirt, and roll the sleeves up — sorted. And Mark Wahlberg wore a check shirt in Shooter, a good testament to the durability and radness that the shirt holds.

Mark Wahlberg Check Shirt In Shooter

The same goes for boat shoes, you can wear them with shorts during the day and with jeans at night, and you’re going to look smart. You can find mens boat shoes at many outlets including Markhams and ZOOM, but if you’re really looking for boat shoes, then you’re going to need to buy them at Timberland, Country Road or at a place like Yacht Squadron at the V&A Waterfront, because it’s there that you’ll find the real boating shoes, Sebago Docksides baby! I’ve only ever known Docksides as my dad has worn them ever since I was a little girl. That’s a long time ago!

Sebago Docksides

Sebago Docksides — My one…my only…my love!

There are the classic Docksides in one colour, or the Spinnakers that come in two and three tone colours. You really can’t go wrong with the Spinnakers. The great thing is that they are all leather and are designed to be worn without socks, moulding to your feet and having no odour problems. The more you use and abuse them, the better they get. Scuffs add character and time forms them to your feet, making these a real treat. They haven’t gone out of style ever, but only a few people really know them. Some of the plebbs will mention that theirs were only R300 and look exactly the same as Docksides. Docksides are not only about price (They’re around R1300), they are about a history and a heritage. Have your brand of shoes ever been through a round the world yacht race? Have they ever been out on deck when the world is about to break on them? Have they been with their owners when their lives are at risk out on the open ocean? Probably not. And whilst this may not really matter, it actually really does. You’re buying a piece of legend in the form of Docksides. You’re paying homage to some of the toughest people on the planet. You might not be into boating yourself, but you’re respecting those who are into boating. You’ll EASILY be able to walk into Royal Cape Yacht Club in a pair of Docksides, without feeling like you’ve cheated!

I’m just saying…

Anyways, take a look at Docksides, I know I have been scoping the styles out this past weekend. Timberland also make a good shoe, but despite what I said back there, if you really do want a pair of cheaper ones, ZOOM and Markhams are stocking them.

For check shirts, obviously the likes of Diesel will be stocking, but for a more down to earth price, check out Country Road at Woolworths (There is also a stand alone store at the V&A Waterfront, but the men’s section is really small — On that note if you’re looking for a great pair of basic, indigo jeans, Country Road have them for R549. Perfect for pairing with a suit jacket for work or any smarter occasion. Everyone should own a pair of non faded blue denims, they go with everything.), Esprit at the V&A Waterfront and Cavendish (Looking at about R500), as well as Woolworths and Markhams (Looking at around R250/R300) Let’s pull this look together quick, with a quick look at this from Country Road…

Country Road Check Shirt


So I think you can’t go too wrong with boat shoes and check shirts this summer. For basic white t-shirts (V-Neck included — perfect for wearing under a check shirt) Woolworths are selling them for R50. I don’t know about the fit, especially the length on bigger sizes, but for the small shirts they fit great and are the perfect length.

Great, now we’re one step closer to owning summer!

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