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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 21 Dec 2009

If there is one thing from Cape Town 2009 that stands out it’s got to be the awesome amount of music festivals/gigs and the quality of the artists on display. Just Jinjer are massive, and how often do you get to see the lead singer of a band chilling in a small coastal enclave like Scarborough, just jamming for an intimate performance at The Cape Farmhouse? This is quite something if I must be honest.

It takes place the day after Christmas, so you’ll all be chilled, broke from buying presents and wanting to chillax. Which is why this is perfect!
It’s only R70 at the door (Some of those clubs are now charging us R100 at the door) and you can just chill out, shoot the breeze and listen to rad music.

Just chilling babes! Details…Ghostrider…requesting details.

Affirmative Ghostrider, the details are affirmative:

Stealing Love Jones take a break from making it big in the USA to rock their South African fans throughout December. The Stealing Love Jones ‘Homecoming Tour’ reaches the CAPE FARMHOUSE on the 26th of December and also performing is one of SA’s most successful rock artists, Ard Matthews. It is going to be a night to remember!

Stealing Love Jones

Since moving to San Diego in August to try a new venture in the Los Angeles music scene, Esjay and her new boys (Daniel Kurts – drums, Christian Rush Williams – guitar, Rowdy Bossard – bass) have opened for Sprung Monkey and ‘Rockstar: Supernova’ heroine Dilana and seen their song ‘Don’t Blame Britney’ nominated for a Hollywood Music Award.

During the same short three months, the singles ‘Hospital’ and ‘Dont Blame Britney’, from the ‘Bleed Too Bloom’ album, have been play listed on San Diego radio station 94.9, mirroring the rapid rise Stealing Love Jones made in South Africa.

The country’s most promising pop-rock act since forever, the group managed to make their mark on the local music, fashion and surf scene in the short space of just four years, boasting six Top 10 radio singles, headline status at SA’s major music festivals and sharing the stage with the likes of One Republic and Maroon5.

But that wasn’t enough. At the beginning of 2008 Stealing Love Jones embarked on a three-month self-financed tour of North America that included performances in New York City and showcases for major labels at LA’s famed Viper Room. A little over a year later Esjay made the move back – permanently.

Global Ambassador for South Africa’s MyLife Foundation, recording artist Ard Matthews launched his first charitable contribution “First Offerings” through

Ard Matthews

“Ard Matthews, frontman of one of SA’s biggest selling rock bands, is making a special solo appearance at the Cape Farmhouse alongside SLJ on the 26th DEC.

Having written, covered and performed hits such as “Shallow Waters”, “Like U Madly”, “What He Means”, “Sugarman” and “Here’s to you” (to name but a few), Ard is regarded as one of the most industrious and talented artists in South African history. Ard and his band – whose name we needn’t mention – have successfully sold 2 double platinum records, 3 gold records, had 6 number 1 hits and ten top ten singles.”


So your post Christmas shenanigans are sorted then!


Did you just say pow?



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When did Just Jinger become Just Jinjer

December 21 2009 16:32 pm Sean Lloyd Website

I think that happened a while back, something to do with the American spelling or something. Also, I thought Ard's name was actually Art in the beginning...seems to have changed I believe? Unless it was always Ard and I'm confused.

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