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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 29 Mar 2010 , in the Fashion Models category

To those not schooled in cool, Edie Sedgwick was one of Andy Warhol’s muses.

But I’ve found a better muse!

David Sessions now has a website and while some may want to admire the photography, angles, lighting and make-up, I’m a simpler person than that and just dig chicks.

God, it’s a pity chicks don’t dig me! I really wish I was a kid again, at that age where girls are gross and you don’t want anything to do with them. But now, as soon as I see the slight hint of a nip slip, I go mental and lose my mind. What is so great about boobs? I have no idea, but they’re GREAT.

But that’s not the point, David Sessions’s’zss’s’z muse happens to be Abi Parker. Nice choice! Let’s see:

abi parker 1


abi parker 2

GREAT! (People are asking how this photo happened, well I was actually placed in front of them, naturally the dude was a little put off but Abi was like “Is that Fabio? God? Leonidas? Achilles? Troy? Agamemnon? Brad?”

I had a muse once. Yeah…actually we were in love. I think I met her in Tin Roof. I’m not quite sure because I was quite drunk. Few fish bowls after school. I think I pulled her right after vomiting outside Blink. I can’t remember her name either. Jerry might remember. Oh no, he was passed out in the parking lot in the Beetle.

But I’m pretty sure that’s what love feels like, right?


Oh there is also this glorious angel, Sally Smith.

sally smith


So yeah…Davids doing alright for himself!


Click here to check out more hotties on the David Sessions Photography website. There are quite a couple of Abi, I mean…that is if…you find her attractive.

Do you?

I might…a little.

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2 Comments What We Have To Deal With In Cape Town

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 30 Oct 2009 , in the Fashion Models category


This is Marzaan.

Marzaan Kallis

Marzaan is from Cape Town.

Marzaan is a swimwear model.

Marzaan is what we’d quietly refer to as “gorgeous” or “beautiful” Well those of us who are model scouts, which I obviously am. (And I can even tell if a guy is good looking or not)

Shame I hate it that the ladies look like this!

Click here for the full Marzaan Kallis gallery (Image via that gallery as well)

It’s Friday and the smell of tik is heavy in the air. Feel it!

No but seriously I’m completely over today, I’m going to go catch some sun time. Later later!

(And yes the photos have been big this week. No idea why. I felt like it. I felt me. It felt good. Crisis that was lame. Sorry been struggling today)

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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 15 Sep 2009 , in the Fashion Models category

So my buddy, Lloyd, seems to have entered into a competition for the Face Of Markhams, and he’s doing decidedly well! Lloyd is coming in at number 9, and he needs to be in the top 10 to reach the next stage of the competition.

Now I never ask much of you guys (I’m a giver), but this is one of the few times where I need your help. We think Lloyd needs to punish the competition, and a higher ranking will safely see him into the next round. This is what he’s currently doing, and he’s not even posing for these. This is how he is 24/7, non stop:


Watching TV


“Yeah I can see it…but it’s about a thousand miles east…must strain face”


Lloyd loved wearing high end fashion while sitting at the docks, on rusty anchors

So guys, girls, you are going to need to vote for Lloyd (Give him 5 stars!)

To vote, simply click here and give Lloyd the 5 stars. If he makes it into the next round, surely we’ll be giving away prizes? I think so!

And click here for Lloyd’s page at Base Model Agency

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