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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 15 Sep 2010

One of the things I’m enjoying at the moment is working on things I’m passionate about, with people who are passionate. While Google ads and Afrigator ads make money for me, I’ve decided to remove them to offer just what I want to be offered on SLXS. The Flickr photos are there because I really want to start adding some cool photos. Blogging needs to get away from trying to throw ads in at any piece of available space.

So I’m very excited to be working with the awesome crew from Halo, a small group of people passionate about trance music in South Africa. These are people who live for trance and do it purely for the love of the music. They invest a lot of personal time into these events to make them as unique as possible, and I’ve seen it grow into something awesome. Halo are finally touching down at Chevelle and I couldn’t be more amped, for the party, and for the guys organising these events! I’m extremely stoked to be involved as part of the media crew, I’ll be promoting the event and also giving away some free tickets to Halo Future Heroes.

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The guys have been working so hard at progressing trance music locally, and they have really now ended up at a point where a lot of others might get greedy, but instead they are always thinking of the trance community and the artists. Future Heroes is their way of supporting local artists, with two slots reserved in the evening for two up and coming artists. Yup, that’s how these guys do it!

Check out all the details:


Friday 1 October 2010 @ THE TEMPLE
(Chevelle, 84 Harrington Street, Cape Town CBD)

halo future chevelle

After bringing you some of the World’s finest Trance & Progressive Artists over the past 2 Years, with more to come both this year and next, HALO HQ is taking an opportunity to give back to the Cape Town Trance & Progressive Family, with our first, of what we hope will become a regular date on our Calendar, HALO ‘FUTURE HEROES’.

Over the past few months, HALO HQ has received numerous Guest Mixes and Promo’s from aspiring Artists across South Africa, and since there is no dedicated platform in Cape Town, for up ‘n coming Artists within our genre, we have taken it upon ourselves to create that platform, through HALO ‘FUTURE HEROES’.

We have made two 60 Minutes Slots available at strategic points through the nights entertainment, for the selected Artists to showcase their talents.

The two Artists selected are…


Over the past 6 months, on HALO Live, we have showcased two OUTSTANDING Guest Mixes from each of these Artists respectively, prompting us to consider them as ‘front runners’ in the ‘race’ for ‘Future Hero’ status. We have every confidence that these two Artists will only add to the performance value, of what already promises to be, an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

Supporting our ‘Future Heroes’, will be ‘The Usual Suspects’, The ‘HALO TRIO’, Rory Mitchell, Scott Small and Shaun Holiday, as well as our immerging Performance and Production Duo, 2nd Phaze, not to mention, a few surprises on the night as well.

This time round, HALO HQ has selected THE TEMPLE as the ‘canvas’ for the HALO ‘FUTURE HEROES’ experience. THE TEMPLE is the Main Dance Floor at Chevelle, one of the Premier Venue’s in the Cape Town CBD, boasting 2 Dance Floors, each with it’s own Bar and Toilets, as well as an exquisite VIP Area, overlooking the Main Dance Floor.

We will once again be kitting out the entire arena in true HALO fashion, with Mungus Fungus (the same guys that did Cosmic Gate), in control of the venue Décor. We will also be preparing some cool visuals and gimmicks for added entrainment and interaction value.




Supported by:


Friday 1 October 2010 @ THE TEMPLE
(Chevelle, 84 Harrington Street, Cape Town, CBD)

ZAR 50

No Weapons
No Illegal Substances

We’ll be chatting to the Halo Crew, and giving away a few sets of VIP tickets on SLXS, so stay tuned.

Click here to buy your tickets.


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