0 Comments Filtering The Sunlight

Article written by the brilliant on the 31 Aug 2010 , in the Photography category

I’m pretty much always in awe of Cape Town and I was leaving Woolworths yesterday, in fact I had just got back into my car and was mesmerised by the sunlight filtering down through the clouds and landing on Cape Town. Now I take a lot of photos on my Blackberry but yesterday was just something else. So I took two photos from in my car, and about an hour later I was on Facebook when I saw a status update from Gordon:

“If you’re in Cape Town, do yourself a favour and look outside and revel in the beauty”

The comments below that were talking about the exact thing I had seen. Then Caterina posted this photo:

cape town sun 3

And here are my two photos, taken on my Blackberry:

cape town sun1

cape town sun 2

Which just goes to show.

The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You.

And it also shows what an amazing place we live in, where people are generally amazed by these sorts of things…you just never tire of it. I hope you all saw it yesterday!

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15 Comments Apple Products And Their South African Pricing

Article written by the brilliant on the 30 Aug 2010 , in the Uncategorized category

Is anyone else as confused as me when it comes to the pricing of Apple products in the South African market? Now let’s forget import taxes and dealer mark ups, let’s just look at the basic facts, clean and simple.

A Macbook is listed at $999. Locally, we’re looking at paying R11000 for a Macbook. So in that case, we take the dollar price and multiply it by 11 to find the ZAR price.

An iPhone 3GS 8GB on the Apple website is $99. Locally, an 8GB iPhone 3G is R7100. That is now suddenly 71 times more than the dollar price! 71 TIMES! Digicape, are you smoking crack? Have you got foetal alcohol syndrome? Are your directors raging alcoholics? Are you saving up for an end of year staff party in St Barts?

While Digicape don’t have iPhone 4 prices up yet, PC Direct do.

iphone 4

iPhone 4…how is this more expensive than a Macbook, when it is over three times cheaper in dollars?

They’re a cool R12782, that’s more expensive than a Macbook. Excuse me, but WTF is going on here? Are the South African public being treated like we have learning disabilities and can’t see what is going on here?

Let’s round that iPhone 4 price down to R12000 for the 32GB…that’s 40 times more than the dollar price. ($299 US) So the iPhone 4 is more expensive here than a Macbook, and yet a Macbook is $999 and an iPhone 4 is $299.

So the South African prices range from 11 times, to 40 times, to 71 times the dollar price…is no one else seeing this?


Can anyone provide me with answers?


PC Direct?

I guess it’s hard to speak though when you’re at your million dollar staff party, and there is an eight ball in your mouth.

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0 Comments Ray Ban Never Hide: Viral Advertising That is Rad

Article written by the brilliant on the 29 Aug 2010 , in the Design and Advertising category

I meant to write this a while back, and still had some text in a draft so it is a bit outdated, but I still think it’s rad. The reason I started writing it was because I never quite knew what the print versions of the ads meant when they said ‘Never Hide’. I then came to learn that it was from their ‘Never Hide Films’, that created the classic sunglasses catch video. Viral advertising is essentially advertising that spreads quickly over various social media platforms, and the recent Roger Federer video of him hitting a tin off a guys head is no doubt some sort of viral campaign. The most popular Ray Ban advert is the Sunglasses Catch, as seen below:

That video spread quickly over the internet amassing some 4.5 million views. To get that many views on traditional media would cost a fortune. Viral marketing is no doubt the way to go if you want your brand noticed in this day and age because everyone is in one the social media vibe, and a hit like this can spread across the globe. The only problem is that it’s difficult to replicate successes like this. We could definitely use more viral advertising locally…but I suppose it’s not that easy.

So next time asks you about viral advertising…well now you know!

You see, you learn something new every day! I’m joking, I have learnt absolutely nothing today, but then again, I did fail my IQ test on Friday. Not the highlight of my entire life, but at least I can say I tried it.

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0 Comments Are You Following Me On Twitter?

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Uncategorized category

Now I know a lot of you don’t use Twitter, and I’ve never made much of an effort, but then I looked and I have 300 followers which isn’t too bad, so I thought we’d chat quickly.

A lot of people post links and business stuff on Twitter, talking about how awesome they are, how awesome their lives are, what they are doing, how well they are doing for themselves, how awesome their jobs are etc. I don’t care about these people, I just care about having a laugh. So if you want to increase your IQ, find links to articles that will make your life better, or learn anything new, then don’t follow me. Follow me if you want to have a laugh and learn how to live life less seriously. To show you an example of what you can expect on the seandlloyd (D for Danger) Twitter account, here is a posting from this weekend, with the caption ‘I am officially banned from toys r us’:

toys r us

Yes.I.Am.Awesome. I obviously erased it before leaving, but it would have been kind of cool if I just left it.

Click here to follow me, and see more awesome stuff! Twitter is basically small little bits of my life, sort of like a mini SLXS. It’s my ideas and thoughts, and allows you a small gap to the inner working of my brain. Put all those little bits together, and you have the complete me, the SLXS you read.

Rad stuff people!

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0 Comments Photolist: Awesome Photo Blogging Theme For WordPress

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Uncategorized category

It’s no surprise that so many people are using Obox for their WordPress templates these days, the Hout Bay boys are killing it! I’ve been using Obox for…well forever, 2oceansvibe Radio are using Obox, Cape Town Girl…everyone loves some Obox. For those of you wanting to start a photography blog, Photolist is the latest from Obox and it is once again, some more awesomeness. Let’s check the beast out:

The Home Page

photolist home

On the home page, I really dig the slider at the top, where you can scroll through some selected galleries, ones that you may want to feature prominently on the site.


So you click through to a set of photos, and that brings you to a page where you can click individual photos, and they are enlarged at the top of the gallery, like this:

photolist gallery

Very, very cool! If I were a photographer (Not to say I’m not!) I’d be using this theme right away. No messing about with these free themes that some people use, what is this, home school? Photolist is perfect for photographers wanting to offer an online gallery for their work, without paying some ridiculous price for web design.

I use Obox for a couple of reasons:

  • Design. I find some theme designs too ‘perfect’ shall we say. Almost too clinical. Obox themes have a certain flair and alternative feel to them, focusing on minimalism a lot of the time. I always feel that content is what makes a blog, and this is true on all blogs. Obox just package that content in a very streamlined look that I love. And all their themes are compatible with all modern web browsers.
  • Price. $30 for two Obox themes? You cannot go wrong.
  • Support. The support from Obox is amazing, post a question to the forums, and the guys will get back to you quickly, with the right answers. I’ve never had a hassle with Obox.
  • Themes for people who just want to publish. Whenever I chat to people, they assume that I know everything about how a website works. The truth is, I have no idea! Obox themes are for people who want to publish content quickly and easily. You don’t have to delve into the code to install Google Analytics or your logo. Adding and removing adverts is made simple, and can be done by anyone. I’ve had people ask me how their themes work (Bought from other companies, Studio Press being an example) and some of these themes are a nightmare to try and figure out. Not with Obox. Everything is simple and straight forward, leaving you with time to blog, not browse through code and manuals on how your theme works.

So if you’re looking to start a blog, or are just looking for a fresh new theme, then have a look at Obox themes. And take advantage of their 2 for 1 offer, two themes for the price of one. That’s 2 themes for $30!

Premium WordPress Themes

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0 Comments Am I In The SA Blog Awards?

Article written by the brilliant on the 27 Aug 2010 , in the Uncategorized category

So I tried to complete my registration for the SA Blog Awards (Thanks for all your votes — let’s see if we make it!) and this is what it gives me:

sa blog awards

Not approved? RAD!

Is it because I’m different? Because I’m not one of the cool kid SA bloggers who have a million links in my blogroll? Is is because I stray from the safety of safe writing and safe behavior? Is it because of this photo doing the round of me massaging Postman Pats nose?

postman pat

Do I not participate properly in the blogging fraternity? Do I not stick by the ‘rules’?  Should I start another overdone photo blog? Do I not post enough? All the cool kids are going for the quantity vs quality/originality idea of writing these days…

In fact, I should act spoilt and before I know that I haven’t been nominated, I should drop out of the awards due to a gross lack of confidence. In the judging panel.

Jeepers, imagine that?

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0 Comments Neville STILL Works At The Cavendish Movies

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Uncategorized category

neville cavendish

Neville — killing kids dreams of a sneaky handski/mouthski from their bird before their folks pick them up outside McDonalds

Crisis, he’s still there, going strong!

Not much talk of him moving up the ladder at work, our boy is at the top, making sure kids aren’t jerking each other off at the movies. Running into the movies with his torch, all Horatio Caine style.

Neville you LEGEND!

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0 Comments The Brandhouse Chat Yesterday

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Uncategorized category

So I swung down to Brandhouse yesterday for a little presentation, and I was surprised to see some people I knew, and some people I knew of. Rory and Gareth from Halo Live were in attendance, I spotted Raoul from, Shaun Oakes and some of the other blogging elite, as well as the crew of Stacy and Carrie and all the other crew who keep me in the know.

(Just to interrupt, please do yourself a favour and vote for Urban Ninja for the blog awards, it’s an amazing site for inspiration, and I’ve been reading it for about 6 months now, with a place on my blogroll for a good few months now, deservedly. There was an awesome piece posted today, click HERE to read that. And you can vote from that page as well, there is a blog awards banner there)

Basically it was an informal get together to learn about the history of the brand, where it is going in the future, and the fact that finally, bloggers are starting to get noticed as a proper part of the process. The last party, Smirnoff Mashup Street, was a very one sided affair, where bloggers were used to promote the event, but not much more was given for their work. For Project X (The next Smirnoff party), a certain number of the top bloggers in South Africa, will be integral to the marketing of the event, which I’m really excited about. The fact is, all my friends, and people like me at my age, aren’t going to News24 for their news, they are going to the established and trusted blogs in South Africa for their daily news. We don’t serve it up like News24, we have a real approach to news and events, offering a fresh perspective on what is happening in your world. We’re live at events, we’re hands on, and best of all — we’re not boring.

The Smirnoff chat yesterday was really cool and I was genuinely interested in hearing about the history of Smirnoff, and the mixologist, whose name I forget (Garcon, where is my notepad?) gave an awesome talk and also gave us some history on drinks such as The Screwdriver as well as the Long Island Ice Tea, while also getting us involved. I was pulled up to do some tricks with the bottle, of which I couldn’t!



Hey sexy!


Boozing at lunch


Chilled office

slxs smirnoff red

Oh…hi there…

Me and glass and a hard floor and a difficult trick = bad idea!

I’m quite excited that Brandhouse and Smirnoff have realised the potential in bloggers at getting the word out about events and getting people amped for them. It feels like the day has finally come where blogging is just a little nearer to closing in on traditional media, which no one seems to be reading that often anymore for the news they really want to know. So I’m pretty excited, and you’ll be hearing more on SLXS in the coming weeks about what is being planned.

And thanks to everyone involved, in what is set to become a very exciting project!

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2 Comments Gallows Hill Traffic Department: Clean

Article written by the brilliant on the 25 Aug 2010 , in the Uncategorized category

(If you’re new to SLXS, why not have a look at some of the popular articles? The ones that make us awesome. Click here for those )

So I’ve been trying to apply for a PDP license, because if you crash a car full of strippers, and you are being paid to drive them, you need a professional driving permit. Naturally, being the man of many passions that I am, I hold down many aliases.

I had to have a clear criminal record, so all my details had to be sent to Pretoria. About 6 weeks later they came back, and now I’ve had to submit those, and now my license needs to get sent to me…from Pretoria. This, they say, will take two months. All VERY organised and effective, and not a waste of my time AT ALL. By the time I get my license, I will either be dead, be a drug addict or be in an old aged home. Charming.

Anyway, the lady behind the desk was also flippin’ helpful and happy, I wasn’t aware that staff were made to eat lemons for lunch? Very weird. I also wasn’t aware that they needed to walk in a manner that the Hunchback of Notre Dame did, and talk out their noses. Mind you, if I worked in a place with no light and a sort of vomit colour to the walls, and it was named after a place where people get hung, I would also be hugely depressed.

I’m stoked though that the place has been upgraded, and I see they have also retrofitted the parking area with people who piss and shit themselves, and also have some sort of affinity for drinking meths.

It’s all so CLEAN and new age! God, Sepp Blatters World Cup money got us a brand new traffic department. With a brand new staff complement plucked from the gutters of obscurity!

I like to park my shiny new car in the parking lot, and then have it looked after. In fact, the security is so tight (Mind you: loose. Sies) that they even have dogs!

And if you’re really important, you get a car guard so passionate, they sit at your car. Gold Star service!

doos dronk

Car guards: Pissed. Clean.

I must say, it’s quite impressive to see such quality service in Cape Town. And if anyone complains we can klap them.

Because we’re supporting the currently disadvantaged/currently doos dronk/ currently hungover people of Cape Town.

And that’s a service to humanity.

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0 Comments Crowded House Live In Cape Town

Article written by the brilliant on the 23 Aug 2010 , in the Cape Town Dates To Diarise category

‘Crowded House’ to those not aware, is when your 14 year old son gets first hair on ball, and decides to invite al die slette in the neighbourhood to a ‘disco boogie’ Next thing you know, your booze cabinet is in its chops, your house is crowded full of raging hormones and your kid is shagging some gruk thing on the living room couch.

This will be a harsh lesson to him on the effects of beer goggles.

Crowded House is also the name of an awesome band, who have had classics such as “Don’t Dream It’s Over” and “Something So Strong”

crowded house

I have had a non stalker relationship with them for many years now and even have their 2 disc CD/DVD combo that I got for like R180 at Look & Listen. Look out for it, because it is awesome! Anyway, they are touring South Africa, with a Cape Town show at Grandwest. So you can buy your tickets now by selling your wedding ring, or your wife, and then simply buy the ring/your wife back after you win some cash at Grandwest either before or after the performance! Because it’s not gambling if you know you’re going to win…Rain Man.

Here are the details:

Ticket prices: From R263 – R466 from Computicket, thanks for the affiliate program guys!

Date: Tuesday 26 October 2010 at 8:00pm

Venue: Grand Arena at Grand West Cocaine and Hookers World Casino And Entertainment World

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0 Comments Catch Avatar in 3D At Ster Kinekor If You Missed It

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Books, Movies, CD's & DVD's category

To fuel James Cameron’s no doubt obsession for high class hookers , cocaine and Hungarian midget slaves to do his pedicures and shave his nuts, Avatar 3D will be shown again in 3D. I know a lot of you missed it because it was fully booked, and then suddenly it was pulled from the screens to make way for some other 3D movie. If you are on tik, or have foetal alcohol syndrome, or have been cryogenically frozen, you may not know what Avatar is about, so here’s a review :

Flippin’ handy to watch that if you have/had any of the above conditions! That video is in HD I believe, so if you have a slow connection or don’t chew Big Red, then F…

Avatar 3D will be released at Ster Kinekor on the 27th of August, I’m just not sure which ones as I don’t think it says on the website. The whole re release is based on the fact that there are 8 minutes of unscene footage (See what I did there? POW! You didn’t expect that so early on a Monday), but the reality is that James Cameron probably needs a new boat or villa, or island, and someone at Ster Kinekor needs a present for their wife/gimp/mistress/Thai lady boy.

So this should pay it off.

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5 Comments Hide The Kids The Blog Awards Are Coming

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Uncategorized category

Not on your face, but they’re coming your way. And you should hide the kids, because Dan Nash is going to do something outrageous to get thrown out!

I’m not good at self promotion which is why I haven’t asked you to vote for me, but seeing as though the nomination phase is about to come to an end, I better ask you lot if you’ve voted!

I never really hear from you people, the only reason I know you’re here is because of Google Analytics. From this I can guage important information like cup size, the colour of your underwear, your address, it gives me access to your Facebook photos and just all the essential stuff.

Anyway, I’ve been nominated for every SA Blog Awards I’ve entered into, but I’ve never won which causes me huge amounts of distress. I would win if they had a category for “Best Has Been SA Blog” I was once blogging royalty, clubs even let me in for free for some time, and people in the street high fived me instead of keying my car. Gosh, I remember the blogging glory days. When blogs were rare, instead of everyones 2 year old snot nosed kid running a blog.

Because we still run a cool show here, I’m 100% certain that an award would make me an even better writer! So SLXS has been nominated in the Blog Of The Year as well as Best Entertainment Blog category. But I may need some more votes in order to actually make  to the next round of voting (The actual voting phase, this is just the nominations phase)

Quick: How To Vote For SLXS

To vote you need to click the following badge, where you will be taken to a nomination page on the SA Blog Awards. The badge you click below has all the information on which categories SLXS have been nominated in, so you don’t need to choose a category, it has all been done for you (We’re going for Blog Of The Year and Best Entertainment Blog)

nominate this blog

Click to vote for SLXS

  • From there you need to enter your e-mail address and a security code (To verify you are an actual human and not a computer) on the right hand block on the page.
  • Then click ‘Submit’
  • You will then receive an e-mail with a link to click. This is the final stage of your nomination for SLXS, and you need to click the verification link to nominate SLXS. Click that and bang…We’ll be well on our way to winning!

There are a few other blogs that you should also be voting for, please do support these guys, as they are the other blogs I read, and I’d be proud if SLXS or any of these guys won an award at the SA Blog Awards. They all have nominations badges on their site, you just need to click their names, click their badges and vote, in the same way as you did for SLXS:

Slick Tiger — Because he wrote the Slick Tiger Guide To Klapping Gym Boet. Enough said. — Nash is a rock star, and still just ‘get’s’ what blogging is about. It’s not about writing about every stupid thing just to get higher search results and get paid, Nash has based his site on solid writing, and he’s not afraid to try new things. He blogs about things he has actually done, and he does them in the most decadent and debaucherous ways possible — in a haze of cigarette smoke and alcohol. And he wants to get thrown out of the SA Blog Awards (HERE). I am BEYOND excited about this years awards, thanks to Nash.

MyCityByNight — I remember a time when I could party like these guys, so in essence I live my hedonistic days through Craig and the guys at MyCityByNight. They cover virtually every single party in Cape Town, and you will love them! They’ve even interviewd Danny K. JUSSUS!

Man Of The Cloth — If you’re a guy and you want to dress better, there is no other fashion blog that you need. Man Of The Cloth’s Marco is actually in the fashion industry, which helps! He’s stylish and smart, and knows how to make people look good.

And that’s it, let’s try win something!

Thanks for your support, and also, since I started blogging again in the old school way, SLXS is going back to the top. Pageviews are up 55.70% according to Google Analytics.


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0 Comments You Missed The Cooling Towers Explosion?

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Uncategorized category

Most people were upset yesterday that they missed the cooling towers in Cape Town being blown up, because they blew up 4 minutes early or something. You probably also missed the jet that flew through them:

Gosh, I can’t believe you missed that.

Were you drunk or something? Were you on tik?

(Thanks Jerry D)

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2 Comments Let’s Support Our Musicians

Article written by the brilliant on the 20 Aug 2010 , in the Books, Movies, CD's & DVD's category

dvd collection

A selection of my fully authentic, fully piad for DVD’s, book and CD’s…Gosh I’m a good boy!

The world today is a weird place, compared to when we were growing up as kids. Back in the day we bought music, saving up for those albums we really wanted. Nirvana’s Nevermind, Lives ‘Throwing Copper’, and hell if you liked to wear pink Tutus as a young boy you probably bought a Spice Girls album. We also paid for news at one point in time, but now we refuse to pay for anything. We read websites for free and as soon as there is any advertising or too much advertising we shout ‘sell out’. But everytime we shout sell out, there is someone struggling to make money, working for free or for very little. As soon as a friend buys a CD these days, we simply take it, make a copy and it’s on our iPod and on iTunes.

Look, I like most people have listened to loads of copied music in my time, so I’m no saint (Although I resemble a Greek God and you no doubt want me)

But for some time now I’ve believed that you should treat people the way you’d like to be treated. This doesn’t mean you need to live a dull life and go to church and drink Coke Light and not laugh when a fat person falls down an elevator. I mean I’m the first to laugh when a fat person drops their burger, steps on it and falls on their whale ass. But when it comes to some things, if people have worked hard, then they deserve the recognition for their work.

And paying musicians for their work should be standard. Unfortunately these days, it’s the exception. And I hate it, I really do. People are forever telling me that they have loads of music I need to take from them, but you know, I don’t feel that good about it. And everyone always says ‘Support local’, but how many of those people actually buy the albums?

cd collection

SLXS…supporting…and most importantly, paying for local music

For musicians, many have struggled for years and years to to refine and perfect a sound that the public want to listen to. Ten or more years of hard work, and finally the public deem their music worthy of a listen…and then don’t even pay for it!

KIFF! How would you like it if you ate bread and baked beans for 10 years while you struggle to build your business up? So you build a massive brand, let’s say Virgin. then someone else comes into your office, clones your staff, your ideas, photocopies all your paperwork, and sets up their very own company like yours and people go to the ‘cloned’ business. Wouldn’t you be pissed off?

Wouldn’t it literally make you want to go mad?

This is exactly the same thing as pirating music. And if you want to copy music, then go for it. I just don’t like the way it feels when I listen to copied music. It’s like wearing stolen clothes, or driving a stolen car.

And the point is, music gives my life INCREDIBLE amounts of happiness, and this is all thanks to the talented musicians. Music brings insane amounts of joy to my life…and I think the musicians need to be rewarded for making our lives better. Because they do.

Musicians, when you really look at it, are the glue of society, keeping everything together. Think of a social event where you had fun and where there wasn’t music? When was the last time you got drunk and danced in a club in silence? Can’t think of any?

Exactly. Music is a link in our lives, when removed, will surely break us apart. It’s pretty much a fact that musicians form one of the most important sectors of society. A small sector of society, keeping it all together in these lost and crazy times. When we’re happy we listen to music, when we’re sad we seek solace in music.

We listen to music when we’re drunk, when we’re sober, when we’re at work, when we’re on holiday, when we’re in the car, on a plane,  at the beach, in the bush…it’s just always there, pushing us on, helping us break our limits, forging a path where we can’t see one. Music gets us through the easiest times and the hardest times. And shouldn’t the people who make it be rewarded for that?

Wouldn’t we hate to work for free? Wouldn’t we hate it if we had to take another job, to support our job? This is too often the case with musicians, music needs to be supplemented by another job.

I can’t make decisions for you, but I can offer you some insight. I can’t make you buy music, but I can let you know that if you don’t pay for music…the musicians can’t pay for food.

And to be very honest, a society without music is not a society at all. So let’s pull ourselves together, stop being so greedy, and pay R150 for that album that a musician has struggled and worked to create.

Without music, who are you? What is society?

Think about it…

Well whatever, that’s just my point of view.

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0 Comments Discotheque Is Electric City Tonight At The Assembly

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Cape Town Dates To Diarise category

Soooo…once again I grace Cape Towns night scene with my unmistakable presence. Obviously being a Q list blogger, I am quite high up so do not approach me when I am out. Bloggers in SA are SO IMPORTANT!

I’m joking, you can approach me! Just no touching, unless you ask me. I have very sensitive skin!

Anyway, our good friends Sex And Smut are playing tonight at 12:30 at The Assembly, as well as Chris Jack, so I’m stoked. Here are the details:

electric city

So yes, I will be there. And yes I am real. And yes you can approach me.

Because, behind this sexual face…is just a little boy!

But seriously, not a little boy in the sense that you can kiddy fiddle me. So if you’re a Jackson type, then probably don’t approach me. Otherwise feel free!

Crisis, it’s not a sign to feel me for free, it’s just a saying.

Whatever, you people are dirty.

Ok see you tonight at The Assembly, it’s going to be sick!

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