Catch Avatar in 3D At Ster Kinekor If You Missed It

To fuel James Cameron’s no doubt obsession for high class hookers , cocaine and Hungarian midget slaves to do his pedicures and shave his nuts, Avatar 3D will be shown again in 3D. I know a lot of you missed it because it was fully booked, and then suddenly it was pulled from the screens to make way for some other 3D movie. If you are on tik, or have foetal alcohol syndrome, or have been cryogenically frozen, you may not know what Avatar is about, so here’s a review :

Flippin’ handy to watch that if you have/had any of the above conditions! That video is in HD I believe, so if you have a slow connection or don’t chew Big Red, then F…

Avatar 3D will be released at Ster Kinekor on the 27th of August, I’m just not sure which ones as I don’t think it says on the website. The whole re release is based on the fact that there are 8 minutes of unscene footage (See what I did there? POW! You didn’t expect that so early on a Monday), but the reality is that James Cameron probably needs a new boat or villa, or island, and someone at Ster Kinekor needs a present for their wife/gimp/mistress/Thai lady boy.

So this should pay it off.

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