Posted by Sean Lloyd on 03 Sep 2009

The views and opinions expressed in this website (SLXS Cape Town) are entirely those of the author and do not represent the views of anyone else mentioned, featured, interviewed, or connected to this website in whatsoever manner.

As such, the views and opinions expressed in this website do not necessarily represent the views of our “Trusted Partners” or advertisers whatsoever. Online publishing is like real world publishing, and just because a newspaper runs a controversial feature does not mean that the advertisers, or the people connected to or featured in the newspaper agree with the sentiments.

We do however strive to publish content that is funny yet above the belt and in line with conventional norms, thus keeping advertisers happy and yet also attaining more freedom in our writing than in regular magazines or newspapers. It is strongly recommended that pieces are read with an open frame of mind. Just like when you go to watch a comedy show, you don’t expect to hear straight laced stories about regular life because that is boring. It’s the same with SLXS…people come here to have fun and have a laugh.

If an advertiser places an advert on SLXS for cellphones, they are solely doing this on a target based market and are not doing it based on the opinions and views expressed in this website. All advertising is targeted and strictly business, and is not an endorsement of the views or expressions mentioned in these pages.

As such, our trusted partners/advertisers, my Entourage, and anyone mentioned, featured in or connected to this website cannot be held responsible for anything said or done through this website.

Readers are also urged to read the About Us section to get a clearer idea of what SLXS is about. To give you an excerpt from that:

“SLXS is a mix of fact, fiction and satire and readers are required to differentiate, with the divisions being clear i.e a write up on a party will be completely accurate with regards to dates, times and places but if I mention that I was doing coke off a circus midget, readers are required to use some common sense to separate the fact from the fiction.”

Getting an overview of what SLXS is really about is key to your enjoyment!

On a less serious note, I studied journalism and have always been inspired by writers such as Hunter S Thompson and Ben Trovato as well as great comedians like Chris Rock, the late and great Bernie Mac, Chris Tucker and Eddie Murphy. As such various traits of their comedy routines will be found in my writing, and are solely for the purpose of entertainment. Just because Bernie Mac said he will hit a kid in the head with a brick, does not mean he would have really done that.

Anyone can report on the news as it appears, but SLXS Cape Town is an escape for office workers wanting some light hearted enjoyment in their day, and for people who just want a bit of enjoyment out of life. We are so bound by rules these days that people are afraid to make jokes, and often afraid to speak their minds. SLXS want to change this and we want people to realise that you can take risks and have fun, and you don’t have to worry about every little word you say. Because in the end, you can’t make everyone happy all the time.

We realise this and realise that with every word we write, we can’t make everyone happy. But such is life.

Life is short, have fun, go crazy and I hope you enjoy the journey with us!

Sean Lloyd

SLXS Cape Town