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Article written by the awesome Team Excess on the 19 May 2009

In another sign that we might in fact be in a recession, O’Shea properties have shut their doors. That’s right, O’Shea properties have closed down. Closed down have O’Shea properties.

It’s a pity O’Shea have closed down, really. I met Patrick O’Shea, the CEO, a couple of months ago whilst I was mincing my way through Greenways Hotel in Cape Town. I remember drinking about a bottle or three of wine that night, wow, pretty hammered. He was quite a cool cat though, drove THE SICKEST Aston!


O’Shea properties had a shop just outside of Cavendish, adjacent from Boardmans. So if you’re starting a business now, don’t go into property or cars, that would be a blunder!

Get into sex, drugs and alcohol.

Sean Lloyd



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Cool Cat Reply

It just goes to show that; what goes around, comes around. The little Irish devil just got slapped by his Karma. All the people you trod on when you where on the way up are cheering just a little bit. He’s not a bad ‘oke really, just doesn’t give a f#@k when it comes to other people’s money.

We all look forward to a spate of SUDAN nights down at the local. Just like old times mate!

Barbara Reply

Believe me, he deserves every little bit he gets and more! On the morning that he closed his business, he and his wife sat with their agents and discussed advertising for the next week. The poor agents did not know anything about it and all lost their commissions which were due to them. It is disgusting! The company did not pay December salaries until about the 10th January and they blamed it on the fact that there was no electricity in the pre payment meter!!! Problem is that the staff believed him but I think they could not believe that he would lie like he did. I hope ‘what goes around, comes around’ is true.

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey Cool Cat and Barbara

Thanks for the comments, it always helps to get more of an inside perspective on these topics!

It’s a similiar trend in businesses everywhere and I’ve seen enough greed in my short time to be totally put off business…and again here, we see that karma will get you. It’s just sad that hard working staff always get caught up in it and get dumped without warning. Especially with such tactics that are totally uncalled for.

Every business needs complete transparency between staff and managers. In the short term, dodgy business tactics may make you quick money, but it’s not worth it in the long run. Not only financially, but morally as well…

But as you say, what goes around comes around, it always does.

Thanks for sharing


Stanley Reply

Patrick O Shea (and his wife) should be ashamed of themselves. They have taken too many innoccent people down with them. He owes money all over town and seem to have taken everyone involved to the cleaners. Just one example? Wrote a personal cheque for (long term outstanding) money he personally owed to the deceased estate of a ‘friend’ and former employee, but cancelled it before it could be cashed. Stealing money from the family of the bereaved? Now there’s the extent to which he has sunk. Enjoy the good life in Mauritius on our money Mr and Mrs O Shea… Please god let Karma come around fast…

Robbed Reply

Patrick and his wife are the worst of the worst. Thieves to the core. Anybody got his home address. He seems to be in hiding.

Emma Reply

I use to work for Patrick and Siobhan and I tell you, they were not nice people unless they wanted something from you. They walked all over their employees, promised them that if they gave them what they wanted then they will see to them that they are looked after. The way they spoke to me, the kind language they used… they do not know how to run a team and motivate them, they just make people feel like s**t and not want to be there. I was under a lot of pressure there that I left one day and found myself in hospital from stress and never returned which I am most greatful!
I would really like to believe that what goes around comes around and in this case I’m very sure it will!

Joe Soap Reply

I also used to work for the Oshea’s, roughly 4years. they started paying us late for 4months before the company was liquidated, and both of them are manipulators and liars, they treated people like Sh*t and used and abused their family members who also worked for them, they promised the world and then didnt deliver… they have no idea howto manage people! I hope they burn in hell for all sh*t that they did to the staff and clients. All the staff got f*cked over with not being paid – Patrick is excellent @ selling ……. Selling lies to everyone & paints a picture that everything is ok.

Another Victim Reply

I am personally another victim, We are owed loads of cash. We did however get the promoses and 3 post dated cheques to settle the account only to find out that ALL of them bounced.

Then came some threats from Patrick, ILL SUE YOU, blah blah blah, where is that threat now.

Enjoy your rental car pal, is it a charade or a scooter, hope you paid the rental upfront in cash

you get what you reap.

Enjoy life – just dont let me ever see you in the street, thats for sure.

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Frank Reply

I met O’Shea 2 times. The first time in Jo’burg at a property exhibition. Big talker about the deals he was doing with Graham Power (another bullshitter, by the way). The 2nd time on a plane. By now, he was too much of a big shot to remember me.

And now he has been personally sequestrated. Which means it’s all gone including whatever he hid in trusts and the Cayman Islands. The executors are going to have a party with this one

Sharon Reply

For those looking, he is still in his mansion which is for sale. His wife is still driving the Range Rover up and down the hill.

Francois Reply

Hi all, we have also been framed by Mr O’Shea and his wife, as we have launched a new property development in Mauritius and they were to take over the marketing and sale in South Africa. We have signed a contract, and they proposed a marketing budget alongside 2 press launches in very nice hotels in both Jo’burg and Cape Town. Everything was organised, and funds transfered to their account for all the bookings, etc… The week before we had to fly over for these exciting events (from London!), radio silence from them! Website down! Called their mobile phones, and answered without talking… Patrick then sent me an email saying that he has been advised not to engage any conversations as the company was going bust! Tough, but we sent them cash (on which they insisted strongly! knowing that it will go straight in their pockets!), and therefore we wanted it back as nothing has been organised, no deposit has been paid for any of the work they said they will do, and there we went on the plane, landed at Jo’burg, and went to the Police station!
They should be behind bars!

Lauren Cohen Reply

Hi all, I am wanting to speak to former employees, friends and business associates for an article the Sunday Times is writing this weekend. Emma, Joe Soap, Francois, Another Victim and Sharon… please contact me 083 999 2560 or [email protected] Your names do not have to be mentioned in the newspaper.

Thanks Lauren

Lauren Reply

what a load of nonsense we know the O’Shea for 30 years and these guys are more than honourable , they have helped many people especially the poor and needy and have been nothing more than first class citizens. Its amazing how the sewer rats of society crawl out to make a good mans name bad. mandela had to suffer it and many people who have made it big have had to go through critisism from the bottomfeeders of society. its a sad day that you critise a person of his intergrity with your own self serving crap. shame on you, I saw how OShea and his wife gave to many people in his business and outside and many took advantage for many years of his kindness and generosity. on a business note the facts are that the property market is dead get used to it and many more companies have closed and will close. so thats business and is no reflection on the man himself.

Francois V Reply

I can’t believe there is anyone who can still defend these scumbags. I had the misfortune of dealing with Siobhan last year in May and it was an episode marked by her persistent lies and twisting of the truth. Thank God I managed, through sheer persistence and tenacity to get paid after a five month wait.
Schadenfreude, I love it !
Problem is with this kind of smooth talking con-artist is that in spite of sequestration they always bounce back to rip us off another day. It is naive and guillible people like Lauren who help them by believing their bullshit and giving them credibility.
What absolute crap about the property market being dead, you still have to pay your debts especially if you have already received payment yourself. I do, and that is why I am still in business. These two characters had the temerity to hold forth to me about the immorality of Brett Kebble and his cohorts, when they were no better.
Oh and by the way it is very easy to be ultra generous with other people’s money, just ask ole Brett.

P***d off!!! Reply

You pathetic misguided woman! How dare you refer to every one of us that Patrick ‘O Shea has trampled on as sewer rats and bottom feeders. That man has wrecked our lives. We trusted him and his greed resulted in us losing our life savings and we are struggling to make ends meet. I don’t think you quite comprehend how low that jerk sank to feed his greed, and I would get my facts straight before singing his praises!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey everyone

Thanks for all the comments and discussion going on, it really gives some more insight into the whole scene.

For those interested, there was an article in the Sunday Times (19 July) and if you haven’t read it, you can catch it here:

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Stanley Reply

Dear all, this scoundral has lied and cheated a hell of a lot of people. He owes our small property company R 60 000 in arrear rent, and dodged lied and dived. I hope somebody can supply us with his whereabouts because I will gladly invest a further R 5 000 or so to teach him a lesson and have him walk around with broken knees. To Lauren in no 15. please if you see your dear and honarable friend again ask him what he got up to in Somerset West. He is lower than shark “s”"h”"1″”t”. I hope he rots in hell

P***d off!!! Reply

To Lauren Cohen (no 14), we’ve read your article in the Sunday Times and are intrigued to know where your figures come from, when we know for a fact that he embezzled over R33 million rand from Sapphire Finance, with the assistance of his faithful cohort Brian Wilcox (both directors of the company). They left us all high and dry, and we have personally invested and now lost over a million rand! Our life savings gone! We are not high rollers, but were personal friends of Patrick, who took complete advantage of us and used our and many other innocent peoples savings to satisfy his greed. We are all suffering because of him. Karma will definitely come back to bite him in the arse big time!!!

Former Employee Reply

Lauren Cohen will have nice things to say, seeing as he is probably her brother-in-law. His sister is married to a Cohen. I would love to know what the rest of his family has to say about all of this, as there was so many of them working for him. Two of his sisters & his niece & nephew were working for him.

I worked for him, when the company was still called Engel & Volkers. That department broke away & changed their name, but he was still the main share holder. Everything also started with salaries being paid late & promises made & then suddenly liquidation. They still owe people their salaries from last year. Probably not going to see that money.

I have always wished for “what goes around, comes around” and I am so happy that finally a little bit of what he has done, has come around.

John Website Reply

Incredible how all you complainants were happy to do business with Patrick when you thought he was going to be the financial vehicle to make you all mega rich.

Now that your lack of business acumen and own greed has let you down you all run screaming for sympathy from Innocent bystanders. Grow up, if you made bad investment decisions (get rich quick schemes) you have only yourself to blame.

As for Patrick, he owes non of you anything, let alone recompense

AQ Reply

It’s amazing how all the repliers to this article seem to think that somehow, (on his own) Patrick O’Shea is responsible for the collapse of the SA property market, if the market kept going at the rate it was and Patrick made everyone a nice return I bet there wouldnt have been too many unhappy people. Property is like any investment, if you through your money in the pot you take a chance !

Sharon Reply

Oh John, could you be P O’ S (hehe – now there’s a thing – an apt description if we add an E) in our midst?? I did not work for him for long but have evidence which I have kept about what a slimy little man he is. He lies, always has and always will. He must have thought that the people who worked for him were idiots as he would lie blatantly to us. I think he was the only one, plus maybe wifey, who believes the rubbish that used to spew from his mouth. We use to laugh in the office afterwards about how he carried on. Unfortunately, we had to carry on working as we had the hope that all would be well in the end. It is also difficult to leave a job as you worry that you might not get another one and when you are in the midst of all the bull***t, you do not believe that it is happening. I think it is human nature. I have not been on this site for a while, which is a pity, as I would have just loved to have told some of the stories in the Sunday times.So John, I never ever thought he would be the financial vehicle to make me rich. I joined thinking I would learn but after a month or two, was aware that this guy was going to teach me nothing but what not to do!!!

Gemma Reply

What amazes me is that Patrick O’shea has run off with his wifie who he has been cheating on for years, and I know personaly all those juicy details as I knew the person he was with how he manipulated her. He has left a trail of destruction wherever he went.
Oh What comes around does go around.

Joe Soap Reply

@ 15: Lauren

For you a word of advice since ure a close friend, never do business with him … or wait maybe you should then u’ll learn the cold hard truth, or is it the shit that spews from his mouth… and as for siobhan … an evil bitch

@ 22: Former Employee

Both his sisters “claimed” they knew nothing the day the company liquidated which i believe, one of them went home and prob drank the entire liquor cabinet, i think they are all throwing barb wire in between themselves and the cursed oshea family.

@ 26: Gemma

He cheated on Siobhan with a previous PA hence why his sister Lana became his PA for a while.

@ 23: John

We all worked for him, 90% of us were just normal people in a 8am -> 10pm job working TONS of overtime and normally never ever seeing that pay, some were loyal to the end only to be backstabbed by both of them with lies and a negative bank account.

my final words here! He will never work in property again the south africa – he is now burnt for life! who in their right mind will work for a fat little pig?

Washworker Reply

I am also a former employee of Mr O Shea and his wife Siobhon and disagree with all of the complainants here. Believe me I have nothing to gain in his defence and agree that he was a difficult man to work for. However I witnessed in my 3 years employment how he helped many down and out individuals who were in no way related to him. He taught many young people the ways of business and many of those are today very successful because of his mentorship. People need to wake up!!!! I agree with John, whilst he was the potential cash cow everyone was more than happy to sing his praises and now through circumstances beyond his control they want to slate him!!! Thats BullSh*t. All the best to you Paddy!!

... Reply

Hey Washworker are you not Patrick himself because only he would write something like that, I hope it is you and you read this because you got what you deserved you fat pig. Yes he gave lots to charity etc but it was for what he could get out of it, if not for his own guilt to make himself feel better for the wrong he was doing or the harm onto others, he has a very dark side to him when it comes to money and loves his material things, its all got to do with looking good and how much he has. He’s a user and a lier, likes to brag.. the things that came out of that mouth, lies.. how can he live with himself as he is lying to the Catholic church every Sunday. To Joe Soap yes he cheated on Siobhan and paid his way to make the other woman disapear when he thought he was going to get caught.. what a prick, but as for his wife lets see if she stays with him now. I wonder what he is driving now I hope its a clapped up piece of shit as he laughed at others when he pulled up in his bentley and parked it next to theirs. . lets see if he is bragging now. Wonder what will happen to him..lets hope we never see you in Cape Town again

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey everyone

Some comments are not coming through just due to me moderating them, unfortunately I can’t post Patrick’s address! But I have seen the comments, just to clear it up for those that may be wondering.

Rocking in Cape Town


Steven Reply

I saw Patrick driving through Wynberg (Cape Town) last week. He was driving an Audi A6. Even when he’s been sequestrated he still drives a better car than me!! If you can’t tell us his address how about just the suburb?

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey Steve

I really can’t go into it, not that the suburb is giving much away…but it’s not hard to find out where people stay, if you really need to.

Audi A6…dammit!

Francois V Reply

Ok Sean, so if you don’t want to take the risk of publicizing their address, then at least post my mobile number and I’ll happily help people out. I believe half the reason scamsters like these get away with their scams is because rarely are they publicly named and shamed, and doing so their neigbourhood will be a just reward.
Francois 0829550458.

Washworker Reply

@… Sorry to disappoint you but I am not in fact Patrick, only a former employee who believes that many of the comments being made on this forum are invalid and a not a true reflection. Much of it is fabrication made up by a bunch of people who have nothing better to do. Like I said before if you lost an investment then I empathise with you, however things happen and I think its completely insane to assume that Patrick o Shea single handedly brought on a recession and the crash of the South African property market??? Had these hard times not set in and taken their toll on things nobody here would have a comment as you would all have made returns. Who cares what Patrick does in his personal life!!!

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

@ Francois — No worries…but as you might see I can’t really afford to be connected to people arriving at his house threatening him perhaps. I have to practise a bit of journalistic restraint :) But happy to post your comment.



jason Reply

His whereabouts are Constantia (Edited). So hopefully someone will get a team out there to sort him and his wife out.
As for the comments from Washworker (who can only be one of his sisters or his wife- as she is trailertrash) and Lauren can only be his new PA who he is obviously screwing.

fred Reply

People like Patrick don’t get wealthy like he did without doing someone in.

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey everyone

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this case might pan out or how they would like to see it pan out?

Specifically referring to the likes of Health and Racquet (LeisureNet) and Peter Gardener, as well as Fidentia and J Arthur Brown, Graham Maddock etc.

It seems every year there is a high profile case like this, although oddly enough the O’Shea scandal is not currently receiving as much high profile press coverage as the others have.

just me Reply

Oh for Gods sake, will someone please shut these snivelling idiots up…

Do you really think that Patrick and Siobhan, shut their doors on purpose, to intentionally lose millions, liquidate, sequestrate blah blah blah just so that he could lose you/them money? What utter bollocks!

Isn’t this a sign of the times? Talk about kicking a man when he’s down, amazing really!

I know them personally and believe me when the money was there, he gave generously and there’s much more that he did that was never ever made public, that he did and still does, because he is that way, anyone who knows him understands his generosity and caring for people less fortunate.

Patrick if you ever read this, I know you’ll fly again – just keep on keepin on.


Suzy Q Reply

Having gone done with another Real Estate company in the early 2000’s I could see the writing on the wall.

With the other company everything happened within hours but with OSP it was like a time warp and I warned collegues 3 months before the liquidation to leave and find something else to do.

Some heeded the warning and others hung in and hoped that things would go better

I believe that the extended family knew what was going on. It was amazing that there was a least one member of the extened family on each working floor of the Claremont office.

I see a certain member of the family who worked on the ground floor regularly in Cavendish Square and if I do not greet her she completely ignores me.

Emma Reply

how can some of you tell us how we were treated or how much money each person lost – you weren’t there. And you say we have nothing better to do with our time because we are posting “sh*t” but you are taking time out too to have your say!!? It’s a free country we can state our cases if we please. There are so many postings on here about the wrong that was done to a lot of people so I doubt we all managed to make up such similar stories. I will agree that they were a bit generous with certain things but only after, did I realise that you had to give a whole lot more back. The best person I ever worked with was fired after 3 months of working for our department as the sales manager because our department wasn’t making sales, meanwhile the department hadn’t made sales in about 6 months. The market was already down back then so how fare is that!? The sales manager took Patrick to court but before it got too far Patrick paid him out.
I really don’t think anyone above is blaming the O’shea’s for the recession or the drop in the property market… And for those of you who were treated well, good for you but there weren’t many people working at E&V that I know of that were happy! He probably is a nice guy if you know him personally but don’t assume you know what goes on in meetings behind closed doors!

penelope Reply

The person quoting just me has got to be one of the family. There is more going down according to rumours it hasnt ended yet, I hope he has been watching prison break.

Suzy Q Reply

Penelope – I have my suspicions that “Washworker” and “Just Me” are indeed Patrick. Re-read the posts as if Patrick is speaking the words and it will become apparent that it is him. I am 99% sure.

God giveth us wealth and possessions to do good with and when we are arrogant and misuses these gifts he taketh away.

The only people I feel sorry for in Patrick’s immediate family is his two daughters. I heard quite a funny story the other day. When Patrick got home one day late his one daughter was standing at the top of the steps and asked “What are you doing here?

Lets hope his daughters do not land in rehab being addicted to drug / alcohol or worse.

... Reply

Back @ Washworker
I know you are Patrick. Only he would talk the way you do
And no I don’t think that he brought on the recession single handedly, that is not the point..the point is that he made some very dodgy investments.
And what he does in his personal life tells alot about him!

Roadwarrior Reply

Hi all, I read all posts with great interest, from the comfort of the UK, driving a brand new A6, a 1 -yr old C-Class Merc too, lol.
I worked with Paddy about 14-15 years ago, and I do believe I learnt good stuff from him, and perhaps he learnt some good from me too. I also learnt that he was a hungry businessman, not dissimilar from may others I have met, he greased palms and paid compliments wherever he could, to earn cash. How else did his band SUDAN end up making more money than just about anyone in the SA music industry at the time. I for one never went into further business with him, as I subscribe to the thinking that if it’s too good to be true, etc. Patrick has come unstuck, he has made a lot of money, and lost it too. I am on the fence on this one, but maybe Paddy is just a higher profile version of many sales people out there, doing what they do, to earn what they earn. There is very little complete transparency in business these days, life is tough, and we are all responsible for our own place in life. Hope it all turns out OK for everyone, otherwise let me know, my business is doing OK in the recession, I have plenty good roles available for hard-workers, who don’t believe in free lunches of course.

Pim Reply

Why don’t you all set up a group and take a lawyer together?
Surely you should be able to get his houses and cars sold, and his bank-accounts frozen?

hamish Reply

i see roadwarrior has joined the ranks patrick again he has to try and make sure there are some good things said. How does he pay the herschel fees where his daughters go to school.I would be so embarrased driving thru those school gates.

August 21 2009 19:20 pm Roadwarrior Website

Hamish, you silly little boy/girl, you clearly haven't read my post properly. I shall repeat, as sometimes people get things the second time around. I am not Paddy, I live in the UK, (so far nothing new), I am running a good business here, and am happy to help anyone who seem to be out of luck who want to come and work bloody hard here in the UK. My point is, I have no side on this one, but I do subscribe to the view that you are responsible for your own destiny, and many people are blaming O'Sheas for their woes, but it is clear they were largely either looking for a quick buck, or ignoring what appear to have been visible signs of business distress. I haven't seen or spoken to Paddy in over 10 years, (despite holidaying in Cape Town once or twice a year) as I mentioned, I just saw business differently to him. Go out and make something happen, I have little symapthy for victims, only winners. I hope all of you who have lost jobs, get back up and running soon. I lost my job as a unit manager few years ago through the business shutting down, but now I am a board member and shareholder, it can happen to anyone with a bit of effort and focus.

Interested Reply

WoW, things are really getting hot on this site. Just to start, I too was an employee of Patrick some years back and was also left very unhappy and still due a lot of money. My employment ended there over three years ago and already i started to notice things that should have told many that there was trouble down the road. Anyway, i do feel for the many of you who have been done in or lost in some way. I believe that Patrick and Siobhan will get what they deserve but it is not for me to say, to what extent. What i find strange and it has been mentioned above, is the involvement of the family. In the end they also found themselves without a job, but it was these family members who looked out for Patricks best interest whilst with them. I think they have got off very lightly on this site. As for the comments from Penelope, i am very interested to hear more about what is happening with him and the case/s against him. Those who know details, please share.

Pim Reply

Having read this all, I doubt very much that this Patrick-person and Bold-and-Beautiful wife have any shame at all! Most crooks don’t …..

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey everyone

Hopefully in the next week, the brand new SLXS Cape Town website will be up and running. This site will be archived into a seperate folder, but I will transfer this particular page into the new site which will have the option of subscribing to follow up comments via e-mail, making it a little easier to keep track of this spicy story.

Keep the comments rolling… I really do appreciate everyone getting in on this and thanks for the time you are taking to keep posting.


Sean Lloyd

Steven Reply

I believe that Patrick has two properties in the specific area of Constantia that he lives in. One is in his own name and one in the family trust. I don’t know if there are bonds on either of those properties. I wonder if the estimation of his personal assets at R22m includes the house. And if so will he be able to get the amount estimated in the current market. Maybe I should ask that guy who was always talking about the property market on Alec Hogg’s radio show. Oh no, hold on, that was Patrick O’Shea!!

October 03 2009 11:53 am Sarah Website

Treated his employees with respect...?? Seriously? Did you ever work for him? I don't think so... especially if you know them on a personal level. Open your mind just a little and actually read what has been said, people were treated badly, its not a question its a fact. If you don't like whats been said then stop visiting this site, stop posting your comments when you know nothing... Just go!

Maggie Reply

From an inside perspective, I’ve worked for these people.
Yes, obviously they’ve had a bit of bad luck with the recent economy but guess what – this can happen to anyone. No one is safe and especially other real estate agencies also downgraded their staff in order to save the business.
Patrick and Siobhan Oshea are good people. At least they tried saving the company and their staff were always treated with respect. Patrick is not a pretentious guy. He helped children through school and whenever his staff had problems (whether personal or work related), they will assist.
So well for the rest of you : Small things amuses small minds
I am actually shocked to see all your comments. I know these people personally and I hope that things will work out for them.
Sometimes it pays to have a heart and help. Don’t kick a dog when it’s down. It can happen to anyone.

Maggie Reply

I also think that a lot of people who is posting these comments are ex employees.
After everything that the Oshea’s have done for you – this is the thanks they’re getting.
I will defend these people all the way.

October 03 2009 11:55 am Sarah Website

What did they do for us exactly?

Maggie Reply

John: Please stop lying. You worked a normal shift from 8:00 to 16:30.
Are you still writing books John? Practice what you preach because you were the
worst Sales Manager that I’ve came across. Couldn’t use the computer, always
checking out the ladies (rich ladies), because you are a broke ass. The only thing
you did was to throw your filthy jerseys on the desk (which looked like a pigsty),
gossiped about the Oshea’s and earning about R40 000 a month. You were useless
and they realized it and had to let you go. Why don’t you speak the truth because
I was sitting opposite you REMEMBER. You couldn’t even finish a deal.

Gemma: I personally know his PA and to assume let alone make the allegation that PO
had an affair, is totally uncalled for and simply not true. I know that woman. She
was decent and a true lady. We spoke regularly and she got a better job offer.
She needed more personal time and had other interest – one which were not PO.
Go eat something Gemma – you are so skinny that I’m scared you’ll fall through
your own ass.

For the rest of the idiots: Please leave his children out of the story because they’ve done nothing wrong. They shouldn’t get punished simply because of jealousy. Jealousy makes you turn nasty. No-one is untouchable – I know because I’ve witnessed it so many times. They care for their children a great deal and I know for a fact because Siobhan had her children at the office regularly and they are well groomed with lovely manners. Some of which I know for a fact you people don’t have.

PO should feel proud when he drops his children off at school. He has done a great deal of good in his life and God will surely bless him for that as well. I know the family members you are referring to and would like to thank them for standing by PO and his wife through the tough times.

So I’m waiting on a challenge from ex-employees and other bragging idiots. I can smell the jealousy a mile away. I’m waiting on a reply from you guys.


Steven Reply

Is Patrick Advocate X?

I was reading this article on RealEstateWeb and there is one very vocal supporter of Patrick there called advocate X. Read the article at
Someone suggested that it is actually Patrick in disguise. The grammar isn’t very good. Anyone confirm that this might suggest it is Patrick or was his written communicate better than this?

There was a claim that Engel and Volkers owed Patrick money – someone else replying that is was more likely to be the other way round. Anyone know anything about this?

Interested Website Reply

Hi Maggie,

Its obvious you feel very strongly about the O Shea family and that is fine.
I must however point out that SOME of your attacks on other “posters” because of their facts being incorrect, are wrong. Your comments about “the children shouldn’t be punished” …… No one has made any negative remarks towards the children. As for the comment on P having an affair, i am not sure your facts there are entirely true either. I dont know the Sales Manager so i cant comment there. WRT the entire situation, Patrick spent money he didn’t have and this has nothing to do with the bad luck, but rather bad decisions. I agree with you, they are good people, but have some bad habits, and these bad habits upset many people ( as is clear from the comments above) I have no doubt that Patrick will pick himself up and rise again, as he initially started with nothing. I do think, that people who are upset (for any reason) should be given the chance to have their say.

Joe Soap Website Reply


Yes and You’re the DDDD busted chick who thought she was all that! did siobhan finally give u the money for the breast operation maybe down to a C cup? oh wait she said she would but then told everybody she wouldnt pay for it, from what i heard the odd occasion i was in the office you were the most useless person down there DJ would do all the work “incl. yours and you would stab her in the back and pretend to siobhan that you did it. you worked there what 4months? Please your a joke!

Most of us work there 3-5yrs plus and MO yes you remember him ? Patrick still owes him money too , Mo worked for patrick for what 10+ yrs a loyal employee! PK owes him about 23k still and what ? I hope they get whats coming for them.

Oh and Maggie why do u think siobhan had 2 nannies and an au pair ? she didnt want to have to look after the children and patrick never NEVER really spent time with them, as for manners oh please they were naughty and well somewhat brats.
please dont bother talking abt their personal life because you know nothing abt it. Siobhan put on this nice smile when infact behind the mask is a vampire -

A Family member told me once that PK had an affair hence why Lana became his PA because siobhan didnt trust him alone around women. So get your facts straight because against me you will lose every argument in this regard – i worked there longer than you and saw both sides to their lives.

Btw PK’s house isnt in Constantia its in Zwaanswyk and go look on Pam Goldings website under tokai for say 15mil and up ^^


Patrick would always twist every sentence around to make himself sound like he was right and that everybody owned him money when infact he owned a ton of money to publishers etc and then he would use this line:

I never ordered that or signed for this, No i wont pay for this as my signature is’nt on this paperwork. He burned almost EVERY bridge in CT when it came to DTP work, they changes printers almost monthly.

:)*** Website Reply

LOL Maggie is such a drama queen, shame i remember her talking SHIT about the O’ Sheadeys every morning before they arrived! I guess this was just a cover up, she was always trying to fit in with the rest of us! The funny thing is she’d always be ass creeping… lol

Agent1 Website Reply

Joe Soap:

Get your facts in order please. maggie worked there for a couple and months and my breast operation was supported by a very good medical doctor – which by the way Siobhan paid for. She tried her best assisting her with her medical problem. Maggie had her operation done and looks better then ever.

Obviously she has nothing to hide – so why are you hiding your name. Go look who’s signature and names were on all the files – Maggies name – so DJ did her part just as Maggie did hers. Maybe you shouldn’t have used the kitchen to gossip that much. Should you attack people -then get your facts in order.

Drama Queen: Feel free to make your observations about her but a fact is still that everyone has the right to have their say as well. Not all people just have a bad side to them. Don’t point a finger today because a lot of fingers are pointing back at you.

Most of the people writing these comments are employees and agents i suspect. I also worked there as an agent and have to say that maybe you should have sold me and gossiped less to save your own buds and the company.

October 03 2009 12:10 pm Sarah Website

I don't think it was possible to work any harder, there are just not enough hours in a day to do everything they wanted...

Sequestration is the act of removing, separating or seizing anything from the possession of its owner under process of law for the benefit of creditors or the state.

In terms of section 21 of the Insolvency Act No 24 of 1936, the property of a spouse whose estate has not been sequestrated shall also vest in the Master, and, on appointment of the trustee, in the name of such trustee, as if it were the property of the sequestrated estate. In practice the same interdict noted against the insolvent will also be noted against the spouse and he/she will not be capable of dealing with his/her assets until such time as the trustee has released such property from the insolvent estate.

So for all of you looking for retribution, the courts have already taken care of that unbeknown to you. His houses and assets are all attached. The trustees will allow Pam Golding a reasonable period to sell then it goes to auction to satisfy the creditors. His estate falls about R10m short so if he was not so stupid and arrogant to be a philanthropist (he thought he was bill gates) he would still be in business. Now he is broke and if he thinks he can hide money from his creditors – he is making a big mistake

Maggie Website Reply

Oh Please. I paid for my own operation and with the assistance from Siobhan Oshea who covered my doctors fees when I had back problems. This wasn’t work related but she still helped me just like with offering her house for one of the staff members wedding, or by assisting people with their debt. The list can go on and on and on and on. Funny how these things are not mentioned.

I don’t try to fit in because you guys were not my type. All pretentious bastards with no work ethic. You were the ones gossiping – NOT ME. I can openly display my name because I have nothing to hide.

Every morning a drama queen. I know exactly who you are.Please mention the car that was given to you on your final working day. LOL


Maggie Website Reply

Joe-Soap I know who you are. And to think you stayed in Patrics apartment – RENT FREE.
Get a life please

October 03 2009 12:12 pm Sarah Website

Whether Joe Soap stayed in his apartment rent free or not, doesn't give him the right to own someone and treat them badly... and he did!

Maggie Website Reply

I don’t blend in, I stand out.
All of you knew about the danger signs and still you didn’t apply for other jobs. You always gossiped about the issue, personal information leaked out from people Siobhan and Patrick trusted – but still you stayed on.
Agents sat in that office for hours doing personal stuff, not selling. I know of 1 agent who actually sold or worked and i know that she will get somewhere in life. You can’t expect for everything to just fall into your lap – you have to earn it.
I think the problem lies with you. You also made bad decisions, if you knew that PO was such a bullshitter, why did you stay on or made bus. deals with him. Who is to blame here?
I am such an ass creeper but at least I have a decent job with excellent benefits. I wasted my time working with idiots who thought they knew it all but actually didn’t. Who used the time gossip and badmouth PO & his wife.
Obviously you have the right to be angry, but if you need to address these people about a deal gone wrong, monies owing to them or any injustice brought on by them – then appoint an attorney who can assist you or go to the CCMA . Expressing all your opinions here on this site, does not necessarily make you a better person – it shows how weak you are.
Think about it.
Maybe I don’t have the looks of a model, or status or money – but I have qualifications and a brain and I have the right to think that I’m the cat’s whiskers. You did so. One thing I forgot to mention is that I am still better off then all of you. I saw the signs and made a duck because I have responsibilities as well – why didn’t you.
Think before you talk, before you act.

Cool Cat Website Reply

Well… hats off to the O’Shea’s. They certainly know how to build trust and loyalty amongst their staff ;-)

But let’s be a bit more specific about old Paddy and where he came from. I don’t know if anyone remembers him back in the days of Gestetner when the Cape Town branch was doing so well. And what about the branch he opened in Gearge. Would anyone care to know why he left Gestetner. Perhaps something to do with parts and spares mysteriously moving from one store to another? Damn, these Irishmen have sticky fingers…

If memory serves, your staff weren’t too enamoured of you there either.

The writing was on the wall back then. And yes, I count myself lucky to have got away with only being owed a few thousand rands then. My wife and I wrote it off to experience and we’ve watched as you clawed your way up the social ladder in wonder. It is truly amazing how you can fool most of the people most of the time.

On a personal note, we found it strange that meetings held at the O’Shea house on more than one occassion resulted in Mrs O coming in from her job at Woolies, head for the bedroom and come out to join us later in her pajamas… Lovely!

All in all a delightful couple… morally bankrupt but entertaining as all hell. It certainly doesn’t surprise me that Paddy still needed to get it on with the ladies. Some of our chats whilst consulting made me want to have a bath after he’d left.

And yes, we terminated our professional relationship because SA is a small place to do business and there are more than enough legit businesses to work with.

And Paddy, if you’re reading this, keep an eye out for SARS, your file is probably just about complete!

Gemma Website Reply


You should think before you talk before you act.
Before you write something and point fingers at someone you should read things through properly before you state things. I never said that Patrick had an affair with his PA I would never let out who that person is as would not do that to a friend. So careful what you say as you know nothing about him or his private life.. or the investments that he did with these people above. And to asume I am skinny and need to eat I have the perfect body and a natural ass unlike your fake boobs!! Go get a life, you were stupid to say who you were

Steven Website Reply

Hi Joe Soap,
I looked on the Pam Golding website and can’t find any properties in Tokai/Zwaanswyk (Well Pam Golding call it Swaanswyk!)
Do you know if its been sold or gone to another agent? I see there is a property in Zwaanswyk on the market for R20m. Could that be one of his?
I believe that Patrick was one of the main movers behind a plan to build a large fence around Zwaanswyk to keep the baboons out. Now he’s not so keen on the idea any more. Cash flow must be a problem!!!

Suzy Q Website Reply

I read the following posts with interest.

The last i heard was Soteby’s International Reality had the O’Shea mansion. Who came up with the princly sum of R20million?

I have also heard that the Alliance Group has auctioned the O’Sheas Bloubergstrand house. I am sure they will be moving in on the Zwaanswyk property very soon.

I have also heard that 9 months before the liquidation Mrs O’Shea went on a shopping spree and bought a number of apartments in her personal name from Rondebosch to Kenilworth. If interested you can check out the Deeds office list for confirmation.

These posts are mean’t to be for people to vent there anger / love for the O’Shea and as I read these posts trying to put names to faces I see people venting at each other. Come on guys, not cool

Within 3 weeks of joining OSP I had already secured a new job but had to wait 8 weeks in order to start for various reasons on my part and nothing to do with OSP. I am still owed salary from OSP and took the matter to the CCMA but realised that it was pointless pursuing it as the writing was on the wall and decided the wheel will go round and it has so middle finger to you Patrick

I predicted that the company would fold on 28/02/09 and was out by 1 month and 3 days.

My hats off to the guys who tried to help us and fight our course. GVR comes to mind. GVR really got a raw deal from Oom Patrick.

What about the offices that were supposedly to open in Atlantic Seaboard and Melrose Arch. I thought it rather strange that OSP was opening branches when they were closing other branches. I thought in time of recession companies cut back on expenses. It seems not Patrick and OSP!!!!!!!

Cape Town property entrepreneur Patrick O’Shea was finally sequestrated in the Western Cape High Court after an array of his companies were placed in the care of liquidators in the past few months.

A Cape Times report says the sequestration application was brought by Guthrie & Rushton Attorneys, who placed documentation before the court to show that O’Shea’s liabilities of R26m exceeded his assets of R22m. The report notes O’Shea had interests in real estate, property finance and the oil industry. His liquidated companies include O’Shea Properties, the Bond Group mortgage originators, Paris Spa at the five-star Cellars-Hohenort Hotel in Constantia, Donna Terra Fine Jewellery and bridging finance company Sapphire Finance.

I would like to get in touch with Roadwarrior regarding your offer.

please can you contact me. [email protected]

Thanking you

Lauren Cohen @laurencohen Website Reply

Just to clarify – I’m not related to the Cohen’s who are linked to the O’Sheas!

Steven Website Reply

Legal woes land chef in the soup
Biénne Huisman Published:Feb 22, 2009

Celebrity chef Conrad Gallagher has a lot on his plate.

The group executive chef of Sun International, author of various cook books and star of the BBC’s Conrad’s Kitchen, was hauled before the Cape High Court in two separate debt claims this month — one by a local property tycoon, the other a business financing company.

Patrick O’Shea, the former chief executive of Engel & Völkers and founder of O’Shea Properties, claimed in c ourt papers that Gallagher owed him R117000 on a property deal .

O’Shea turned to the court after Gallagher allegedly failed to fork out the cash for an apartment in the Cape suburb of Newlands. The parties reached a settlement on Wednesday.

In another court application, Sean Moolenschot, a director of Chester Finance, applied to have the Conrad Gallagher Family Trust sequestrated.

In an affidavit filed at the Cape High Court, Moolenschot said the company loaned Gallagher R1.5-million in July 2007, with the chef’s R16-million Constantia mansion and his catering business, Sundance Gourmet Food, as surety.

Chester Finance allegedly battled to obtain repayment which, with interest, costs and charges, amounted to nearly R2-million last year.

The case has been postponed to November. Gallagher gave notice that he intends to oppose the application.

The fiery red-head, the youngest ever chef to receive a Michelin star, has cooked for celebrities ranging from former American president Bill Clinton to pop star Madonna.

This isn’t Gallagher’s first brush with the law. The Irish chef’s restaurants in Dublin and London allegedly closed down due to financial problems.

We entered into a business deal with OSP in good faith, as you enter into any business deal, it was not a case of a quick buck it was a long term venture. Any business can go into liquidation in this climate that is not the issue when dealing with OSP group, the issue is the way they both tried to bring you down with them.

We had the late payments as well as the”I did not sign this and only I can sign documents so its not legal, even though it was signed by his wife, resulting in none payments, we had threats of forensic audits as an excuse not to pay us and when I suggested we would welcome it so he could see just how much money he owed us, nothing happend and of course the famous ” I will sue you comments” as well as threats to distroy our reputation if we did not do what they wanted.

Nasty remarks, aggressive threats from both Patrick an his wife and lie after lie, this is the reason that people are angry, going into liquidation is not the issue how you treat people is.

Doing business with OSP resulted in our business taking extreme financial strain, both of them deserve to get a little of what they dished out. It was a relief to make the discision not to deal with them anymore even though that ment we would not get our money. Three months later they went under, I understand that they were fighting to keep their business afloat but they resorted to some very nasty tactics and threats.


Anonymous Reply

Patrick is one fish, maybe you guys should check Nick Burke, James Loxton, Tony Loxton, Peter Fritz Sonnenburg and Michael Thiessen. Put this out their and I think you will save a lot of people a lot of heart ache. I wish to remain anonymous.

Steven Website Reply

Come on people – let’s keep this blog up to date on what’s happening with Patrick and Siobhan! Anybody know what they are up to? I haven’t seen them around for a few months.

Will be interesting to see if they continue to live the high life with money they squirreled away in trusts and things!

Anonymous Website Reply

I tried to call Patrick and his number no longer exists. Anyone know his new number or how to get in touch with him?

John Website Reply

He knowingly took us for two million. Destroyed us. I called him a friend.

Say what you like. It is not funny for some of us.

Melanie Website Reply

I have his last number (not sure if it still works)
083 418 0751

He was seen catching a flight on Kulula the other day and waited in que along with everyone else. He was still wearing his long black mafia jacket (looking worse for wear – HA HA HA)

Anonymous Website Reply

Thank you but that is his number that I tried, it no longer works that was his cell number so that has been disconnected and I’m sure his car phone no longer works too as it’s no longer his.

once upon a time Website Reply

I have had two experiences with POS, one was in the SA NAVY where he was a permanent force employee, during the days when those that signed up for 4 years didn’t have the menacing camp commitment through to their forties. Which was the route he took then. The second was later in life when both he and i had children in the same school.
So my first impressions whilst in the NAVY was of a jovial fellow, a musician, and an ambitious chap with ideas. Quite likable really. We were all in our early twenties then.Many years on seeing him at school, he didn’t seem to be the same. My observations of him was that he was not naturally friendly,quite hostile with a veneer of arrogance. He displayed a level of ignorance regarding others that was not paralleled to his persona as a young man. My view regarding this was found in the fact that when we were both in the NAVY we were pretty much equals, however later in life he had an air about him that he had done better than all of those around him. Which wasn’t the case really – there are just many people who don’t telegraph their successes in the manner that he did. I sense POS has suffered a huge dose of the foils of new wealth, with no mentors around to guide him on how to handle and conduct himself as wealth ebbs and flows, a very typical story. Now bumping into this blog it looks like he is the in the stocks with the public throwing rotten tomatoes at him. “My advice to you Paddy, if you do have the tenacity of the”mick”, which i sense you do, is that you find yourself some nice people in the world to mentor you on the interpersonal graces in life and how to develop a legacy of elegance, then maybe you will have a half decent next round. Further if i were you, i would spend a lot of my time making a mends, one by one, with all of these people you upset. Which strangely enough i don’t think you did intentionally, however we are all defined by our actions so you have some cleaning up to do.It will be worth it. It’s the schools of higher learning that have been amiss in your life. I am sure you will find them for the sake of yourself, your wife and children. Good luck.

22 May 2010 –
I have nothing nice to say about Patrick and his wife. I worked for them, and although I can’t say he owes me anthing financial because I played the same card at the end – ‘If you don’t pay all my commission Patrick, I’ll sue you and drag your name through the paper’. He paid up – even a deal that took over a year to complete.

He pays well, but boy, you earn it. The problem is simple. Patrick sold office equipment before he bought the Master Franchise. He got the best in to buy his franchises, but he co-owned or had to take back failed branches as part of the legal agreement. He is the epitomy of idiocy and his wife is a joke. To treat the sales of property in the same light as a fax machine was a joke. His ’sales training’ was stupid, focussed on fax machines and a waste of my time.
A meeting with Patrick was him at his laptop, Blackberry on the side, cell phone next to that – and he would alternate between the 3 whilst you were trying to explain the difficulties with sales, and what you felt as a long standing professionals, what you needed from him to increase market share and bottom line. He never listened, had his own narrow minded opinion (which was always about when he was in office equipment), and refused to listen.
He took my idea of developments in Mauritius and excluded me, totally, even though I gave him everything. He also took my idea of opening his own property company (albeit too late), and selling Engel & Volkers, but because he tried to do it himself, knowing diddly squat about property and managing people – talking to people mind you, he lost everything. Naturally it takes a long time to wind things up with liquidations, and so he is still enjoying some of his material possessions which he is obsessive about.
A very sad sad situation – how two people can steal from others, even family and friends, and still enjoy ‘their’ property which is probably protected by some or other ownership title. Ill gotten gains will only earn them ulcers.
I wish them all the treatment by others that have been metered out in their time. Siobhan, Patrick is a cheat – he had numerous affairs, so why you are still with him and standing by him is beyond me. I guess you propably did the same, so all is fair in love and war.
To the family who I think did not suspect a thing. I am sorry this all happened to you and I hope your lives turned around for the better, and that you will find happiness. I hold no judgment against most of you. Ryan Cohen, I am not so sure. Patrick’s puppet on a string. You must develop more back-bone than allow yourself to be dragged to the same level as Patrick.
Before I resigned, I phoned the ex managers, current managers, randomly selected staff members to contact and ask how they felt about working for Patrick – I did not have one person who had anything nice to say about him – in fact, the level of hatred was astounding. Most were in the process of moving to other companies, as they just could not take it anymore.
I wrote to Hamburg – a letter of complaint regarding the fact that I had to register myself and my agents under my own real estate company so that we were legal, as we had not been registered as Patrick said he would, that we were being paid our of funny companies – I think there was even a car wash once, and that bills were not paid, our Telkom account had been cut off, and the landlords wanted to know when they were getting paid. A year after I had stormed out there, I got calls from Cyberagent wanting to know when they were getting paid. A joke.
I am now out of the industry, and although I believe strongly in the Engel&Volker brand, I will never deal with them, even though Patrick has no vested interest anymore.
Patrick, I hope I bump into you one day – not to be mean, but to shake your hand and thank you for teaching me one thing: That new money is cheap, that high fliers that think they are the Godfather of their industry are nothing of the sort, and not to be impressed by fancy cars, houses, champagne and name dropping. That is what you taught me – people like you and your wife are shallow idiots who are essentially uneducated in the most fundamental senses.
You will never enjoy peace – your children will always feel shame when they read things like this blog and for that, I pity them.
In my line of work, it is very possible I will come across you – and the cards will be turned. I look forward to that day.

Oh, anyone know anything about that developer in Sea Point who supposedly committed suicide, yet there is some murder investigation where Patrick’s name has apparently been mentioned as a suspect because he owed this poor chappie so much money? I heard a vague story last night – would be interested to know how much is true, who the poor chap was and if there are any links to sites relating.

To all those who suffered under the ‘leadership’ of Patrick O’Shea, I wish you all the best in the world, that you learn to forgive and move on as I did. He is not as important as he would like to think he is. I only came across this site because I was looking for something relating to this developers death – and was not surprised at all the hate mail. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it. One day you’ll meet up with Patrick again and you can be the kind of person he should have been to you. Don’t be nasty to him – you merely bring yourself down to the same level. Be better, and show him how to treat others.

Andy PI Website Reply

Hi all,
It is easy to break someone down if business goes T*ts up. I know Partick O’shea personally and at that time I started a small company and could not afford the salary of a High Flying PRo. The company was the start of all the Internet advertising companies. Anyway Patrick paid the R5000 per month salary of the woman I hired without blinking an eye.
He did this because he wanted to help me make an success. Patrick never asked me to repay him, he never demanded anything of me. Years later I met him again in London and offered to repay him as I now had my own Pubs and was doing well. He refused, what a gentleman!
And here I see a website dedicated to destroy him personally.
I shake my head in shame to be called South African. To turn on your own like that? It is a given that the ANC now runs your country. Because you lot can’t pull together.
Patrick had a massive influence on my life and it was all good. So yeah I have to agree with the lady Lauren Cohen. Bottom feeders and scum suckers.
I just wish I had his phone number so I can tell him to leave that country and come to the EU. I will gladly finance his new start here as I know he is a good and honest man.
Anyway you bottom feeders have fun breaking down a good man. It is always that way it is just in your nature you can’t help it.

Andy PI. I am glad you know Patrick as you did. There are many facets to the man, and you are lucky to have seen the good side. Yes, he does have a good and very charitable side, but he does it with motivation to score with the ‘man upstairs’. You did not work in his Engel & Volkers office, therefore you cannot possibly understand the other, very dark, shady and greedy side that he developed. When things went pear shaped, he turned very ugly. Things went pear shaped because he was too arrogant to listen. I predicted the recession in 2005 – I warned Patrick told him to change strategy, but he did not listen. Then it became everyone else’s problem and fault. He used people, embezzled money from them, allegedly implicated as a suspect in a developers murder whom he is supposed to owe some serious money.

You may have known him to be charitable, but either he changed and became a mean, greedy little man in a world too big for himself, or he was always like that, but you just never saw it.

I worked for him, I saw first hand the way he treated people, the way he spoke to people, with Cruella by his side, the abuse, the language, the threats, the aggression, intimidation etc to try and ‘motivate’ failing sales in a recession that was predicted. Still, he was too arrogant to listen to reason, too deep in trouble all over, too indebted to people he had conned into schemes and plots to weave his way out of. Instead of waking up and smelling the roses, he alienated himself from everyone, creating enemies and disrespect all over. I wish all of his past managers would write on the forum – their experiences with him, and perhaps you will understand the REAL Patrick O’Shea.

I dearly hope he has changed, has learnt and has pledged never to repeat what he did in the past, and remedy the hurt and pain he has caused many.

In my line of work (no longer real estate), there is a very good chance that I will come across him – I hope I do.

Andy PI Website Reply

Just to mention that Patrick could be involved in a Murder makes your whole posting rubbish.
Like I said it is in your nature you cant help it.

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