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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 24 Nov 2010 , in the Uncategorized category

mantality telepen

You know what I hate?

The fact that I have a Parker pen with real gold trimmings valued at over R1000 lying on my desk, but I’m too scared to take it off my desk because it WILL get lost. Hence, I never have anything to write with when I’m on the road. It is a fact that companies hunt me down during the day wanting me to do this and do that and make them more awesome…and I never get back to them because I don’t know how to operate my phone properly and I never have a pen.

But for every idiot in the world (Me), there is an inventor (True Utility) and they have come up with a really cool pen that will always be with you (Remember, we looked at their bottle opener HERE)

Check it:

true utility telepen

Take Note – A full length pen that is as small as your door key? Now that’s something to write home about!
Engineered in stainless steel, this beautifully crafted personal pen extends telescopically to 115mm, yet only measures around 50mm as it hangs inconspicuously on your key ring. Never get caught out without a pen again! Supplied complete with three free refills. How did you ever live without one?


Stainless Steel
Ergonomic Ball Point Pen
Telescopic – Opens to Full Length
3 Refills Included (black ink)
Key ring attachment


50mm X 5mm (Closed)
115mm X 5mm (Open)

At only R95, this is awesome!

Click here to buy it safely and securely on my favorite online shop…

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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 08 Oct 2010 , in the Product reviews category

true utility key tool

With being the only online mens store that I use, I naturally tend to get sent a few things from time to time that I don’t pay for (Naughty) One of my recent mailings was a cool little key tool with a couple of uses. The Key Tool has two screwdrivers, a nail file, tweezers, wire cutters and a bottle opener amongst its arsenal.

It fits over your key snugly, so doesn’t add any bulk to your key set which is cool, because one of my hates is having a chain full of keys. So this has some tools without all the bulk.

true utility key tool

The only problem I find is that you need to unclip the key tool to make use of the screw drivers, tweezers and the wire cutter. Then again, this is solely an emergency type of tool and not something you’re going to be using every day, so I’m fine with this and it’s actually not a problem. To be honest I didn’t test the wire cutter, and I did try the tweezers, which seem to work decently, but I didn’t try them on actually removing a splinter. Splintering myself for a product review isn’t quite my scene. The nail file doesn’t seem to too effective, I tried that and it didn’t really work on my nails that are admittedly, built of titanium. Because I’m a real man. But then again, you’re a dude, you don’t really need a nail file.

Being a man though, the only thing you’re really going to use morning, afternoon and night is the bottle opener. And this works 100%! It is quite small but when you need a beer, either you’re going to use your eye socket (Not ideal) or your teeth (Not ideal) And look, the True Utility Key Tool is only R95, so it’s good to use just as a bottle opener! And you will never lose it unless you lose your keys in which case you’re screwed anyway.

opening a castle lite

bottle opener

Castle Lite. What? Are they sponsoring me or something?

Another bonus is that you don’t need to take the key tool off your key to use the bottle opener, so for it’s main use, the True Utility Key Tool scores an A+.

So it does come approved by me, basically just as a bottle opener, as I think that is the sole use of this tool, and for R95, you can’t go wrong at having a bottle opener always on you.

Click here to buy it safely and securely on my favourite online men’s shop,

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