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So as you all know, the miners in Chile were all cruising around in Oakley sunglasses upon their return to the surface of the earth. You know when you’re hungover and it’s dark inside, and then you go outside and your retina burns like hell? And you can’t see a thing? Now imagine being underground for two months! The light of day will literally be so blinding you’ll think you’re dying. So that is why the guys are wearing sunglasses, and Oakley in particular because of their impact protection, wrap around design and because their lenses have a special coating that resists water and oils so your vision never gets blurred. This from Oakley (Via) :

chile miners sunglasses oakley radar

The rescue team in Chile is relying on Oakley eyewear to protect the miners’ eyes when they are brought back to the surface.

A few weeks ago, Oakley was approached by a Chilean journalist who was covering the rescue efforts and had recommended Oakley to the Chilean private health insurer, known as ACHS “Association Chilena de Seguridad”, for eyewear protection for the miners once they surfaced.

Based on their requirements and full product specifications, Oakley donated 35 pairs of Oakley Radar® with Black Iridium® lenses in Path™ and Range® lens shapes for the miners who will need the protection of Oakley sunglasses as their eyes return to normal. Minister of Mining Laurence Golborne (who is leading the rescue) has asked to wear one of the extra pairs to show solidarity.

About the product:

Oakley Radar sunglasses feature a single-lens shield that wraps around the eyes. This will give the miners optimal protection from sunlight — not just straight ahead but at the sides of their eyes.

The Radar frames will be matched with Oakley’s darkest lens. A Dark Grey base is combined with Black Iridium lens coating that balances light and reduces glare. The miners’ color perception may be reduced after the long period in dim light, and this lens is designed to maintain accurate color perception.

Two lens shapes (“Path” and “Range”) will be included with the interchangeable lens design. Both shapes provide excellent coverage, and the difference in shape will allow for variances in facial anatomy to give each miner the best possible sun blockage.

The miners’ eyes will be dilated, and this brings the risk of added UV exposure to delicate structures within the eye. Oakley Plutonite® lens material filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm.

Radar lenses are enhanced with a hydrophobic/oleophobic coating that prevents water from leaving sheens that can obstruct vision. It also sheds mud and repels oils and dust. This will help keep the miners’ vision clear during rescue operations.

It will take extended time for the miners’ eyes to return to normal, and ordinary activities will come with added risk. For high-velocity and high-mass impact resistance, Radar sunglasses meet the uncompromising standards of the American National Standards Institute’s Z87.1 testing series.

Radar exceeds the Z87.1 standards for visual clarity and fidelity, so the miners will have the best possible vision as their eyes return to normal.

Our hearts are with the rescue team and the miners as we hope for a joyous end to the crisis.

And check this out from

The glasses retail at $180, and 35 were donated to the effort, so $6300 was invested in what is projected to be worth $41 million in advertising time, as the images of the miners coming up is on practically every channel, worldwide.

Now I’m not from Chile, and I’m not a miner, but I’m also rocking a pair of Oakley Radars!

slxs oakley radar

Just cruising!

Well mine are actually Herschelle Gibbs old ones, and a little more disco disco than the ones the miners are wearing.

They are an amazing pair of sunglasses for sports and activities where you need wrap around protection and the lenses are incredibly easy to keep clean. Mostly because they resist dirt in the first place.

Plus, you can wear them to the disco and look totally normal!

Disco disco!

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