1 Comments Kings Of Leon South Africa Tour Confirmed

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CLICK HERE for the official Kings Of Leon South Africa Tour Dates.

The South African tour for Kings of Leon has been confirmed! Yes please…Big Concerts are set to announce further information on 5FM on Thursday for this epic South African tour date…This is what Big Concerts had to say about the Kings of Leon South Africa Tour:

“At last we can confirm that the Kings of Leon are coming to South Africa! For all the tour dates and ticket details catch the 5FM Breakfast Show on Thursday morning. Be sure to put this one your Christmas shopping list!”

Got a little live clip here from the Kings Of Leon hit ‘Sex On Fire’ Seeing as though we’ll be seeing them live, makes sense to pose a live video. Hmmmmm…I’m clevererer than you think!

This is awesome news, I can’t wait!

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2 Comments Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman

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dolce and gabbana the one gentleman

As a gentleman and a scholar myself…I hereby approve of Dolce & Gabbana’s new fragrance, The One Gentleman.

I tried some on this past weekend and my girlfriend didn’t seem too taken by it…she said I smelt like a fire or something.

GREAT SUCCESS! Men should smell like leather and whiskey and fire and chopped wood. This stuff really does make you smell like a man, and I’m all for that. So you can moisturise and do your hair up and all that chick stuff…but then you can still smell like you’ve been cutting wood for the fire. And this is awesome.
This is what they say about the fragrance:


The one gentleman asserts his presence with an arresting introduction of pepper and grapefruit.


Shades of lavender complement subtle accents of fennel and cardamom.


Seductive patchouli nestles in a sumptuous vanilla embrace.

“This fragrance really reflects our gentleman in many things: he is worldly, successful, impeccable but he also boasts something else such as an innate elegance that distinguishes him from the rest. Men would love to be him, women to be his…”

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

The packaging for the one gentleman is as refined and understated as its wearer: brimming with luxurious appeal, yet relaxed and unostentatious.

A gunmetal cap sits aloft a grey blue juice.

The flacon’s antique gold lettering perfectly complements the stylish storm blue of its box.

Dolce & Gabbana introduces the one gentleman. A new fragrance for the contemporary charmer with a spirit of dashing masculinity. the one gentleman is the embodiment of modern elegance.

This is a scent for the man who is courteous, considered, with an instinctive feel for chivalry. Refined elegance and cultivated ease allow him to effortlessly master any given situation. This is a man who knows who he is, hence he has nothing to prove.

He is the Dolce&Gabbana gentleman.

dolce and gabbana the one gentleman matthew mcconaughey

So not only does it sound good…it is good and I here at SLXS approve of it! If we can’t find that Gucci (Which we will), then we will get this. Hell, we’ll probably get it anyway. Anything to make me smell more manly can’t be a bad thing…plus it just makes you feel good.

And that’s what a fragrance is all about.

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0 Comments Will Ferrell As The Architect In The Matrix

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I’m not sure how many of you have seen this, but I was needing a laugh and obviously Will came to mind. And then I remember seeing this video years ago at my mate Dave’s place. And not a lot of my friends have seen it, check this out, the quality isn’t ideal, but you’ll get the story:

Ha ha, classic Will Ferrell, I love it! He HATES to scream!

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0 Comments A Look Back: Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project

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smirnoff nightlife exchange 15

The first time I heard about the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange was at a small little sneak peek a few months back at the Brandhouse offices in Observatory. I didn’t know what was happening, but we were told that it was going to be something unlike anything we had seen before. And when I heard of the concept, I was stoked that I just had to report on the event, because the logistics and planning seemed so big, I wasn’t sure how they were doing it. And as much as some people would like one off, unique events, I really think an idea like this has a longer lifespan than only one single event. The fact that it’s a first of it’s kind means there will be some small issues that need to be sorted out. And by that I mean, people who apply for tickets and then don’t make it to the party.

Preference next time should definitely be given to people who checked into the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange on Saturday. And people who didn’t should be moved off the list.

But the fact that Smirnoff are innovating in the industry, sets them way, way apart from the rest in my mind. Breakthrough ideas like this are what the global nightlife industry needs. And I think involving the community in them is exactly what they need to get bigger and better.

As a lot of the crew there were saying, these events actually need to be paid for events. As awesome as it is going into the draw for tickets, people just tend to take it for granted. They don’t fully grasp the planning and money and talent that goes into an event like the Nightlife Exchange. It also happened to be Synergy Live, and people had paid to go to that, with the intention of also attending Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange. But because they had drank too much and were too chilled they skipped Nightlife Exchange, because well…they hadn’t paid so didn’t care. I specifically made a mission to Synergy as well as the Nightlife Exchange because I was involved in the media for it, but also because I knew I may never attend something like this again.

I know they couldn’t control the scheduling of it, but it was such a hectic weekend for events. The Cape Town Festival Of Beer was on, Synergy Live was on, and the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange. I hate being hurt by schedules like this.

But the Smirnoff event was just something else. I had media/VIP access which allowed me access to an open bar and snacks on the night. Hmmmm…this life is good! DJ Fresh was there, Halo Live, Sean and Kenny from MyCityByNight, Stacey Norman and all sorts of other awesome people including Holly from BPM Life and apparently Baglett was there? I haven’t seen her since that time Jerry D met her. Good times!

smirnoff nightlife exchange 11

There was a small section that some people didn’t know about, but Stacy from FD was telling me about this guy, Sven, who is a famous bouncer from overseas. I was actually terrified by him. Why? Meet Sven:

sven marquardt

Sven and Stacy — Cape Town

sven marquardt berlin bouncer

Sven in Berlin (Photo Via)

Ja, not the type of guy you want to mess around with! If you Google his name, you’ll know, that he bounces a LOT of people! So once you had gotten past Sven, you took a glass, and walked down a corridor where an assortment of ingredients lay on tables, and you out what you wanted into your glass., then had a cocktail mixed up at the end of the corridor.

One of my favourite aspects were these small booths that you could go chill in, put some headphones on and just jam so some German beats. I don’t know what they were, but they were amazing! I lost myself for a few minutes in the beats, and would have stayed longer were there not other people waiting. It’s a really cool concept that I just loved.

smirnoff nightlife exchange 12

There was also this, I have no idea what it was! Something about someone pedaling a bike and water and stuff.

smirnoff nightlife exchange 10

In the earlier parts of the night, I spent most of my time taking photos, cruising about and taking everything in. But once Markus Schulz came on I had to put the camera away because he was blowing things apart. I took a few photos and then dropped the camera to tear up the floor. It was good seeing the likes of Mark Jones, Garth and Lauren Peterson, Bo and Lorenzo from Cape Town Alive, Kenny from MyCityByNight and Stacey from KFM. It was honestly like time froze, and we were stuck in a moment that we’d never forget. I still close my eyes during the day and I can see everyones faces clearly…I never want to forget that. People jumping out of pure love for the music, arms in the air, faces dripping with sweat…smiles that transcend any happiness that money and ‘stuff’ can create. Those faces were brought about by one of our basic needs in life…music. And not just any music. Amazing music. Inspired music.

I’m so tired of going to clubs in and seeing a house DJ bored out of his mind, doing it for the money, doing it for the woman. Markus Schulz was having the time of his life, and it gives the atmosphere that is charged with party! I didn’t quite get into the Monika Cruze and ATB vibe, but that’s all a matter of personal choice. Plus, I was taking photos most of the time during their sets, and had arrived late after getting lost coming from Synergy. So my mind was a little lost in translation.

I think to the crew that stayed late and into Markus Schulz set, they really know what these events are all about.

smirnoff nightlife exchange 14

It’ll be interesting to see what Smirnoff have planned for their next event…at the rate they’re going, we can only expect awesome things.

smirnoff nightlife exchange 13

Thanks to Smirnoff, the FD crew and everyone else who makes these events awesome. I’m looking forward to another year of crazy!

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0 Comments What You Might Have Learnt At Sexpo Cape Town

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If you went to Sexpo Cape Town, you would have learnt a few things. I you didn’t go, we went for you! Here is Sexpo, summed up:

You will want to stare at Jesse Jane. And think of all the crazy things she’s done. She is very intriguing!

Your sex is tame. There was a stand there, and there were guys and girls basically wearing dog collars. There was even a guy there wearing chunky boots, with long hair and lots of leather, and he would spank you with a leather thing. While your head and hands are locked in some sort of brace device. There are people having crazy wild sex out there…and you will stare at them, wondering what sort of stuff they get up to in the bedroom.

You would learn what not to say. If a friend/girlfriend/boyfriend called to you ‘ Have a look at this!’, don’t say ‘I’m coming now’ Some people will avoid you, and others will fall to their knees…

People get loose. Probably the wrong word to use, but people get loose on stage. Normal, everyday people will show their tits. And shlongs. I saw too much man pieces for my liking. But it was hilarious how crazy people get once their clothes are off!

You will want to be a woman. There were an INSANE amount of vibrators there. Like, some serious pleasure equipment. Vibrators with beads inside that rotate and twist and swirl. Heads that bend. Remote controlled stuff. You just want to be a woman so you can try all that stuff…and see what it feels like!

Old people have sex (I NEVER WANTED TO BELIEVE IT) There was a lady, and her husband, in their fifties, eying out the most insane vibrator I have ever seen. Don’t think about this when you visit your folks for a chilled Sunday lunch. Don’t EVER wonder why they are so chilled. It’s probably not because of the weather.

Food and juice never seem the same at a Sex Expo. You just feel like that fresh guava juice tastes different…or has something in it. Mayo too…

Your penis has life easy. Ask Pricasso.

Probably not a good idea to go if you’re single. You’re going to want to shag something afterwards. Better bake that apple pie!

Shaving/waxing is the way to go. I think Sexpo shows you that Bush is definitely out of power. Thumbs up for that!

The videos are interesting. In particular, the sex instruction/training videos. You’ll be so into it, then snap out of it and realize a crowd of 30 people are watching with you. You’re all watching someone get finger banged. And everyone is chilled about it.

You see, you CAN learn something new every day!

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0 Comments Duran Duran Cancel Their South African Tour

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I’m pretty bleak about this, but Duran Duran have cancelled their South African Tour. We’ll be missing classics like ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’

This from

With only one week to go, Duran Duran have regretfully had to pull out of their upcoming South African tour dates (which were slated to take place from 7 to 12 December) because the show promoter defaulted on the contract, leaving the band members with no other option but to cancel the shows.

The four band members (Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor) are extremely sorry to be disappointing their fans, having spent months planning for the tour.

This trip would have been Duran Duran’s first in many years and the start of the release campaign around their new studio album, All You Need Is Now.

Lead singer Simon Le Bon said of the cancellation: “The worst part of this for us is disappointing our South African fans who we were really excited to be performing for again. ”

“We had planned to debut some of our new record on this run, as well as playing many of the familiar songs from our catalogue. We haven’t been to South Africa for a long time – and were looking forward to reconnecting with the audiences there.

“Our hope is that we are able to reschedule these dates shortly as part of the World Tour next year.”

So you thought your week was off to a good start, then this happened. Don’t worry, I’ll give away some tickets to another awesome event happening next week in Cape Town.

As one does, to make up for your pain!

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0 Comments Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Quick Look

Article written by the brilliant on the 29 Nov 2010 , in the Cape Town Live music, parties and events category

So you didn’t really miss anything…if you call this ‘not missing anything…I took some photos on the night, and I’ll make a Flickr gallery soon of all the best ones, for now check these out:

nightlife exchange cape town 1

nightlife exchange cape town 2

nightlife exchange cape town 3

nightlife exchange cape town 4

nightlife exchange cape town 5

If you missed it, shame on you!

Keep next Thursday open though, we have a surprise for you…

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0 Comments Save $100 On Adobe Lightroom 3

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lightroom 3 special

For those interested in photography, you can get Adobe Lightroom 3 for $199, giving you a $100 saving. The offer ends tomorrow though.

Lightroom 3 is great for doing most of your photo adjustments, resizing and organising. Obviously Photoshop CS5 is more advanced, but also comes in at a more advanced price. Lightroom 3 is a great start though.

Click here to get Lightroom 3 for $199.

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0 Comments I’m The Mayor Of Nandos Cavendish Square And You Need To Watch This

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As the current mayor of Nandos Cavendish Square on Foursquare (True story, check it out), it is in your greatest interest to watch this:

As the Mayor, surely they’re going to start dishing out free stuff for me soon? SURELY!

But how awesome is that ad? Best ad I’ve seen in ages! Although the tool at Cell C, the oke who took out the full page ad in a certain local weekend newspaper, is going to have his lawyers all over this in an instant! (I’m surprised nothing has happened yet after the ad surfaced last week) But it’s too late…it’s out there, and Cell C, you’re failing. Nandos are winning. But it surely shouldn’t matter, because you’re in two different industries?

But if I needed a new cell phone, and there was a Nandos near to the Cell C store, I’d rather go without a phone and contact to the world, and go eat a Nandos meal instead.

Shame, there are going to be a lot of angry Cell C people around.

Bob! Get the lawyers!

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0 Comments The E-Mails I Receive

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As one of the most lowly ranked blogs in the world, you’d be surprised people e-mail me at all ;)

But from time to time people do find it necessary to put letters into my mailbox…electronically. My mailbox is savagely abused on a daily basis from e-mails from people who don’t know how blogs work. They think that because I mentioned a certain brand, that I am that brand. I wish! Because I’d be a billionaire by now. Check some of these beauties:

Subject: Your Electronical sign outside your building

…. has filled out the contact form on SLXS


Hi there I run a backpackers in Greenpoint and was wondering if you could help me.. Not to long ago i drove past your place and noticed your big electronic sign outside. Could you possibly tell me where you got it from please. My business is small and was hoping a sign as yours would help my Backpackers. Hoping you could help Kind Regards ….

Hi ….

I actually don’t have any signs, must have been another place! I would have no idea where to get electronic signs, but the Yellow Pages would probably be your best option.

I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Kind regards


Must be my apologize.
I saw it on the corner of Loop & Wale Street..Olimp?

Anyway, thanks for the response.


So for those interested, SLXS is not Olimp Sports Bar.

Next one…

Where can I buy Burt’s Bees Products. I am in Johannesburg. Thanks

I have no idea my angel cakes, maybe try the Yellow Pages too? Phone Woolworths?

So to those interested, SLXS is not Burt’s Bees. Nor am I Woolworths. Would I be blogging if I were these places? NO.

Next one…

Hi there, im a music and sound engeneering student looking for any part time work in Johannesburg.

I kid you not, that is THE ENTIRE e-mail. Yip that sounds good I’ll give you a job right away, were SLXS CAPE TOWN (NOT JOHANNESBURG) a company that does anything with sound. But again, the emphasis on the logo saying ‘Cape Town’ But also, hows the e-mail? No thanks, regards, numbers, CV. Just a one liner. Typical Joburg…always keeping things short and to the point CHINA. Places to go and people to see BRU. No time for e-mails BOET. Feeling lank PUMPED, gonna rip up THE HAT tonight. And besides, how is the grammar he used? Stop studying sound engineering and use the eyes in your face to read up on some English language.

Next e-mail…

bought an iPod from the Uk 3 months ago, dropped it down yesterday and its got a cracked screen…needs replacement. would you assist with how and where i can get it fixed. am currently in Zambia and the shortest place i can get it to is South africa. kind regards ….

Um…is this Do I look like the Yellow Pages? Moving along…


Ok, is this a shouting match? Is this Have you maybe been smoking a bong? You disgusting child.

There are just hundreds of these e-mails floating around my inbox, it’s too beautiful! I just read them from time to time for entertainment and to pass the time.

Because there is always someone dumber than you.

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0 Comments What You’re Trying To Say Is…

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Is this what we call it now?

body stress release


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0 Comments Ryan Sandes Photos From Antarctica

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ryan sandes antarctica

Photo courtesy of RacingThePlanet and Zandy Mangold

So you all know the story and I don’t need to tell you what he’s just won this week, but I will.

At the moment, Ryan Sandes is the best ultra distance runner on the planet. He is the only person in history to run and win all four races of the 4 Desert Series. Actually since I started following his progress after reading about him in GQ, he has basically won everything, take that Dean Karnazes!

Catch more photos and stories on his website over at

Well done Ryan, you’re doing SA proud.

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0 Comments Turn Your 35mm Film Into Digital Photos

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I still have loads of old rolls of film lying about, but it’s so hard to share with people because everyone these days wants a digital copy. I still think that getting photos printed is awesome, it’s useless to have thousands of photos that just sit on your computer. But in the interests of sharing, and also safely storing your photos, you can now make all your 35mm film photos switch to digital. Rad!

35mm film to digital

It takes 4 seconds to convert each photo and the machine has a cool little digital screen. You don’t even need a computer to work it, it saves it right onto an SD card. Sickie woo!

For more on this product, visit

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0 Comments True Utility Telepen Tool

Article written by the brilliant on the 24 Nov 2010 , in the Uncategorized category

mantality telepen

You know what I hate?

The fact that I have a Parker pen with real gold trimmings valued at over R1000 lying on my desk, but I’m too scared to take it off my desk because it WILL get lost. Hence, I never have anything to write with when I’m on the road. It is a fact that companies hunt me down during the day wanting me to do this and do that and make them more awesome…and I never get back to them because I don’t know how to operate my phone properly and I never have a pen.

But for every idiot in the world (Me), there is an inventor (True Utility) and they have come up with a really cool pen that will always be with you (Remember, we looked at their bottle opener HERE)

Check it:

true utility telepen

Take Note – A full length pen that is as small as your door key? Now that’s something to write home about!
Engineered in stainless steel, this beautifully crafted personal pen extends telescopically to 115mm, yet only measures around 50mm as it hangs inconspicuously on your key ring. Never get caught out without a pen again! Supplied complete with three free refills. How did you ever live without one?


Stainless Steel
Ergonomic Ball Point Pen
Telescopic – Opens to Full Length
3 Refills Included (black ink)
Key ring attachment


50mm X 5mm (Closed)
115mm X 5mm (Open)

At only R95, this is awesome!

Click here to buy it safely and securely on my favorite online shop…

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0 Comments Large Grey Mongoose Has Herpes

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I’m not even joking, the Mongoose at the World Of Birds in Hout Bay has herpes!

large grey mongoose herpes

They should probably check that out.

One question though…how the hell did the mongoose get to Vegas?

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