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Just two things to let you know what’s happening.

Entries for the Cape Argus/ Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour open tomorrow, 1st September 2007. It is well worth entering early as the entries do tend to fill up very quickly. I’m sending my entry in and I think I’m riding my 8th Argus next year, awesome! Entries are limited to 35000, which sounds like a lot but it does fill up at quite a rapid rate. You can enter HERE, but from tomorrow only.

Then in other news, I read somewhere that on Sunday, at Muizenberg beach, there are going to be some surfers trying to set a world record. I believe it takes place at lunch time. I think it’s for the most people to surf a wave at one time, but I must find the article. So I’m probably going to go down there and check it out if it’s not raining too hard.

Sean Lloyd


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Red Bull Big Wave Africa ends

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This was not ideal news to me yesterday, because the competition never took place this year, the one year that I really did follow it!

Obviously big wave competitions rely on the weather, and no one can change this so it’s up to the “Weather Gods” as to whether or not the waves will be good enough. I was particularly excited about the competition as I have heard the power of the waves at Dungeons and they really are crazy. So I can’t get you photos of the actual event, but what I can do is post some photos of Dungeons from up in the chopper.

Dungeons finds itself just around the corner from Hout Bay, and flying over there really is quite beautiful. I walked to Dungeons through the sand dunes in the previous article

This time round we decided to take the easier route, with the better view. It’s a pity it ended without really starting, but 2008 is another year and I will be down there.

And I’m going to look good!

“Ed, I’ll be down there!”

Sean Lloyd


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Looking over Hout Bay after flying over Dungeons.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


It’s a pity we did not see any sharks, that would have been cool.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Directly above Dungeons, the best view of it. You will see the path leading down to the water, that’s the one we walked down.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket



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The Bomber strikes back

Article written by the brilliant on the 30 Aug 2007 , in the Cars category

I don’t know anything about this, but apparently word is that The Bomber is back. Got sent this photo today via my electronic mail. If you see Jerry D in The Bomber, take a photo and throw it our way.

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And then it was gone…


Sean Lloyd


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Cape Town International Comedy Festival

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For those of you hitting that part of the year where you literally find nothing funny, because you are so tired of work, and for those of you who wait the entire week just for “Phuza Thursday”, now might be a good time to go to this comedy festival!

It’s well known that the sunny weather is now hitting us in the face, and the thought of actually doing anything constructive is slipping by. However, with your boss biting your head off, you might find the humour section of your mind going into complete shutdown/meltdown mode. I’m not going to go into any details here, I will rather give you a link to the website because there is a vast amount of information. I have actually never been to this festival, so I cannot comment on what it’s like but I’m keen to give a try this year. It runs from the 3rd until the 23rd of September 2007. Twenty days of hilarity.

For those of you unaware what humour is, I thought I would post the picture below to give you a guideline:

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George W Bush. Funny guy.


Go HERE for the Cape Town International Comedy Festival website.

Sean Lloyd


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Frank the tank

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Those of you familiar with the movie Old School might recall Will Ferrell as Frank The Tank in the film.

I’m pretty sure that this guy, who works as a barman at the night club Tiger Tiger in Claremont, Cape Town, resembles Frank

I don’t know, that’s just my opinion. Wait until I get a photo of him in the same pose as Frank after he funnels all that beer at the frat party. Awesome.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


You know it! I’m back! 




I have to go now. I’m just taking the restrictor plate off the VR3, give the white dragon a little more juice. But let’s keep that on the down low…it’s not exactly street legal.

Sean Lloyd


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More pics from a day at work

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You might recall a while back we took a helichopper trip with our pilot Terry Redman to go check on the progress of the new stadium for the 2010 World Cup. Obviously we did not just check on that, and we took a little fly around the coast of Cape Town as well. I promised over the next few weeks I would post those photos, and that’s what I’m doing!

On a bit of a side note here I nearly had a heart attack today until I realised what I heard must have been a joke. I was chatting to someone in between trying to make inroads into a new article I’m writing, and they said:

“So have you been watching Idols at all?”

Excuse me? Did that just happen? Surely you are Ricky Gervais? Because that is hilarious!

What do I look like, a complete neanderthal? You must surely be joking when you ask me this?!

I must say that is funny. Hilarious even. Just NEVER ask it again if you actually want to live in Cape Town because I will have you deported.

I would sooner be lighting a candle, and pouring the molten wax into my ear than be subjected to that ear shattering noise M-Net like to refer to as “Idols”

Give me a break.

So to take your mind off that, here are the photos of the SLXS day at the airstrip:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Just chilling.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The University of Cape Town. Now kids why don’t you just hit those books while we fly over Clifton. Fantastic.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Clifton 4th beach. How we here at SLXS cannot wait for summer!





More photos to come still!

Sean Lloyd


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2 Comments The worlds best deodorant

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The whole point of SLXS is to only feature the best. And if we feature it and it’s not the best, then you will hear about it. This little story has been a long time in the making, and finally I have a deodorant that works. If this deodorant becomes “The next big thing” then it’s in no small part to the work of SLXS and the testing I have done on this deodorant.

Let’s take it back a bit.

Sometime last year I went through a stage where I was really depressed, because I found myself throwing out all my white T-shirts from the likes of Levi’s and Dockers. The problem was that the underarms of the shirts were all yellow(Disgusting, I know. But we all know this happens) Anyway, my shirts were looking horrendous and I was forced to buy new ones, virtually an entire new range of T-shirts for the SLXS wardrobe. I usually go for the classic white T-shirt, like our men in Top Gun and even James Dean.

Then looking at some of my other shirts, the darker ones, deodorant had left white stains on them! Disgusting and not very fitting of an excessive lifestyle. Chicks don’t dig it. So I did a little bit of research and I had learnt that aluminium in deodorant could be causing these stains on my T-shirts. Immediately I was on the lookout for a new deodorant that would be fitting for what I do.

So then I took a stroll through Dis-Chem(My pharmacy of choice) where I found a deodorant called “Naturally fresh deodorant crystal” It said on the bottle that there were no harmful aluminums(American spelling) and in fact all it contained was water and natural mineral salts. Fantastic, so I purchased a bottle, only one, because I was not expecting water and salts to keep me fresh throughout my wild life.

Well then…I was wrong!

I used it and by the middle of the day, not only was I still fresh, but it smelt like I had been sweating desire and money. I literally smelt like fresh, crisp banknotes. I have never liked cheap deodorants like AXE which make me smell like a teenager. I don’t like the cheap smell of them. I want something that is fragrance free so I can spray on some Gucci afterwards without the fragrances clashing.

Anyway, I became addicted to this deodorant and went out and bought another two bottles. They got used up and when I went to buy more…there were no more! I got a mild shock. It’s like walking into Woolworths in the evening and their roast chickens are sold out. It will literally break your heart. I had to have more. So I asked at Dis-Chem if they were getting more in and they said it was a once off order that they had received and would not be getting more.

I freaked out. I was not going to be smelling of desire anymore and this worried me highly. So I went for a browse on the internet and I was willing to throw a case of this deodorant on the credit card. I found websites that sold it but they did not deliver to South Africa. This was quite disturbing as I realised my new Dockers white T-shirt would soon be getting trashed from inferior deodorants. So I looked at the bottle of deodorant and realised they had a website. I promptly sent them an e-mail, asking when I would be seeing my favourite deodorant on the shelves of Dis-Chem again. This is the e-mail I sent to [email protected] in December last year:

Hi there

I am from Cape Town South Africa and about a month ago I bought the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Spray Mist at a Dis Chem pharmacy. However, they no longer stock it and say it was a once off order. Is there any way I can get this product in South Africa? It would be great if you could stock it here as it is possibly the best deodorant I have ever used.


Sean Lloyd

A reply came back, the very same day. Impressive service! This is what it read:

Dear Mr. Lloyd,

Thank you for your e-mail message and enquiry about Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products. We are working with Dischem at this time to import our products using their own private label.

I am not sure how long this process will take but I have asked Dischem to consider purchasing some products now for customers like yourself who are interested in purchasing them.

We truly appreciate your interest in our products and hopefully soon, Dischem will have the products available. I have sent your e-mail message to Saul at Dischem as well.


Linda A. Bart

And then I waited. I waited eight or so months! I used some or other Aloe deodorant, but it never had the same effect. I wanted the silky smoothness of the spray mist. I wanted to smell of teenage desire!(What?)

And then like Marky Mark Wahlberg walking through the snow in Four Brothers, I walked into Dis-Chem last week and was looking for some Gillette after shave. When out of the corner of my eye I saw a white light, a halo…my deodorant was back! This crystal mist stuff is like Sex Panther to me! They were true to their word, and this stuff was in South Africa!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The new bottle on the left, and the old on the right. Awesome stuff.

So the new bottles have arrived in South Africa and they are branded with the Dis-Chem logo and the only thing that has changed is that “aluminums” has now been changed to the South African spelling of “aluminiums” It’s still the best deodorant out there and I would not use anything else.

I have been doing some research on the internet on the dangers of aluminium in deodorant, and a lot of things I have read have said it is not really harmful to you. Some articles go on to say the amount of aluminium in deodorant is negligible and that we are more at danger from chemicals in tap water. However, I would still rather use this deodorant than spraying alcohol and aluminium under my arms.

This deodorant is back in my life and I am so happy I don’t even know how to express myself!

What I will tell you is to go out to Dis-Chem and buy this deodorant. It is understated, there are no lame ads claiming it will get you a girlfriend, but I promise you, when you are chatting to a girl and smelling of Gucci, and not some cheap Axe fragrance, you will see the result.

They have done studies you know. 60% of the time it works…everytime.

Seriously though, you need to buy it. I’m not even being paid to say this but it’s something you have to use. Guys and girls.

No wrecked shirts, it won’t clash with your expensive perfume/cologne and it rocks.

So have a shower, spray on some mist, then musk up with something quality like Armani Black Code or Gucci.

And watch miracles happen.

Dis-Chem in Cape Town is situated at Cavendish Square shopping centre in Claremont and the Canal Walk shopping centre. Well worth paying them a visit. Alternatively, go to their website and use the store finder if you are in other parts of the country.

I definitely endorse this product.

Sean Lloyd


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Diversifying at the rugby

Article written by the brilliant on the 27 Aug 2007 , in the Sport, Health and Fitness category

For those of you accustomed to my style, you will realise that I don’t always focus on the story that other people do. I focus on the other parts of journalism…the parts not seen to the average observer. As you might well know, we are not “average” So that is why, in true SLXS fashion, I have virtually nothing to say about the rugby! But somewhere in the next few lines of writing, you will find something you enjoy.
You might all wonder what exactly goes on here at SLXS. It’s a well kept secret, but I am a writer, an explorer, a story teller and a comedian. You might wonder why it is only men that are featured on the site and why SLXS are so stuck in the old days, where only men were allowed to report the news(Like Ron Burgundy)

In order to diversify the site, I decided to recruit a new member to help out at an historically mens only game. Rugby. And so it came to be that the SLXS news team, from Cape Town, were seen with a new co-anchor, in the form of Brittany. Welcome Brittany!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Welcome co-anchor. ‘Ello darling!



People throwing their underwear

Shouting and screaming

Old men passing out

Pleats in the pants

Anyway, as you would have read earlier, Rondebosch were not the favourites to win. They have not played well of late but for some reason they set on the after burners on Saturday and I was surprised when I put my drink down to look at the score board and realised we were winning! We were literally tearing the game apart but I was preoccupied with other things and can’t exactly go into the details of the game because I was not offering my full attention to the game. What I can say though is that our planning on the day was stellar!

Charlie V had arrived early and blocked off a road leading into the schools metalwork room so no one else could get in. I had to chauffeur our co-anchor to the game and so could not be there on time. Jerry D was also running a bit late and so Charlie V took one for the team and secured our parking. All we needed to do when we got there was call Charlie V, tell him to pull his car forward, and we could fit another two cars in. Brilliant! The call was made, the cars were in, and SLXS were in business. As always.

I took a meander in my new diversified disguise. It was quite weird because I was walking through the school,thinking that people would want to touch me and praise me for my writing talent. But it seems that they were more interested in our co-anchor. Pleasant. So I took a back seat and enjoyed the day for what it was. A mix of drinks. Jerry D was back to top form after hitting a bit of a slump of late. When last did you hear of him? Other than being mentioned in The Bomber article? Welcome Back Jerry D. Hitting top form, as you can see in the photo below:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Spilling a rum and coke on his T-shirt, and a bit of 5 o’ clock shadow. Jerry D is back! And all that is man.

Please also notice the cup that Jerry D paid R7 for from the Milo man. The most expensive cup of the day. Jerry D literally does live the dream. Bachelor pad in Stellenbosch, flat screen the size of a swimming pool, near all the dirty parties, he pilots the Bomber(Now with Garmin GPS…I think we need a review Jerold), plays X-Box all day and in between…well in between….I’m not sure what he gets up to. I literally do not know what he is thinking or doing but I do find it strange when I am working on articles and interviews(To come in the near future) that he will call me on a Monday morning for a beer at The Waterfront. Luckily my schedule allows this, and so we normally do it. When I get onto the subject of work I just hear Jerry D mumbling in a Spanish sounding language before changing the subject. It’s clear Jerry D is not into any legal businesses. Only underground stuff.

The only news that I have on the game is that Rondebosch played like crazy men. I was actually expecting them to get cleaned, and they not only held up, but they gave the Bishops guys a very good run. It’s a pity they lost it in literally the last 4 minutes of the game with a final score of 27-24. The photo below is the only one I took of the game as we hunted down the Cape Town dream in dramatic style at Rondebosch. It was excess at the highest level, but I survived so that I could tell the story.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Bosch boys forming a tunnel

I have never seen the Rondebosch crowd going so crazy for their team! They brought out the big guns on Saturday and the support was amazing. Everyone was going mental on the sidelines when we realised that the boys were about to take the win. But such is life that Bishops won it and congratulations to them for that. But it was so close! It really was an awesome game, one of the better performances I have seen from Rondebosch.

They need to play like that every game, I have never seen them like that. And judging by the comments made about the game, the Rondebosch supporters have never been prouder, even coming off with a loss.

Bishops, well done, and we will see you again next year, I hope it’s as much fun. As well as I think Bosch played…the results still say Bishops won and a congratulations goes out to them. As unlucky as Rondebosch were to lose the game in the dying minutes, it also takes the midas touch to score in the final minutes from Bishops after being dominated the whole game.

Back to the other parts of the day. As I say, I usually shy away from the mass hysteria and follow other stories happening around the story that I am covering. And so I found myself going into the bathrooms, where I stumbled upon this:



Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

“And this coach, is how babies are made!”


Just a tub of Muscle Science Xplode performance booster chilling in the change rooms. No big deal really. I’m sure it’s available at all good pharmacies. But then on closer inspection, notice the white residue around the tub. Like someone has literally put their face into the bucket, and taken the whole tub up their nose. Interesting way of delivering the supplement into your muscles.

So it was away from the changing rooms again when I heard lots of screaming. I thought Mike had downed the last of his bottle of rum and was now in an alcoholic daze of sorts. It turns out Rondebosch had scored, and so I ran away from the change rooms for no reason. I was keen to see what else was lying around. Badger milk perhaps?

The game ended in much excitement and for me this was a cue to head to the pavilion to have a beverage. Which was quite a pleasant experience.

The SLXS co-anchor, Brittany was…where was she? She is so sneaky, I never know what she’s thinking. Did she write anything for this article? Where is she now? I’m clueless.

After the debauchery ended there, we headed to an old friend, Forresters Arms for a beer. By this point most people were not speaking English at all. I was making out some morse code coming in, and I was sure I saw some smoke signals as well. But no English whatsoever.

We then headed back to the SLXS playroom to catch up on some….I don’t know what I’m talking about. We had a little lie down, and then it was off to Wadda in Claremont.

Wadda had a weird vibe as I saw people who were so drunk they literally did not know what planet Earth was. The upstairs section was closed, which made for quite a sweaty downstairs section. We met up with Mike, kicked it for a drink and then we were home again. The day was too long to be able to make a big party that night!

As you can imagine, we have been coming off a rough winter and some of our dams are overflowing. This means that we have not been seeing much sun. And we underestimated having a little bit of rum in the sun.

Some classic quotes came from the day, after the headaches hit home hard:

“It feels like there is a little man with a jackhammer behind my eye, and he is pounding the back of my eyeball and that spot where your medulla oblongata sits”

“It feels like my brain is going to explode into little biscuits”

“I want to go to Italy now so I can break plates”

Classic stuff!

You forget how hard we work to get you these pictures and commentary. I was at the rugby from about 10:30am, and only left at about 3pm. Then it was all work from there as we sent it into the evening until about 1am or so. Work on a Saturday? Unheard of in the world. But I do it. I love it.

As you can see, I managed to avoid going into the details of the game here, but I still kept you reading. Such is my power with words.

I’m like…like… I have absolutely no idea.


There is more!

You might think that this is the worst rugby write up ever as I was not really concentrating on the game. Luckily for me, I managed to get hold of the Bishops videographers report on the game which I received from Jason M of Bishops. I will edit this into a little piece for the people who really want to know about the game.Do I continue to amaze you?

I think I do!

It might take me some time to edit as I’m trying to get my head around things such as “Knock on”, “penalty”, “phase plays” and “kick down field”

I will write you soon.

Sean Lloyd



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Post weekend depression(PWD) hits hard

Article written by the brilliant on the 26 Aug 2007 , in the Uncategorized category

I’m officially naming this condition. One day when you go visit your doctor, and he/she/it diagnoses you with PWD , you can be safe in the knowledge that the SLXS team officially recognised the disorder first. It is ours. I own it. I dominate it. And it seems I currently suffer from it along with Charlie V and others who had excessive amounts of fun this weekend. I sometimes wonder, with what I do, is it possible to have too much fun? Can you literally run out of fun things to do? I thought about it for a while and then realised it is entirely possible. If you live somewhere else. Luckily for us we live in Cape Town, so we are safe.

Anyway, after the rugby yesterday, which you will be hearing about soon, we hit rock bottom. After mingling the whole day with beautiful girls, drinks and friends, we realised that we had maxed out our inner “Fun Police” I woke up this morning feeling as though my world was about to implode. Was yesterday in Cape Town too much fun? Well if you follow the SLXS rules, you can never have too much fun.

But you still might suffer from PWD from time to time. What is a person to do when this happens? There is only one thing to do! Go roaming Cape Town in the VR3. The weather is terrible today and so we did the one thing you should not do when a storm is approaching…play golf! We do tend to live life on the very knife edge though.
We never hit the real course though as we do have some resemblance of intelligence. Instead we hit The River Club Driving Range for a spot of golf ball abuse. I realised if I did not hit some golf balls, hard, I would be throwing my computer through my window. I was that bored and sad after another day of complete excess.

So we packed a couple of clubs, including the Taylor Made Burner, and piloted the carriage towards the driving range. The rain(I must add here that it was not in Spain. The rain in Spain. Whatever, I thought it was amusing. I’m building up my humour slowly after yesterday) was coming down and my humour situation was getting to new lows.

Until I started smashing golf balls all around the course like The Rock. I hooked them, I sliced them, I got good lift on them, I messed a lot of them up, I got my shoes wet in the rain, I laughed and I even nearly cried. The rain disguised my tears. Emotions were spewing out all over the range. I was on a grass course of emotion.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Charlie “Tiger” V. Look how depressing and dark it was.

I felt better after that and I have now found the cure for PWD. I have recognised the ailment, and found the cure. The cure is any driving range, anywhere. Although The River Club is quite special, with a bar on the premises to make sure you come out feeling really happy. After hitting 100 beers and 3 or 4 golf balls, you will be the opposite of depressed. You will be ecstatic!

Luckily for us, Cape Town people have a decent sense of humour as well. Which is why I laughed when I spotted the following on the back of a Citi Golf. There is something about Citi Golf owners that just make them awesome.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

No fat chicks. This humour is inherited, not learnt. You won’t find this on a cereal packet.


Cough cough…VR3. Hint hint.

So I laughed at that.

Pretty standard Sunday otherwise by my standards. Stay tuned for another week here at SLXS, where you never know what the next day holds. Because we don’t plan ahead, we just wing it.

Living like a rock star.

Until the new week. Love and peace to the masses.

Sean Lloyd


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Makro’s security guard pushes the limits

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Uncategorized category

I actually just found this article in my head right now. Nice lazy Sunday afternoon after excessing it at the Rondebosch/Bishops game yesterday(Write up in the week, of what we remember) and I manage to remember this. I think it’s funny. You might not. But you will probably read this anyway.

I shop fairly regularly at Makro because you can buy stuff in bulk. And when you live excessively, you don’t want single items of anything, you want the whole truck load. I often find myself strolling into Makro looking for some electronic equipment and end up walking out with an entire box of liquorice(Lucky for spell checker, that’s an horrendous word to spell on a Sunday) , which leaves my teeth black.

I also bought my massive punching bag at Makro, but have no space to hang it in. Not ideal. Makro also have a great bottle store which is quite handy if you like to have a drink from time to time. Although, when buying at Makro you literally buy so much that it would seem that you like more than a single glass of scotch. Maybe an entire vat of whiskey. This might garner you the label “Raging alcoholic”

Anyway, as you can imagine, Makro deal with vast quantities of anything you want to buy. And obviusly to protect all of this, they need a decent security system.

But when you go to the Makro in Ottery, you will be shocked to see the security guard at the front gate. The first couple of times I saw him, I thought he was having me on. I even laughed a couple of times.

But as the weeks went by, I realised this was not a joke.

You see, this Camel Man seems to be carrying some sort of double barrel/pump action style looking shotgun. No jokes, go have a look for yourself. Makro in Ottery.

I wanted to add a photo here, but I am too scared to try and get a photo. He will literally shoot me apart.

“Excuse me friendly security man can I…”

I motion to take out my camera.

Grinding sound of metal as he pulls the gun back to load it.

“No photos” While pointing the gun at my knees.

“Ok cool I was just wondering actually if you wanted R100 for being so friendly?”

Then get back in the VR3 and drive fast because the VR3 does not do slow. It has only two speeds. Off and warp speed.
But go have a little look at Makro in Ottery, you will be quite amused. Or maybe it only amused me. You know…small things for small minds.

Sean Lloyd


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Getting started in shares

Article written by the brilliant on the 23 Aug 2007 , in the Finance category

That article I wrote a while back on Getting Started In Shares? Well, the course is coming up next Thursday, 30th August in Cape Town. To book, and for more information, click on my link in the first sentence of this post.

SLXS, keeping you informed every day!

Sean Lloyd


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Rondebosch/ Bishops updates

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Sport, Health and Fitness category

I just received an e-mail from Jason M of Bishops, alerting me to the dedicated rugby website that Bishops have running. Well worth a look, instead of going to the link I gave you earlier to the schools general website. I checked the schools rugby website out- Quite impressive. It’s not completely up to date but it lets you know the essentials, including all the Bishops boys who have represented the Springboks which includes Dugald MacDonald.

For those of you who are unaware, Dugald MacDonald is a complete Iron Man. Not only has he played rugby for South Africa, but he has rowed across the Atlantic in a transatlantic rowing race in a two man boat. Can someone spell IRON?

In addition to this, in 2005 Dugald and two of his varsity friends became the first South Africans to walk to the magnetic North Pole.

I met Dugald a couple of years ago when I was quite young(I am however, still youthful) at none other than Peter Cronjes house! For those of you unaware of this, Peter Cronje played for the Springboks in the 1970′s, awesome! Peter was also the first person to ever score a 4 point try! Myself and Pete like to kick it sometimes and I was over at his place for dinner not too long ago where I enjoyed quite a nice roast dinner. It was lovely. To make this even more bizarre…I used to live two houses down from Peter Cronje. Then there was the time when I lived in Rondebosch, right next door to Joel Stransky. As a little kid I used to kick around with Joel, how awesome is that! I have quite a rugby pedigree…which is odd considering I know nothing about the game.

I will now go on to blind you with even more information! Peter Cronjes son, David, played for the Rondebosch 1st XV in 2000, where Rondebosch beat Bishops at home, at Bishops, and at the Villagers sevens tournament! How times have changed…

Even more bizarre is the fact that my brother also played for the 1st XV in 2000! And I turn out to be a mountain biker…Quite odd really.

One more bit of knowledge…You might be interested to know that Justin Melck also played for Rondebosch in 2000 and he now plays for a side called “Western Province” And he has the biggest set of guns I have ever seen on a person. His hands resemble baseball mitts.

Yes, I know what you are thinking right now:

“This Editor is a vast fountain of knowledge!”

Well…you know…I suppose I get around a bit being a writer and all.

This Saturdays game is going to be intense, and I am currently prepping myself. SLXS is ready to get excessed.

Sean Lloyd


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The party is back on

Article written by the brilliant on the 22 Aug 2007 , in the Cape Town Live music, parties and events category

And I’m very happy about it

A while ago I reported on a party that did not go to plan, one that I thought was going to be one of the biggest parties I had seen in my short time on earth. Yes, you do remember That Party

Well it turns out our organisers have decided to make up for the last one when everyone was sent home before 1am. I hate nothing more than a party being cancelled before it even starts. But as I said before, I will still go to these parties as I know the potential they hold.

So it was with some celebration that I received an sms today from the organisers, telling me that they are throwing us another party on the 15th September featuring “Layo and Bushwacka” YES PLEASE!

I’m quite pleased with this. Soon after that sms, I got an sms from Rory, who was quite excited. Rory plans all the parties for us and when we want to go to any party, we just magically appear on guest lists at every club. He is kind of like Van Wilder: Party Liaison.

So I’m quite happy right now.We will definitely be reporting on the shenanigans that go on at that gig on the 15th September.

The invite also says that myself and a guest will get an invite. Who ever shall I take? Do you get better than this? I don’t think so!

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 The Editor- Happy with life and chilling with a knife


Sean Lloyd


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Rondebosch vs Bishops derby 2007

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The field at RBHS where Saturdays clash will take place. Table Mountain waits patiently in the background.

The Rondebosch vs Bishops game is near legendary. It’s not even the best game, as Rondebosch have had a poor side for years now, and inevitably lose to Bishops. But the game always attracts a large crowd. A lot of people go to actually support the teams, while others go to see who is there. The amount of women who attend this game are quite astounding, and that’s the reason I have been going now for a few years.

Rondebosch and Bishops are both situated in Rondebosch, literally down the road from each other. Rondebosch are the public school while Bishops are the private school and it’s not unusual to see a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin cruising through the grounds of Bishops. The rivalry is also legendary, and you have to be at the game to experience it.

The game at SACS last week showed that Rondebosch are nowhere near close to beating Bishops on Saturday, and I left before the end of the SACS game as the beating Rondebosch were taking was quite severe. I must be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about rugby, and that’s why I don’t claim to know anything! The game takes place at Rondebosch Boys High School this coming Saturday. It will start at around 11am, but SLXS will be there from about 9am just to get a good spot to view the action from. What I have done here is talk about my reasons for going to the game:
It’s an awesome day out

There is nothing quite like chilling with your friends while watching a bunch of High School kids taking each other apart. It’s fun to see the tackles where you can feel the pain of the guys, and you just thank yourself that you don’t play rugby. You can chill in the sun from about 9am waiting for the main game at about 11:30, while you chat to your mates and laugh about what you got up to on the Friday night.

Ladies and gentleman

There are ample viewing opportunities for both guys and girls. All the guys go to the game to see the girls, and all the girls go to see the guys. Somewhere in the middle of this you think you are at some sort of fashion show as Cape Towns best looking people come out to play. It’s the only reason I have been attending the game every year.

After the game the fun starts

After the game the bar is opened, everyone is out in the sun, and we all play! Usually the VR3 opens it’s Car Bar(If it does not open during the game) and Jerry D might even bring his cooler bag as well which comes with practically an entire bottle store. After an hour or so we are all having a great time and then we get someone to drive us to Kelvin Grove where we mingle until the evening hits us hard.

This Saturdays after party will be nice

I will be attending Wadda afterwards to see who is going to be there as I’m sure all the good looking people from the game will be there as well. If that does not work out we are also on the guest list for the Bang Bang Club, which is always crazy. I have done this many times before, so I know how to plan for after the game.

Look, to SLXS, the game is all about having a party and a good time. The Bishops/Rondebosch game starts as soon as you wake up on Saturday morning, and it ends when you go to bed on Sunday morning at 5am. But oddly enough, there are a few people who are interested in something that gets played that day. It’s called “Rugby” And because I know nothing about it, and never even watch the game even though I am standing on the field, I spoke to someone who knows a thing or two about rugby.

The SLXS call(The feared call) was made to The Editor of, Gareth Rosslee. I explained to Gareth my situation of not knowing anything about the game. I mentioned that the only things I know are commentators shouting “Aaaaaaah it’s Dan Carter!” and the now legendary “Ah it’s Skinner, large and in charge!” This is obviously referring to Bob Skinstad and I believe it happened a few years back when a commentator shouted this. In fact, I don’t even know how true it is, but it’s always funny anyway.

So I asked Gareth to do a little piece on this Saturdays game. He obliged, and I was happy. Over to Gareth:

Rondebosch host Bishops in a derby match on Saturday in a game that Bishops are the overwhelming favourites to win. The two schools are geographically close together, but their rugby form has been miles apart in recent times with Bishops dominating the event for most of living memory.

In fact, Rondebosch haven’t beaten Bishops since Jan van Riebeeck scored an intercept try in the dying minutes back in 1654, and are not being given much of a chance to turn it around on Saturday.

Bishops – with wunderkind Nick Koster at number eight and the sons of Dave and Nick Mallet running the show from flank and flyhalf – have enjoyed another successful season and head into the derby match having beaten SACS and Wynberg over the past two weeks.

Rondebosch will need to tear up the form book and re-write it in another language if they are hoping to pull off a shock victory in the final match of the season. They limp into the game having lost to Wynberg and taken a beating from SACS and are not being given much of a hope to turn it around this time out.

The meeting between the two sides at the end of the second term was an entertaining affair. Bishops ran out rather convincing 48-27 winners on that occasion, but Rondebosch did have them worried after clawing their way back to within 9 points late in the second half.

The Bishops contigent will be confident as they take the the short trip down the road to take on their neighbours and it is going to take a monumental effort from Bosch to pull off what would be one of the biggest surprises of the century.

Gareth Rosslee


I hope you understood that whole piece. Gareth had me lost on “Intercept try”, “Flank”, “Flyhalf” and “Jan van Riebeeck” If I’m correct Jan van Riebeeck was that guy that was sponsored by clothing manufacturer Northface to circumnavigate the world by Penny Farthing(The bicycle) I could be wrong.

I would like to give a big thanks to Gareth for taking time out to write for SLXS,we always appreciate it when someone is willing to help us out on topics we are clueless on.

I took a little stroll around the ground today to see what is happening and to take some photos. Rondebosch Boys High School has one of the most beautiful views of the famous Table Mountain, as you might notice. It must be one of the few schools in the world who truly do have a sight like like that. The weather is great today and I found myself sitting in the stands just admiring this whole scene. A beer would have rounded it off nicely. And maybe even some girls dancing in skimpy outfits, like cheerleaders or something. But even at SLXS we can’t have everything we want. We do come close though. I then nearly fell asleep in the sun, what a serene place! It’s like the calm before the storm!

The groundsman were working nicely, cutting the lawn and clearing up all the leaves in preparation for Saturdays game where the field will no doubt be ripped up by some huge tackles. I also think the medical tent, or let’s get our rugby speak on here, “The blood bin”, might come in handy on Saturday.

You liked that didn’t you? I threw in a rugby term even though I know nothing about the sport. Hilarious.

Enjoy the photos.

See you at the game Cape Town.

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The VR3 sits in the eye of the storm, looking over the field.


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The medical tent might come in handy

Sean Lloyd


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The before and after photos

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Here we show you a quick photo of the original Green Point Stadium. This one was taken by Charlie V last year while I was stuck down in the stadium waiting for Metallica to play! Some of you might even remember reading about THAT! Then we have the stadium at the moment, where it no longer exists. That’s quite hectic!

If you look at the latest photo, you will notice the old stadium is the smaller circle above it, where no cranes are working. You will be able to recognise where it lies by looking at the grass traffic circle. So the new one is clearly quite a bit bigger.

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You can see me down there…somewhere…

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Like David Copperfield…it disappeared before our eyes



Sean Lloyd 


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