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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 26 Aug 2007

I’m officially naming this condition. One day when you go visit your doctor, and he/she/it diagnoses you with PWD , you can be safe in the knowledge that the SLXS team officially recognised the disorder first. It is ours. I own it. I dominate it. And it seems I currently suffer from it along with Charlie V and others who had excessive amounts of fun this weekend. I sometimes wonder, with what I do, is it possible to have too much fun? Can you literally run out of fun things to do? I thought about it for a while and then realised it is entirely possible. If you live somewhere else. Luckily for us we live in Cape Town, so we are safe.

Anyway, after the rugby yesterday, which you will be hearing about soon, we hit rock bottom. After mingling the whole day with beautiful girls, drinks and friends, we realised that we had maxed out our inner “Fun Police” I woke up this morning feeling as though my world was about to implode. Was yesterday in Cape Town too much fun? Well if you follow the SLXS rules, you can never have too much fun.

But you still might suffer from PWD from time to time. What is a person to do when this happens? There is only one thing to do! Go roaming Cape Town in the VR3. The weather is terrible today and so we did the one thing you should not do when a storm is approaching…play golf! We do tend to live life on the very knife edge though.
We never hit the real course though as we do have some resemblance of intelligence. Instead we hit The River Club Driving Range for a spot of golf ball abuse. I realised if I did not hit some golf balls, hard, I would be throwing my computer through my window. I was that bored and sad after another day of complete excess.

So we packed a couple of clubs, including the Taylor Made Burner, and piloted the carriage towards the driving range. The rain(I must add here that it was not in Spain. The rain in Spain. Whatever, I thought it was amusing. I’m building up my humour slowly after yesterday) was coming down and my humour situation was getting to new lows.

Until I started smashing golf balls all around the course like The Rock. I hooked them, I sliced them, I got good lift on them, I messed a lot of them up, I got my shoes wet in the rain, I laughed and I even nearly cried. The rain disguised my tears. Emotions were spewing out all over the range. I was on a grass course of emotion.

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Charlie “Tiger” V. Look how depressing and dark it was.

I felt better after that and I have now found the cure for PWD. I have recognised the ailment, and found the cure. The cure is any driving range, anywhere. Although The River Club is quite special, with a bar on the premises to make sure you come out feeling really happy. After hitting 100 beers and 3 or 4 golf balls, you will be the opposite of depressed. You will be ecstatic!

Luckily for us, Cape Town people have a decent sense of humour as well. Which is why I laughed when I spotted the following on the back of a Citi Golf. There is something about Citi Golf owners that just make them awesome.

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No fat chicks. This humour is inherited, not learnt. You won’t find this on a cereal packet.


Cough cough…VR3. Hint hint.

So I laughed at that.

Pretty standard Sunday otherwise by my standards. Stay tuned for another week here at SLXS, where you never know what the next day holds. Because we don’t plan ahead, we just wing it.

Living like a rock star.

Until the new week. Love and peace to the masses.

Sean Lloyd