Firemans Arms quiz night on a Thursday

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Yesterday I got a call from Mike who is excessing it because he is on holiday and he told me that Firemans Arms was on for the evening. I was not feeling too great but let him know that I was going to smash the pharmacy into oblivion and then let him know what my plans were.

I did smash the pharmacy. I did not feel that much better. But I went through to Firemans Arms anyway because it was quiz night! An appearance was even made by the SLXS co-anchor. Nice to see some sort of “work” being done. Even if it was drinking. I have made an appearance at one quiz night before and Mike absolutely dominated. I barely had time to even take the question in and Mike had already answered it correctly. It is no small mystery that Mike is the cleverest man ever. Ever. He knows everything, which sometimes makes me feel quite stupid.

Anyway, the quiz started at 7:30 and we arrived at about 7:15, to be greeted by Mike and all the rest of the crew. Mike was clearly at top speed as he was taking a pizza apart, and he was also accompanied by a bucket of beer. The beers were soon gone and Mike was hitting Mach 3, throwing out one liners and shouting “Cheaters!” to our opposition team which included Romy, Kate,Richard and their crew. I think at the last Firemans Arms quiz night we were actually on their team. So this time it was time for a bit of ex teammate trash talking.

We definitely were not on top form and out of about 40 questions, or however many there were, I only managed to get two correct! And the one we did not write down. So I contributed one correct answer to the team! Dismal. The categories range from Geography to Music, and I actually can’t remember the rest. I think History might have been a topic as well. I was a bit sidetracked the entire evening by a certain behemoth of a man, who I thought was Sebastian Chabal, the French rugby player who looks like the wild man of Borneo. And the wild man of Borneo looks like Matthew McConaughey after breaking up with Penelope Cruz and bending it on alcohol in Mexico. Very rugged, a sort of Camel man. I wanted to get a photo of myself with him, but was way too scared. So Mike took my camera,pointed it over his head and took a photo! It was so obvious that he was taking a photo of Chabal that I thought Chabal was going to come over and kill Mike. Luckily that never happened.

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Sebastian Chabal is hiding in this photo. Let’s zoom in.


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BOOM! Chabal! Notice the eyes.


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The real Sebastian Chabal. The resemblance is striking. 

I nearly did die though. The intensity of the questions were IMMENSE!( I don’t even know if you can use “immense” in this context. But hey…I’m the editor and I will let it slide) Half the time I was blacking out, and I think it would have been easier to ask me to explain how the universe started. I was shocked at how little I knew. Not that I need to know a lot about those subjects, because I don’t really care. But still…

One of the more classic quotes was when Mike went to the bathroom and there was a guy there who could not believe that he got the one answer wrong in the Geography section. Mike let him know that it was not that bad and that our team was so poor that we were not getting anything correct. Then the guy said something like this:

“I know but I’m a Geography teacher!”

Good times.

The bathroom was also quite interesting, and I found this poster. If you understand Afrikaans you will know what it means. Otherwise I can’t really explain it here. Those of you who understand it might enjoy it. It says “Robbie Wessels as ‘Poena’ “. In the speech bubble it says “Die pad na ‘n vrou se hart loop deur ‘n koek!” Then there is an arrow pointing at the guy saying “Vaatjie” Only in South Africa!

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I can’t really explain this. 

Anywhichway, quiz night takes place at Firemans Arms every Thursday evening, starting at 7:30. It is R20 to enter the quiz and there is a prize for first place. I don’t know what it is because I had no intention of winning. Then there are spot prizes during the evening, and last night this was a round of Captain Morgan for the team that got some random question correct. Naturally we got it wrong.

It is definitely worth paying quiz night a visit, or just visit Firemans Arms anyway and it will take you back to the very old school of watering holes. The memorabilia on the walls is astounding and it’s quite an experience.

Firemans Arms is situated at 25 Mechau Street in Cape Town. It’s on the corner of Buitengracht and Mechau Streets. Call them if you like at : 021 419 1513.

Just make sure you visit this pub, it’s a classic!

Sean Lloyd


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The return of the MotoRizr Z3

Article written by the brilliant on the 27 Sep 2007 , in the Product reviews category

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The Z3 and the VR3

A while back I received a brand new phone, the Motorola MotoRizr Z3 and I was convinced that this phone was cool. I played with it for about a week and after that I was horribly regretting getting the phone. I still regret it, because of the hassles I told you about in the Motorola MotoRizr Z3 review.

Read that first if you have not read it already.

Anyway, last week Monday I sent the phone in, complaining that the battery was still only lasting two days(This was after they had already replaced the battery). They sent the phone away, and last Friday I received an sms telling me that my phone was ready. So I went to collect it and they had sent me a brand new phone! Normally this would make me happy, but I still am not sold on Motorola. The text messaging is enough to drive me to drink, which it has. I just can’t get used to it.

I have previously used Alcatel, Nokia and Samsung, and nothing compares to the poor texting on the Motorola. Nobody I have spoken to in my circle of friends have had anything good to say about Motorola. Motorolas are good looking phones but good looks are not enough to cut it. It’s like the Paris Hilton of phones. Good looking but useless.

Anyway, Samsung is still my choice of phone and the Samsung U700 is looking good. Or maybe an HTC. Or a Blackberry. But not a Motorola.

That would just be too painful.

Side note: Two of my friends have been using the new Nokia N95 and apparently it is the phone you DON’T want. Seriously it’s terrible. Jerry D got rid of his and paid cash for a new phone because he could not bear to use it anymore. So stay away from that one. And the MotoRizr Z3. Probably stay away from Motorola in general.

Sean Lloyd


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The Piv- Making us proud

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Jeremy Piven is probably best known for his role of super agent Ari Gold in Entourage. In Entourage he is an absolute animal with his swearing, arguing with his wife, drinking and just being as arrogant as he can at times. Which is all cool because it is a TV program and he is acting…or is he? Is it possible that Jeremy Piven is similiar in real life to what he is in Entourage? A little bit of research has had me amused, because this man is it! He is living the dream of absolute debauchery and complete excess non stop. The tales on the internet of sheer large scale excess have to be mentioned here. Let’s begin.


Jeremy Piven is 42 years old, which makes this whole story even better. He is just living out the dream. He lives in Malibu, “The Bu”(Or is it “Boo”?) and often takes his mom to red carpet events. But he takes all of Hollywoods naughty girls everywhere else.

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The Piv- Probably just before punishing La Lohan

A quick Blackle search (More on this search engine later) had some fairly amusing stories coming up. After last years Emmy Awards, this little pearler came to light, from the site Defamer:

Entourage star Jeremy Piven celebrated his best supporting actor nod in his usual way- by getting drunk. One spy said Piven, who drank Moet champagne all night, entered the HBO party at the Pacific Design Center ‘already inebriated’ and screaming ‘Where is my entourage? Where is it?’

You have to love the fact that he is using the word ‘entourage’ in real life, as if he really is living the show! Because he knows as well as we do that he IS living the Entourage series in real life. How messed up is that? It’s amazing!

Delving deeper into the spider web of the internet, this came to light:

In Vegas at the same time was the Emmy-winning Entourage star the New York Post described as “the almost always drunk Jeremy Piven” The paper’s “spy” said on this particular evening Piven was “hammered and all over the ladies- no surprise there” After partying until 5am, “Piven almost missed his plane Saturday morning”. And a mole from Piven’s hotel buzzed: ” The driver of his car had somebody go get him. When he answered the door of his hotel room, he was reeking of the night before and there were two girls in the room”

Right. Are you quite believing this? You do realise that these quotes are not actually from the Entourage show, these are from his real life!

Then there are the stories that have linked him to Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan and model Karolina Kurkova. He is also always single because of his need to find a woman who is “open hearted and loving, self-empowered, smart, funny, sexy, beautiful” with “the body of Jessica Alba” and “the brain capacity of Stephen Hawking”

This guy is just too crazy! He is living out a dream right in front of us and probably laughing because he is pulling it off.

After having watched all of Entourage up to the first part of Season Three, I decided to watch the special feature that is included in the second season set. It features Mark Wahlberg chatting to the cast and crew of Entourage. They get onto the topic of women, and Kevin Dillon, who plays Johnny “Drama” Chase, has this to say about Jeremy Piven:

“Of course Jeremy pulls his share. I don’t think anyone pulls more than Jeremy. He’s, he’s a filthy animal. I mean that with love baby!”

It is true, Jeremy Piven is living Entourage in real life. Millions of dollars, drunken debauchery, loads of women and an attitude to match his crazy lifestyle.

Is Jeremy Piven too excessive? Well, there’s no such thing, but he is testing the limits.


Sean Lloyd





The Sydney Morning Herald

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A mystery unravels

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I just received an e-mail in connection with The GQ Man. Andre sent this in, and I thought it was quite clever. Clearly we have a crew of people keeping a look out for us, and informing us when we are uninformed.

This is what Andre had to say:


Saturday morning




Yom Kippur

My detective skills are leaning towards a Jewish gentleman- Some of them do not drive on Saturdays(Sabbath) for religious reasons so walk to and from the synagogue, so walking shoes are a good idea…?

Andre, are you perhaps part of MENSA? Because that is very clever! You see, intelligence like this eludes my brain and that is why I have an e-mail address where all of you can help me out. I’m literally shaking at the enormity of Andres e-mail.

Andre, are you the President? Can you ripen avocados just by looking at them? Does your car run on mealies? So many questions surrounding this.

Sean Lloyd


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Heritage Day/ National Braai Day/ Random

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I don’t have too much to say about the whole holiday on Monday, but we did celebrate it at the Pink Palace of Porn in Hout Bay which was fun. So the photo below is a toast to all of you! And to the beautiful place we call Hout Bay. Admire the view, it’s quite crazy, seriously crazy. “Loco” also comes to mind.

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A toast to you, to Cape Town and to excess!

Also, I must let you all know of my latest business venture. I want to start hiring out pool boys. Think about this before you think I am weird. Rich ladies, bored at home in summer, wanting to see young guys cruising around their gardens. Kind of like real life garden gnomes. You charge them ridiculous amounts because they have the money to spend, and it is good entertainment for them. Plus the pool boys make more money than working at a bar, it’s outdoor work and I take a cut of the money, thus further fuelling the stupid things I want to give to all of you!

Is this genius or not? I’m thinking at least R500 a day for this work. And by “day” I obviously mean a few hours. I think the Constantia area would be a good place to start advertising this venture. What I’m going to do here is just throw out the idea, and I’m throwing in a pool boy as well. Our very own Jerry D, the pilot of The Bomber! Jerry D is a man of leisure and a couple hours spent around a pool in summer will not cut into his precious time too much. Plus, he will earn some extra cash which he can use to fund his excessive lifestyle.

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Cape Town pool boy, R500 per day

Jerry D might have a girlfriend, but she will let him do this work. I know she will. I’m setting this whole thing up, he can’t not do it. Do it for SLXS Jerry D!

So that’s it. “Pool boy for hire” is now out there, on the internet. E-mail me if you know of anyone wanting this work. Rich ladies, R500 a day is not too much to ask for some mildly amusing pool work in the Cape Town area. BOOM!

Just do it.

Sean Lloyd


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The GQ man

Article written by the brilliant on the 24 Sep 2007 , in the Fashion & Grooming category

I like to keep a check on what is happening with my site, and find it quite amusing how people find SLXS when NOT trying to find SLXS. For instance, if you type in “virgin active gym claremont closing times”, SLXS comes up first! Well, below the sponsored link from Virgin Active. Hilarious!

I don’t really know what to say. There was something else I wanted to say, but I forgot. Oh, it’s got to do with Mark Wahlberg. But I need to take a photo for that post, so maybe I will post it tomorrow morning.I also need a gun for that photo which is quite odd. I’m sure I can organise. Just a pellet gun, not an AK-47.

OH WAIT! This is what I wanted to say right now. Obviously Cape Town is full of spectacular people, like the guy in the following photos. Myself and Charlie V were taking a drive past Clifton on Saturday morning, when we spotted this guy, at about 11am, walking in a suit and running shoes.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Cape Town cruising. I think I made this photo a bit too big. 

Look, he is probably a hard working guy, pays his taxes and never does anything wrong and here I am laughing because he is wearing running shoes with a suit. Maybe he finds it comfortable. Maybe he is so rich that he just wears whatever the hell he likes. Maybe? But walking past Clifton at that time in a suit seemed a little out of place.

We made like the paparazzi because we first drove past him and realised what he was wearing. Then we turned around and pulled into a parking area  on the side of the road and waited for him to walk past so we could take some photos out the passenger window. Then we went out the parking lot and followed him and Charlie got another photo while we drove past him. Is it even legal to do this kind of stuff? Probably not.

Anyway, I’m sure GQ would not be impressed with what he has done. We should actually set him up with a GQ South Africa subscription. I think I have one. No I don’t, I just buy it every month.

You should buy the October 2007 GQ to see some nice pictures of Jessica Alba, and also an interview with one of my favourite actors, Christian Bale. He is on that same toughness level as Mark Wahlberg. I dig it.

Enjoy the public holiday, and National Braai Day!

Sean Lloyd


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Mondays Editorial

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Good morning everyone, hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Me, I smashed it up a bit on Friday at the Stellenbosch bachelor pad with Jerry and the boys to celebrate Jerry D’s birthday. Nice!

Where is iBob lately? I have absolutely no idea, I better check on him to see that he is not doing anything that I wouldn’t do.

The lottery is back in South Africa, well at least it will be in about two weeks which is great news! It has been gone for a while but now that it is back, I will be entering again. I used the exact same numbers for about three years and never won more than the smallest amount, which was usually about R30. If I win more than R1 million this time round I think it might be time for a small competition. True story.

Will the world economy ever crash? I was asking myself this the other day and it scared me to read this. I wish there was a never ending supply of energy in the world! Read this: BOOM

If you are a fan of Nandos chicken, then please do try their new Mediterranean flavour. I feel completely ill now from eating too much. Just had a quarter chicken and large wedges, but my chicken was the hot one. I’m going to try the Mediterranean flavour in about a weeks time when I’m not so full.

Shane Warne sent this beauty of an sms to his wife, instead of the bird he was seeing on the side of his marriage, IDIOT! This was his sms, “Hey beautiful, I’m just talking to my kids, the back door’s open”

To which his wife replied “You loser, you sent the message to the wrong person”

How the hell do you explain that? Ha! Needless to say, the marriage is over. Read it HERE

The weather is awesome today and apparently it is National Braai Day or something. Which is strange. I’m so tired right now I need to go have a small sleep before I write anymore.

I’m so weak today.


Sean Lloyd


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Have you been approached?

Article written by the brilliant on the 21 Sep 2007 , in the Uncategorized category

I think the most hilarious guy in Cape Town at the moment is this guy. If you live in Cape Town and frequent the Claremont/ Kenilworth area then you WILL know of him.

I’m talking about the guy who has seemingly magical powers. Out of nowhere…BOOM…he is in your face! It happened to me about an hour ago. I was saddling up in the VR3 to leave the Spar in Rosmead Avenue, and as I clipped my radio face in, I looked ahead. And there in front of me was the man. Wearing orange today to funk himself up, he was trying to sell me a book…AGAIN. I think he does something for the Church, and this is his way of promoting religion or something. It seems a bit odd to me to be honest!

The first time I came to know of the man was in Cavendish Square in Claremont. I was just chilling, trying to pay my parking when he walked up to me, holding out a book, and said “Here, have a book” Not wanting to be rude or anything, I took the book, and with an awkward tone, muttered out a “Thanks”

I then turned to walk away and he said “That’s R20″ I looked at him like he was on drugs, or to put it better, I looked at him the way you look at your dog after it has pissed all over your Egyptian linen on your new bed. I then handed him back the book, and walked off. I have never really had a conversation with him because he freaks me out a little bit. And I don’t want to be freaked out. I just want to live a normal life. Cavendish is definitely his hunting ground, but I am wise now. When I see him, I turn around and RUN! Like Maurice Green. Fast. Has anyone else had the discomfort of meeting this guy, or just being offered a book?

It brings to mind the rose lady that scours the nightclubs of Claremont. She sells roses for charity or something, and anytime you are speaking to a girl she approaches you insisting you buy a rose. Listen, charity is cool, but when you are out at night, most probably drunk, do you really want to buy a rose? NO!

And besides, how do you think a girl is supposed to carry a rose around the whole night without poking someones eye out? Let’s not be stupid here rose lady! And she sometimes looks at me like I have murdered a kitten when I don’t buy a rose. Weird. There used to be a group on Facebook(Not sure if it still exists) called “Mumble mumble…the rose ladies coming!” This is because people used to mumble randomly when she approached to avoid her. Or they would just pretend to be having a really serious conversation. Classic!

There two people are definitely two of Cape Towns weirdest, and I’m not quite sure what they do. They are intriguing though.

So look out for the man at Cavendish Square and the rose lady at Claremont. It will shatter your mind into little biscuits seeing how these two operate.

Sean Lloyd


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We got excessed at the cricket

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As you all know by now, I spent a good day of fun in the sun at the cricket yesterday at Newlands cricket ground. What a day at work! I was quite pleased with the dancers they had brought out to dance when a four or a six was hit. I think they may have danced when a wicket was taken as well, but the cricket was the last thing on my mind.

We chilled out for a bit in our seats, but then decided we wanted more of an atmosphere so we left for the grass(Or the grassy knoll, John) where all the action was happening. We had a beer in the sun, which bubbled straight up into my head and I felt a bit funny. The cure for this was a nice double vodka and coke in the shade at Kelvin Grove. We took the walk to Kelvin Grove where we were met by the most hilarious estate agent I have ever met! He was clearly just waiting for Sunday to swing round, where he would sit in a house from 2pm – 5pm and then he is free to mingle for another week. Which reminds me I must do my estate agents course next year. Remind me, I’m keen.

The highlight of the day was not the cricket but rather the crowd there, who were quite hammered! There were people stumbling around in drunken hazes, not knowing who was playing or who they were! I had an awesome time.

If you want to find out about the cricket, check out Supersport or News24. But you know that here at SLXS, it’s all about the excess! So here I present you with some photos from a day well spent. And so some of the people were spent as well! Beer, sun and fun. Dammit Cape Town, you are not bringing summer in gently, you are throwing it in at a rapid pace! And for that…I love you.

Later in the day it was quite evident that a few naughty kids had consumed a couple beers too many and were now trying to make a train out of it. You should have seen what happened when it dropped and they started throwing the cups! Hilarious.

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Then there was our hero with this T-shirt. Congratulations! It is a fine rum. If you add an “N” to the end of the name and change the “P” to a “B”, you might care to see a doctor. But that is neither here nor there.

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Thumbs up dude!

Obviously being a thirsty little boy, I needed to quench that thirst somehow. A draught was not looking quenching enough, and so I settled for trying to pick the lock to all the kegs. I fear the little blonde darling in the background did not find this funny at all. But I was so thirsty! And look at all that hydration right in front of me!

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Must…hydrate…Fight Club body…

I thought the Forensic Science Laboratory “Explosives Unit” seemed a little excessive. But I suppose it was a good day off for the boys chilling in the sun. Now get back to work!

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Excessive…just the way we roll!

I have for many years thought that a life of crime is the best way to make money. This whole concept of “work” does not suit me. Or anyone for that matter. And at the cricket, my opportunity was sitting on wheels. It was a Standard Bank ATM, inside a van! Can you think of an easier way of driving off with money? I don’t think I can! It was so tempting, but the beer had made me a bit slow to take off behind the wheel.

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Sometimes it’s just easier to steal

And so another day goes by at SLXS that sees us maxing it out in Cape Town.

Love and sunshine Cape Town. And thanks to Newlands cricket ground, you treated us like a son once again.

Sean Lloyd


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Off to the cricket

Article written by the brilliant on the 20 Sep 2007 , in the Sport, Health and Fitness category

I was just sitting around now watching as many episodes of Entourage as I can fit into my life, when I noticed what a beautiful day it was. And I am inside!

Anyway, I had also been hearing from friends that the traffic in Claremont is hectic because of the cricket. The road outside the Newlands cricket ground is closed, and people are complaining. Well it seems that at the last minute, I got a call up to go and watch the cricket because someone had organised me a ticket, thanks JJ!

So it seems my day is going to be spent in the sun, watching a piece of leather being smacked around by a plank of wood, while people try to catch the piece of leather, or break the sticks behind the man with the plank of wood. Sounds like fun to me!

I’m also lucky, because I am allowed access to the closed road, due to the hilarious fact that I am a member of Kelvin Grove. Which is quite awesome really. I’m going to go park the VR3 inside the grounds of Kelvin Grove, and then take the short stroll to Newlands. This could prove difficult, but I think I can do it. In closing for today, I thought because you people read my website, you might also enjoy reading books. Why not pay a visit then to Canal Walks favourite book store! Enough said.

Respect and happiness to the masses.

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What? I never said anything

Sean Lloyd


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Claremont CBD- Ian Iversen speaks to us

Article written by the brilliant on the 19 Sep 2007 , in the Real estate category

When I don’t know the answers to things, I just ask the big guns! A few weeks ago, I contacted Ian Iversen, councillor of Ward 59 and asked for some more information on the general Claremont area.

So here is what we had to ask, and what Ian Iversen had to say:

Sean: Ian, a while back I heard that the Claremont Main Road was going to be closed off and it was going to be moved further down towards the railway line in order to help with the traffic congestion, is this true?

Ian: The statement regarding closing off Main Road is totally incorrect. That won’t be happening. What is happening at the moment is a ‘relief road’ is being built which will run from the road in front of the Southern Sun hotel through a few council owned properties/land and join up with Fir Road which runs next to the railway line and then exit at Stegman Road/ Bridge.

I have no doubt that with the construction of this road, plus the new taxi and bus terminus there will be a turn around and upgrade of the properties in the area. For too long, properties on the railway side of the Main Road have been the stepchildren in respect of economic development.

Sean: Taking a drive down Main Road is always a hazardous affair, with taxi’s stopping wherever they like and jaywalking dominating the road. What is going to be done to curb this? I also believe that this is one of the reasons for the traffic congestion, the constant disregard for the rules of the road.

Ian: Wherever taxi’s are involved it is a hazardous affair as they as a matter of course show little respect for the rules of the road. The bottom line is that Main Road Claremont is little different from any other CBD in the city.

Sean: Obviously the taxi terminus is now on the Cavendish side(Update: By this I mean on the Cavendish side of the railway line. Thanks Andre). I would like to ask where the new taxi/bus terminus is to be situated?

Ian: You are incorrect when you state that ‘obviously the taxi rank is now on the Cavendish side’ I suggest you walk down Ralph Road to the railway station to check on the development of the taxi and bus terminus. It is a massive undertaking which will provide vastly improved facilities for both operators and passengers.

Sean: Ian, maybe this is not quite your territory! However, Claremont Main Road has always been dominated by the clubbing scene and of late with all the construction, we have seen a couple of clubs being taken over by other developments. What do you foresee for the future of the nightclubs in the area, do you think they will be bought out by developers?

Ian: Personally I think that the owners of nightclubs will come under pressure from property owners as they don’t want negative publicity plus the owners would like a better financial return from more main stay business operators.

So that is what Ian Iversen had to say! I regularly go down the main road and the taxi’s have no regard for the rules of the road. So here is what SLXS would do to keep them in their places. If a taxi is caught breaking any rule of the road whatsoever, don’t fine them. Pull them over, with all their passengers, to a designated spot in Claremont where they will be held for an hour, and they will not be able to operate. This way they lose money because they cannot operate, and customers will obviously not be willing to use them again if they are wasting their time and money.

Taxi’s need to be treated like this, you need to take a hard line on them and let them know that they don’t own the road.At the moment the road is dominated by taxi’s who think they own the road. Hopefully with the new relief road, plus the construction of the new taxi/bus terminus, this will all be fixed. And the Claremont Main Road will be the big thing!

I just added two photos below of the construction and will no doubt add more as it progresses and I will also look for a higher vantage point.

Sean Lloyd


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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The Men In Blue at Layo and Bushwacka

Article written by the brilliant on the 17 Sep 2007 , in the Cape Town Live music, parties and events category

To understand the madness of the parties we go to, you need look no further than the people they hire to dance at these parties. These particular guys were doing the robot the entire night, not to mention hand stands, and jumping on their hands, and just looking like extras on some sort of Star Wars movie. It did not even feel as if I was in Cape Town with this amounts of insanity around me. Here are the photos of the MIB at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock at Layo and Bushwacka, Friday 14th September 2007. Enjoy the retro shades they are wearing.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sean Lloyd


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You have now EVOLVed sir

Article written by the brilliant on the , in the Product reviews category

I remember when I was a young kid, I never really cared what I looked like. That’s because I had not really known of this phenomenon we refer to as “girls”

However, as I got older I realised that in order for these “girls” to in fact “like” me, I would need to do more than use my mothers shampoo, and I would need to do better than to go a kids hairdresser. However, for years I went through this whole grooming thing like a little lost soul. I was 14 and yet no supermodels wanted to date me, shocking! The problem was that I was going to a hairdresser who seemingly knew nothing about hair. I would come out of that place thinking “I look fantastic, I have just been to a respected hairdresser.”

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Before: I look like hell! AUDREY! This is bush. Bush league.

However, looking back on those photos it looks like I had gotten broken on box wine the night before, slept on my front lawn, and my father had ridden over my hair with the lawn mower. Times needed to change and as I got older, girls got sexier and seemingly wore less clothing. Inside me there was a Tom Jones crooner waiting to sing “Sex bomb” to all these girls. But my exterior was far from sex bomb. Tom Jones can get away with looking like hell because he IS TOM JONES! And he actually sang Sex Bomb originally. I, on the other hand, needed to look good. In fact, I NEED to look good.

So a couple of years ago when this whole male grooming trend took off, I heard that a new place had opened called Evolv. Apparently you could go there and have your haircut while sipping an ice cold beer and watching TV. This seemed to be the ticket for me. Originally their store was in Canal Walk, but it has now moved to SHG House opposite the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The new place is great, and you can park upstairs, take a little stroll down, past a super expensive car dealership, then take a left and find yourself at Evolv.

I personally get my haircut by Shareen, and it has changed my life. I actually trust Shareen remarkably well and last time she wanted to give me a mohawk of sorts, I was a little hesitant. Anyway, I let her go ahead and she threw a few chemicals on my hair, put some or other treatment on it, blow dried it, put some wax on and…well shoot me down! I looked good. I’m not going to lie, I looked like I could wear a suit with confidence. I mean…I looked real good

I wanted to shout “Come on everybody…Come and see how good I look!”

I actually don’t really say that, nor do I intend to. It’s for the purpose of this article.

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After: Shareen bent my hair like Beckhams

Wearing a mohawk with a suit tells the ladies “Yeah…I might be an investment banker by day, but by night…by night I’m a party animal and a Lionel Ritchie crooner. I run this city” Unfortunately, I never wore the suit, but it would have been awesome I think. I should try it next time. Maybe even pull out the old tweed suit, which when paired with a mohawk says “I might be of the old school, opening doors for the ladies, taking their coats off(Um…at the restaurant of course…not…ok whatever) and complimenting them on that lovely new set of earrings. However by night…by night I’m a rock star. And a crooner”

Evolv offer all sorts of things now including haircuts, shaves, massages, skin treatments and nail treatments. Hell, you can even bend it like Beckham and get waxed at Evolv. Painful.

The place is fantastic and it always feels like home when I am there. I usually arrive a little bit early, and then sit on the leather couch reading a GQ or whatever else is on offer to read. As soon as I sit down I am always offered a drink, and then I just relax there watching TV, on their projection screen TV. The only problem is that when the sun is shining brightly, it is a little hard to see the projection on the wall. Other than that, I could sleep at Evolv. Everyone is friendly and people are always chatting, Shareen always smiles when she sees me(Only because she knows she can abuse me into doing some other hairstyle) and it’s just a really awesome experience.

I think that is the key these days, to offer more than just a haircut. At Evolv you don’t merely go for a haircut, you go there for the experience. You go there to relax and take a bit of time out. I used to hate going to the hairdresser, as it did not feel very relaxed. I was always thrown on the chair, my hair was chopped off and I was sent out the door.

With Shareen, I sit there chatting, laughing, seeing my hair being worked into shape, as opposed to being chopped, and I can feel confident that if GQ had to ask me to do a fashion feature, I could appear as the model. Well, my hair could anyway.

I really would recommend Evolv to any guy out there wanting to charm the ladies. The looks they can’t help you with, but with a hairstyle like the ones Shareen cuts, no one will even notice your face. I mean, people have not commented on my face in ages, but the hairstyle…well that’s another story.

Give them a call on +27 21 418 0533

And definitely pay them a visit at: 2 Lower Loop Street SHG House Cape Town

Click HERE for a map

Or visit them on their website

Sean Lloyd


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Layo and Bushwacka

Article written by the brilliant on the 16 Sep 2007 , in the Cape Town Live music, parties and events category

The last time we attended a Camel party, it was shut down early and I was not impressed! However, the organisers came right back at us with this party and I was loving it. This time Layo and Bushwacka were in town, at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock.

Friday night started off with watching the first half of the rugby by myself at home, before heading off at half time to Mitch’s place. Mitch is the Party Liaison and never misses a party. So I saddled up in the VR3 and piloted myself towards Mitch to watch England get lightly hammered into the ground with a jackhammer, while drinking a Peroni.

The game was an utter punishing, but one of the greatest moments came not from the players, but from an England supporter! The camera panned onto the crowd, and on one guy in particular who was not looking happy! The pearler though came when you looked just to his left and saw one of the England fans slugging back on his hip flask! It was too funny and pretty much summed up the game in a very short and sweet way.

We rolled into The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock just after 11pm(It started at 9pm), to be met by the usual entrance to the Camel parties. Girls standing behind Apple Macbooks waiting to verify your ID to make sure that you are in fact on the list for the party. I swung my ID their way, they put a bracelet on my arm and I rolled in, in a blaze of glory. Jerry D had arrived earlier and when I strolled in he was already drinking vodka and Red Bull with Nedine. Layo and Bushwacka were already inside, mixing it up at a crazy pace.

This immediately spelled trouble in my mind. The last time myself and Jerry D got together to drink these beverages, we started at 6pm and I only arrived home at about 2am, after catching a lift with a friend who was luckily out, because I had no lift and was in a club by myself.

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The crowd: Milling

Anyway, I settled for a double vodka and coke, which was obviously not going down well in Jerry’s mind. I think he was shocked, and after that drink he made sure that all I had was vodka and Red Bull. The results were hilarious as I went through various stages of Red Bull craziness. Dancing right in front of the DJ box, smoking a Hampton Court cigar, not recognising famous people and generally living excessively.

The famous person thing was quite funny actually. Nedine was talking to this girl, who I assumed was a friend of hers. Anyway, she introduces me to this girl, and I said “Hi I’m Sean” I then looked at her, expecting that she would tell me her name. She just smiled and said hello. Then nothing. No name. I then said again, “Hi I’m Sean, what’s your name?” She then smiled and said “Tamara” That’s wicked I thought, and I made my way to the general bar area for a refill.

Nedine came up to me shortly afterwards and said “Don’t you know who that is?”

I said “No”

“It’s Tamara Dey”

“Oh” I said, not knowing why she was telling me this.

“She’s the singer!”

I still had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I did a quick Google search on Saturday morning, first spelling her surname “Day”. Gosh. Idiot! Anyway, I know know who Tamara Dey is! Sorry Tamara, I will recognise you next time! On a side note here, I purchased the South African GQ yesterday, and lo and behold, there was a photo of Tamara in it! Awesome.

We also bumped into DJ’s Roger Goode and Ryan Dent, who I did recognise, hence the photos. They are really cool guys and very chilled out despite their huge success. I also saw Ryan Dent at the Deep Dish Camel party at Workshop 17 a couple of months ago.

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Jerry D, Roger Goode, Ryan Dent and the editor

Obviously as the Red Bull went down, and the cigars lit up, we found ourselves being taken towards the dance floor where the action was happening. As usual, they had gone crazy with dancers. We had girls swinging from the roof and people walking around doing the robot the entire night in luminous spandex suits. There were two guys in blue suits who were doing hand stands on the stage, and then jumping using their arms. I have no idea what they were on, but I don’t know how you build that strength. It was sickening!

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Maxing it out

The party was mind bending, although it was not that full. I suspect that a lot of people were watching England getting dry cleaned by the Springboks. Then there is also the small fact that Earthdance was taking place this weekend, which would have pulled some of the crowd away. Nonetheless, the DJ’s were awesome, the crowd was nice and small and very classy and Camel are back with this party. Having big names playing like this beats the hell out of listening to some DJ playing a CD in a club while trying to pretend to mix it up.

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I’m definitely keen for the next in the series of these parties, as the organisation is slick, the crowd is classy and the DJ’s are flown in from all around the world. Nothing beats that. Thanks Urban Wave, thanks Camel and thanks to Layo and Bushwacka!

On the side here, the only thing that could have maybe been changed was to not schedule the start of the party at the same time as the Springboks were playing England. I arrived two hours late due to this.

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Well…it was a Camel party 

Sean Lloyd



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Rock star

Article written by the brilliant on the 15 Sep 2007 , in the Cars category

I meant to write this a while ago, but never did because I never knew whether this should be seen by the public. As you all know, I drive the VR3 which carries various amounts and types of street cred. In the VR3 I can dress like a rock star and be confident that the VR3 fits the rock star image.

So then the other day my mom comes round and says I should take her car for a drive, because I always complain how bad it is. It is a Fiat Palio 1200, which means it is the slowest car on the planet. I don’t particularly like it and don’t like the fact that my mom drives it. Anyway, I can’t change her mind, and she digs the car.

So she kind of double, or even triple dared me to drive it the other day. I did not go far, just to the Shell petrol station, and it turned out to be the worst decision of my life. I was naturally dressed like a rock star, as always, with a Levi’s T shirt with some sort of skull on it and a cowboy hat on the skull. Paired with my Levi jeans( 507′s, from my school days, legendary, serious street cred) and Lee Cooper biker jacket, I could have fitted in anywhere with a rock vibe.

So forgetting that I was dressed like a rock star, I got into the purple Palio. What I should have done was picked up a hand knitted jersey from my gran, put on a straw Greg Norman hat, thrown on some tweed trousers and arrived in the Palio. Nobody would have noticed a thing. But my dress was so far from the cars persona, I stood out like a mathlete at a frat party.

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Grown men were seen crying.

Anyway, I won’t even go into details on the looks I got at the petrol station. People thought I had lost my mind, and I even thought I heard a child scream. Until I realised it was my own mind screaming at me, telling me that my style points were dropping at a frantic pace.

I mean, just have a look at that photo and tell me you are not embarrassed for me? Not to mention that the Palio is the WORST handling car I have driven…ever. The understeer nearly had me wrecking the car coming out the first bend after leaving the house. Then there is the body roll, the odd design that leaves you leaning forward to see over the dash and all the pillars(Are they called C-pillars or something) to see whether there are any cars coming from your left hand side at stop streets. And the rattling noise when you turn. The car is horrendous, and definitely not recommended by me at all.

My mom is convinced the Palio is blue. I’m convinced it’s purple. It’s like a kid eating liquorice, then drinking Fanta grape and having a little vomit in the flowerbeds. That’s the colour I am thinking of.

Talking of cars though, apparently word on the street is that Jerry is retiring The Bomber. Not sure if it’s true, but if it is we will show you the new one on these pages.

Enjoy the weekend, I know I am loving it! Layo and Bushwacka were insane last night and we have a couple of stories to tell and pictures to post.

Wicked cool.

Sean Lloyd


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