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Rondebosch vs Bishops derby 2007

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The field at RBHS where Saturdays clash will take place. Table Mountain waits patiently in the background.

The Rondebosch vs Bishops game is near legendary. It’s not even the best game, as Rondebosch have had a poor side for years now, and inevitably lose to Bishops. But the game always attracts a large crowd. A lot of people go to actually support the teams, while others go to see who is there. The amount of women who attend this game are quite astounding, and that’s the reason I have been going now for a few years.

Rondebosch and Bishops are both situated in Rondebosch, literally down the road from each other. Rondebosch are the public school while Bishops are the private school and it’s not unusual to see a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin cruising through the grounds of Bishops. The rivalry is also legendary, and you have to be at the game to experience it.

The game at SACS last week showed that Rondebosch are nowhere near close to beating Bishops on Saturday, and I left before the end of the SACS game as the beating Rondebosch were taking was quite severe. I must be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about rugby, and that’s why I don’t claim to know anything! The game takes place at Rondebosch Boys High School this coming Saturday. It will start at around 11am, but SLXS will be there from about 9am just to get a good spot to view the action from. What I have done here is talk about my reasons for going to the game:
It’s an awesome day out

There is nothing quite like chilling with your friends while watching a bunch of High School kids taking each other apart. It’s fun to see the tackles where you can feel the pain of the guys, and you just thank yourself that you don’t play rugby. You can chill in the sun from about 9am waiting for the main game at about 11:30, while you chat to your mates and laugh about what you got up to on the Friday night.

Ladies and gentleman

There are ample viewing opportunities for both guys and girls. All the guys go to the game to see the girls, and all the girls go to see the guys. Somewhere in the middle of this you think you are at some sort of fashion show as Cape Towns best looking people come out to play. It’s the only reason I have been attending the game every year.

After the game the fun starts

After the game the bar is opened, everyone is out in the sun, and we all play! Usually the VR3 opens it’s Car Bar(If it does not open during the game) and Jerry D might even bring his cooler bag as well which comes with practically an entire bottle store. After an hour or so we are all having a great time and then we get someone to drive us to Kelvin Grove where we mingle until the evening hits us hard.

This Saturdays after party will be nice

I will be attending Wadda afterwards to see who is going to be there as I’m sure all the good looking people from the game will be there as well. If that does not work out we are also on the guest list for the Bang Bang Club, which is always crazy. I have done this many times before, so I know how to plan for after the game.

Look, to SLXS, the game is all about having a party and a good time. The Bishops/Rondebosch game starts as soon as you wake up on Saturday morning, and it ends when you go to bed on Sunday morning at 5am. But oddly enough, there are a few people who are interested in something that gets played that day. It’s called “Rugby” And because I know nothing about it, and never even watch the game even though I am standing on the field, I spoke to someone who knows a thing or two about rugby.

The SLXS call(The feared call) was made to The Editor of, Gareth Rosslee. I explained to Gareth my situation of not knowing anything about the game. I mentioned that the only things I know are commentators shouting “Aaaaaaah it’s Dan Carter!” and the now legendary “Ah it’s Skinner, large and in charge!” This is obviously referring to Bob Skinstad and I believe it happened a few years back when a commentator shouted this. In fact, I don’t even know how true it is, but it’s always funny anyway.

So I asked Gareth to do a little piece on this Saturdays game. He obliged, and I was happy. Over to Gareth:

Rondebosch host Bishops in a derby match on Saturday in a game that Bishops are the overwhelming favourites to win. The two schools are geographically close together, but their rugby form has been miles apart in recent times with Bishops dominating the event for most of living memory.

In fact, Rondebosch haven’t beaten Bishops since Jan van Riebeeck scored an intercept try in the dying minutes back in 1654, and are not being given much of a chance to turn it around on Saturday.

Bishops - with wunderkind Nick Koster at number eight and the sons of Dave and Nick Mallet running the show from flank and flyhalf - have enjoyed another successful season and head into the derby match having beaten SACS and Wynberg over the past two weeks.

Rondebosch will need to tear up the form book and re-write it in another language if they are hoping to pull off a shock victory in the final match of the season. They limp into the game having lost to Wynberg and taken a beating from SACS and are not being given much of a hope to turn it around this time out.

The meeting between the two sides at the end of the second term was an entertaining affair. Bishops ran out rather convincing 48-27 winners on that occasion, but Rondebosch did have them worried after clawing their way back to within 9 points late in the second half.

The Bishops contigent will be confident as they take the the short trip down the road to take on their neighbours and it is going to take a monumental effort from Bosch to pull off what would be one of the biggest surprises of the century.

Gareth Rosslee


I hope you understood that whole piece. Gareth had me lost on “Intercept try”, “Flank”, “Flyhalf” and “Jan van Riebeeck” If I’m correct Jan van Riebeeck was that guy that was sponsored by clothing manufacturer Northface to circumnavigate the world by Penny Farthing(The bicycle) I could be wrong.

I would like to give a big thanks to Gareth for taking time out to write for SLXS,we always appreciate it when someone is willing to help us out on topics we are clueless on.

I took a little stroll around the ground today to see what is happening and to take some photos. Rondebosch Boys High School has one of the most beautiful views of the famous Table Mountain, as you might notice. It must be one of the few schools in the world who truly do have a sight like like that. The weather is great today and I found myself sitting in the stands just admiring this whole scene. A beer would have rounded it off nicely. And maybe even some girls dancing in skimpy outfits, like cheerleaders or something. But even at SLXS we can’t have everything we want. We do come close though. I then nearly fell asleep in the sun, what a serene place! It’s like the calm before the storm!

The groundsman were working nicely, cutting the lawn and clearing up all the leaves in preparation for Saturdays game where the field will no doubt be ripped up by some huge tackles. I also think the medical tent, or let’s get our rugby speak on here, “The blood bin”, might come in handy on Saturday.

You liked that didn’t you? I threw in a rugby term even though I know nothing about the sport. Hilarious.

Enjoy the photos.

See you at the game Cape Town.

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The VR3 sits in the eye of the storm, looking over the field.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The medical tent might come in handy

Sean Lloyd


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