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About SLXS

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The Editor hard at work 

SLXS is an online magazine brought to you by myself, Sean Lloyd, directly from Cape Town. It’s a city where you can live the very best lifestyle in the world and where there is always something happening. If it’s a life of excess you aspire to, or a life of excess that you currently lead, then SLXS is the place to be.


I have always believed that for successful living you need excess style, and so SLXS was created.


SLXS looks at the very best of what’s happening in Cape Town and is in essence a showcase on how to live the dream in this town. If it’s covered here, you know it’s going to be good and if it’s not good I will say so.


For local readers we offer you further insight into what is going on in this town of dreams. Often people think they know the city they live in but when they look further, they realise that sometimes they are missing the out on the very soul of the city they live in.


For international readers we show you what makes this city so awesome and why you should visit it. It is also useful to read up on the city before you visit, so you know exactly what to do here in order to gain the most out of your visit.


In addition to this, I will also offer other features maybe not related directly to Cape Town, but features that I feel people can use. I want to make SLXS an experience where you can read up on a wide variety of issues and topics.


SLXS Online is based on real journalistic principles and it is written in the new style of journalism, where I am not just here to give you facts from brochures, but where I am actively involved in every piece I write. I offer my opinions on things and will try and get the best out of everything I feature here on the site. I don’t write from press releases and brochures, but rather from experience. I also try to take in more than just the article at hand, and always take in as much information as possible, even if it does not relate directly to the article I am currently working on. This gives you even further insight into the city and gives the articles further depth, something lacking in most brochures.

My personality is reflected in the various pieces that are written and this gives the site a more personal feel, as every article is written by me, and as you read through the site hopefully you will feel a consistency with the quality of work I produce.


I won’t go into any more detail here, but rather I would suggest you read through the various articles in order to get a feel for what exactly SLXS is.


I do hope you enjoy the work, and remember to check regularly for updates.


See you in Cape Town


Sean Lloyd




SLXS Online


Sean Lloyd holds a diploma in journalism through The Independent Institute of Education.


And one day Sean still wants to be knighted by the Queen. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl reddit

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