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I completed a diploma in journalism at Varsity College in 2007. During this time I had already started SLXS, and it has since grown from a small side project in college to a well read Cape Town lifestyle website that attracts a diverse readership.

Some of my other work includes:

Writing copy for luxury Cape Town villas over HERE. This work included writing the Cape Town lifestyle section on the same Cape Town villas site over HERE

I wrote the copy for the following:

Villa Ibis, Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa.

Villa Hugo, Cape Town, South Africa.

One on Seacliff, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

Acorn Lodge English Language Homestay and Bed and Breakfast in Cape Town over HERE.

In my spare time in college I practiced my writing by contributing to and you can click Sean Lloyd reporter to see my featured work.

I have contributed to with an article over HERE. I contributed THIS piece entitled “South Africa and their confused energy leaders”

I pride myself on SLXS being mentioned for the right reasons on the internet. I don’t merely link to other websites in the hope that they will link back to me. I link to sites I read and trust, and in so doing, the only links I get are ones that are worthy. SLXS is not mentioned randomly or that often, but when it is, it is on websites that count:

Cape Town Alive

The House of Marketing

Shaun Oakes

SA Blog Boys And Their Dream Toys” from iDale

I’ve contributed to Mail and Guardians Though Leader with a piece entitled “Environmentalists fuel alcoholism” over HERE.

Another contribution entitled “Is KFC the right image for the Proteas?” features on the Mail and Guardian Sports Leader Reader Blog over HERE.

As I complete more projects, and construct new websites, these will all be featured here.

See you in Cape Town!

Sean Lloyd

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