More pics from a day at work

You might recall a while back we took a helichopper trip with our pilot Terry Redman to go check on the progress of the new stadium for the 2010 World Cup. Obviously we did not just check on that, and we took a little fly around the coast of Cape Town as well. I promised over the next few weeks I would post those photos, and that’s what I’m doing!

On a bit of a side note here I nearly had a heart attack today until I realised what I heard must have been a joke. I was chatting to someone in between trying to make inroads into a new article I’m writing, and they said:

“So have you been watching Idols at all?”

Excuse me? Did that just happen? Surely you are Ricky Gervais? Because that is hilarious!

What do I look like, a complete neanderthal? You must surely be joking when you ask me this?!

I must say that is funny. Hilarious even. Just NEVER ask it again if you actually want to live in Cape Town because I will have you deported.

I would sooner be lighting a candle, and pouring the molten wax into my ear than be subjected to that ear shattering noise M-Net like to refer to as “Idols”

Give me a break.

So to take your mind off that, here are the photos of the SLXS day at the airstrip:

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Just chilling.


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The University of Cape Town. Now kids why don’t you just hit those books while we fly over Clifton. Fantastic.


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Clifton 4th beach. How we here at SLXS cannot wait for summer!





More photos to come still!

Sean Lloyd


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