The Romans Pizza Ad Agency Should Be Paid With Gunshots

I’m sorry, I don’t watch loads and loads of TV, and when I do, it’s PVR’d, or I just walk away during adverts. But yesterday I saw this Romans Pizza advert and I CRINGED. It is so embarrassing for whoever made it, and for Romans Pizza, that I was embarrassed on their behalf.

Check it:

And then the music video and musician it is inspired by:

So shocking!

I’d pay them with gunshots and a boot to the face.

14 Comments on “The Romans Pizza Ad Agency Should Be Paid With Gunshots

  1. I enjoy how crap this as is… the Carte Blanche ad on Mnet takes the cake!

    What a Lag!

  2. I think this advert was absolutely hilarious! Its pretty clear that Jack Parow’s most devoted fans have not appreciated the humour in the commercial….but they should perhaps consider the notion that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and be happy that their idol is of sufficient celebrity that he will be the subject of light-hearted ribbing.
    Jack Parow fans may have caused strong reactions, the same responses have caused the commercial to go viral on the Internet, including through social media such as Facebook and Twitter – and given it impetus far beyond the reach of television! Kudos to the commercial and the creative team!!! :)

  3. Re Romans Pizza ad- My wife and I can’t get to the remote fast enough to switch off the TV when the ad comes on. I have seen some bad ads but this one is just irritating beyond belief.

  4. I just LOOOVVEEEE the ad. It is so funny! It embraces the culture of our country from an Afrikaans perspective and the fact that we as South African’s can in fact laugh at ourselves. The humour is so laymen’s terms that it doesn’t require thinking, just plain and simple humour! Three pizza’s in one box, WOW! What a bargain! Guess where I am going tonight! Honey, pizza for dinner it is tonight and tomorrow night!

  5. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fall off my chair laughing every time I see it. Why do people have to be so stuck up and look at things in such a negative light, its fun, laugh and get over it!!!!!!!1

  6. I useeeed to get it twoooooooooo time twice but now i get it three times thrice!

    The ad is so funny and stupid that i remember all the words. Appreciating South African humor is exactly what the ad is all about.

    Some people just dont get it!

    Thumbs up for Romans Pizza and their ad agency!

  7. My friends are complaining that this is all that their kids are singing in the house: “three times nice…..”
    I think you have achieved your goal! Teach them from young that your product is all about value for money!

  8. I think the BEST thing about the ad is the catchy repeat of Twoooo Times Nice…. etc. It sticks and makes the ad remain top-of-mind in the very competitive fast food market. Well done Roman’s and to the team responsible for creating a really cool ad. Makes me wish I thought of it myself.

  9. I don’t know hey, I do kinda like the advert. It is corny, cheesy and shallow, but then again isn’t that what Roman’s Pizza’s campaigns aim has been forever? I take my hat off to the agency, since that Blonde girl with the sausage pizza advert, they have been effective in making sure people remember the advert, the product and most importantly; the brand. It would’ve been embarrassing for Roman’s Pizza if people were saying “That pizza place with their lousy advert” but no, everyone remembers the pizza and Roman’s Pizza, I think that is what advertising is all about. And look; it got all of us talking about it, congrats Roman’s and your agency; we’ve all given energy into the subject!

  10. HI, To Roman’s Pizza and thr Creative Team that thought this up, You are really Taking Media to the Next Level, I dont think i have ever been so addicted to your AD’s, this is probable the Best Ad i have Seen, you have really improved on your Ad’s over the Last Year or Two ,

    Well dont, My Kids love the Ad and i find myself singing the words to the Theme Song, Three Times Thrice,

    You Guys Rock, Well done Roman’s

    Pizza for supper,

  11. Brilliant ad!

    I’ve had that cheesy song stuck in my head ever since the ad flighted!

    Roman’s Pizza A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! lol

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