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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 16 Sep 2010

ben bridwell denim jeans

Ben Bridwell — Band Of Horses

You’ll obviously have already heard the song ‘The Funeral’ by ‘Band Of Horses’ but I just can’t seem to get over how amazing this song is. I was listening to The Funeral in my car yesterday and it adds this weird, surreal effect to life, like nothing can touch you and you can do anything. It feels like you’re in a movie, or a dreamland, or like someone is photographing your life for some sort of amazing photo essay.

I found a live version so it’s not as crisp and clear as normal, but it conveys the feeling better if you love the grittiness of live music (I’m a whore for live music like this)

One thing I really dig about Band Of Horses is that even with with their huge success, they still play cool gigs like the Nudie CCTV Sessions. Nudie is a brand of denim that I wear exclusively (Imported from Sweden, thanks!), and they have musicians come play in small gigs in their stores. Band Of Horses have played twice for them at their Nudie Stores and it makes for a really amazing intimate acoustic session. The videos take quite a while to load, so I won’t embed them here, but instead I will give you a link to the Nudie CCTV page, and you can view the videos there. Click here to view Band Of Horses live in the Nudie Jeans stores.

You’ll see Ben has gone from the full beard to something a little more suited for the upcoming Movember. Nice!

And if you ever get the chance, do yourself a favour and invest in a pair of Nudie jeans. I’ll be chatting about those soon.


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danny Website Reply

bro, i have amazing slim jim dry black nudies (purchased in sydney) but ripped them up badly playing vollyball like a schmuck.
so im more than keen to get anotehr pair or two – did u get yours at the online store or do u have some other means of obtaining the denim gold?

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Dude you’re one of the few who know how awesome Nudies are! Not many people ‘get’ dry denim, I love it though. I have G-Stars too, but Nudies are my favourite, Slim Jim are killer.

I ordered mine online at 100 euro, but got hit with like an R800 import duty which was a bitch. Still, if you know your exact size, then it’s still worthwhile ordering them. You’ll be looking at still a hefty price but nothing more than R2000, and you’re not going to be looking like the guy next to you and the guy next to him wearing R4000 Diesels or R5000 True Religions.

I have friends coming over from the UK later in the year so might get them to bring me another pair…I honestly wouldn’t be paid to wear anything else!

I will keep in touch regarding mates coming in form the UK if you still haven’t got any by then. Also check out this site for awesome photos of dry Nudies, worn in by their users:

These particular ones are epic:

Denim gold indeed :)

danny Website Reply

wow. makes me miss what i have destroyed. I agree with u about G-star, quality but ubiquitous. Nudies have stong rock music roots that i buy into 100%

on principle my soul hurts everytime i pay any form of tax so if i get over myself i will order – i am salivating after viewing these galleries.

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Exactly, their rock music roots are also something I love. After seeing Band Of Horses play in their stores…who else does this? The jean are a lifestlye, they have soul, they age with you. And ja, those galleries…craziness!

I’ll have a piece up next week on my Nudies… the best jeans I’ve ever worn!

Everytime I walk past the Levi’s store, I can’t believe I once wore Levi’s.

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