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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 27 Sep 2010

I was watching a movie with the girlfriend over the weekend and this ad came on for Johnnie Walker…stop.

If you watch at Cavendish, there is a small cinema upstairs, on the opposite side from where Neville normally stands. ‘Going The Distance’ showing there, so don’t actually watch it because the cinema smells like piss. Awesome!

Anyway, this ad is like 6 minutes long and while everyone was losing interest, I’m actually quite a nerd and was enjoying it! It’s more of a shirt film featuring Robert Carlyle…Robert Carlyle from Train Spotting. What an absolute legend! What fascinated me most about the advert was that is was shot all in one take, and at nearly 5 minutes of talking, that’s quite impressive from Robert! Check it out on Vimeo:

I don’t know why I enjoyed it so much, I just think it’s really cool, and you learn a little something something about Johnnie Walker. Plus, Robert Carlyles accent is awesome, and it makes you want to go out and have a Johnnie Walker.

Or Jannie Stapper as our boerie curtain folk might like to call it.

Click here for an interview and write up of the making of the short film (Via Chris Rawlinson)

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