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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 27 Sep 2010

I always like to spell it ‘Il-LUST-rated’ in these instances.

See that? Ja!

Clever for a Monday morning!

Anyway, Sports illustrated are having a little online war to see who is the hottest WAG. WAG referring to ‘wives and girlfriends’ of the sports stars of the world. I’m voting Adriana Lima. For the feeling.

adriana lima

Currently we have the likes of Adriana, Brooklyn Decker (Belter) and Tigers ex, Elin. It’s the quarter finals. Do the semi’s come after that?

I’ll surely be rocking a semi by then. Seriously though, enough of the childishness-ness-ness.

Click here to check out the WAGS, and get voting!


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Stop it. Just stop it …. Boing!
Oh well..!

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