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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 27 Sep 2010

Now I know what you’re thinking, “You can’t really buy that much gold and cocaine for my living room for R100000″

And while this is true, think of what you can do with R100000. Plasma screens, Playstations, speaker systems , amps, record players and crazy chairs to relax on. And as a guy, this is all you need really!

It’s a decent amount to be given to spend on a room, I won’t lie. And besides, we’re at the good end of a recession, so ‘if it’s free, it’s for me’

And if you win and you’re married, just imagine how stoked the wife will be. She will be thinking you’re going to be buying stupid scatter cushions and faux fur throws and persian carpets. Seriously, what is it with chicks and scatter cushions? Like those uncomfortable beaded ones that you can’t put your face on without scraping a layer of skin off?

“But it looks nice”

Well a bloody lion looks nice too! But it will kill you, just like your stupid scatter cushions. So while the wife is thinking of this:

scatter cushions

The kak the wife is thinking of

You’re thinking one thing. You and your mates! You’re thinking like this:

home theatre

The awesome you are thinking of! Just enough space for you, your best mate, and the wife your other best mate

Well she is going to have to settle for record players, Playstation, a plasma TV that can only screen sport and Bear Grylls and a chair that can put your beers in. Such is life!

Click below to enter and win:

RE/MAX Win a MakeOver

It’s  a pleasure!


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So sick imagine how sick I could make my pad!

Janine Saaiman Website Reply

This would be a dream come true for me if i should win this competition. I will be overwhelmed and this would be my first time winning something in my entire life. So i hope that it will be my luck to win this big price………….

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