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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 29 Sep 2010

So you all know we’re hitting up the Halo Future Heroes party at The Temple (Chevelle) this Friday…but with the Future Heroes being the name of the party, what are they?

Who are they?

What’s it all about?

The concept is to bring two up and coming trance artists into the spotlight at an event, giving them time to play live to some of trances craziest people (Kreg) at a killer venue. The two Future Heroes are Aavi and Dale Rother, let’s check what these guys are about:


“Born in Cape Town, I’ve been playing exclusive live sets for many years bringing all kinds of electronic dance music to the floor. It’s tough to describe my musical style, as electronic music is always changing and moving with the times, but if it had to be summed up in a phrase, I would call it ‘Club Trance’.  I’m a multi-format DJ, spinning mostly CD’s and sampling sounds and tracks from software-based interfaces. I am also known to make use of vinyl turntable decks, in true classic DJ style.

The best thing about being in the electronic dance music scene is the positive feedback one receives from clubbers, fans, friends etc.  Ask any DJ/Producer and they will have a story of their own to tell.  I consider myself a people’s person and I feed off the energy in the crowd or even in the studio.

As a founding member of the production team, The Audio Impressionists, I’ve set myself apart from most DJ’s, in that the presentation of my live sets will incorporate many of my own written work.  The Audio Impressionists (aka A.I.), have a large selection of music ranging from acoustic lounge to hard trance.

After doing a course in DJ’ing in 2003, I was immediately asked to be a part-time tutor at Cape Audio College.  Here I met many influential people in the music industry. Two years later, I studied Sound Engineering at Damelin. This is where I met the other members of ‘The Audio Impressionists’.  I consider my DJ skills to be second to none and am equally happy with a crowd of 10, or 10 000! Well versed in the technology of DJ’ing, I run my own syllabus based training course, tutoring aspiring DJ’s.  Many of my students are now actively involved with the club scene in Cape Town, paving the way to their own bright futures.

Through word of mouth and The Internet (Facebook and, I was recently invited by the guys @ HALO HQ, to participate in their ‘Future Heroes’ Project, aiding in their drive to increase the entertainment level and standards, of the current electronic music scene. Seeing that we all share the same goal, it’s sure to be a fruitful collaboration.”

And our other Future Hero, Dale Rother:

“I began DJing in 2001, at the age of 15. I can’t say when exactly I became aware of electronic music, but it was probably around the year 2000. It was around then, that I realised it was the music for me, and it rapidly became the overriding passion in my life.

Moving to Cape Town from my childhood home, Port Elizabeth, in 2002, I found myself being increasingly drawn towards the sounds of Trance & Progressive as championed by European luminaries, such as Paul van Dyk and DJ Tiësto. This provided me the opportunity in my late teens, to be exposed to visiting international performers, while learning my craft and developing my skills as a DJ.

In 2004 I turned my hand to production as a means of further developing my own sound, but I’ve always thought of myself as a DJ first and a producer second.

Although my sound has changed and grown as the genre of has evolved over the years, I’ve always maintained a commitment to the ideal, that each set should be a journey to be enjoyed. I strive to make each mix an experience, trying to draw the listener in deeper with every track.

Stay tuned for more, as I continue to refine my sound in the blossoming Cape Town Trance Scene.”

If you’re still trying to get an idea of what this Halo scene is about, Scotty (Scotty’s on fire!!) put a little something something together for us, a promo mix if you will. Clear your desk, take your pants off, throw your coffee at your boss, quit your job and rock out with your…here’s the mix!

Howzit? Siiiiick!

Remember, I will be at the event as well and sightings of me in Cape Town are rare, so here is a chance to see me (Live) before I retreat back into my world of secrecy and Cape Town Boy-ism. Oh did you know that Mitchell and Stack are going to be there as well? Big time!

Bring plenty of lube!


Jokes…seriously ladies…chill…you’ll get your chance, you just need to form an orderly queue.

Once you have your tickets for Friday.

Buy your tickets for Halo Future Heroes HERE.


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cnt wait its gna be epic wish all the trance junkies a happy trance nyt tomorow nyt…wooooooooohooooo

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