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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 10 Feb 2009

Good grief, I found these photos from my old website (That one…) and was still quite shocked, all these years later!

There is this stuff in the shops called “Drink O Pop” and it’s like an Oros type vibe, but only super concentrated and super fake.

Look, there are diseases we don’t know how to cure, and diseases which we don’t know the causes of.

Enter Dr Lloyd (Cool, I can answer my phone on the golf course now) with the probable cause of global warming, AIDS, cancer, TB, West Nile Virus, Congo Fever, syphillis (Jokes Kate, we all know you are the cause of that. Spicy!) and the very rare, but very potent Danny K.

It’s called Drink O Pop, and it’s basically all disease!

I did a quick test to see whether it could replace the highlighter in my office. Wherever that is.

drink o highlight

Result: Affirmative!

This is what it looks like in your basin:

basin test

Interestingly it’s not on the World Health Organisations list of diseases, nor does it feature as a prominent ingredient at the Koeberg Nuclear power plant.

If you are poor though it’s great because it’s really cheap, 200ml’s makes 8 litres and it will kill you before your debt does.

So it DOES have it’s uses!

Sean Lloyd



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Tony @none Reply

How is D-O-P going to kill ?
What harmful substance(s) does it contain?

April 16 2010 09:53 am Sean Lloyd Website

Well it's basically artificial everything, colorants, flavourants...not quite what the body was designed for...

NQOBILE Website Reply


June 14 2011 15:03 pm Nims Website

Yes i think it will but im a pregant woman and i dont know effects it will have on me

Nims Website Reply

will drink o pop affect me as im pregant …

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