Locnville ‘There’ Official Music Video

I’m a little worried here, as I’m pretty sure this is my 3rd or 4th mention of Locnville which may very well put me in the stalker category. I mean, have you seen the madness surrounding Andrew and Brian? It’s insane!

If I were them I’d be attacking it from all angles! Check some of these pearls from their Facebook page:


But this is my favorite!



At first I was like, should I blank the names out? But I shouldn’t because it’s on a public Facebook page, owned. You do realise that I’m a Facebook pirate and I happen to be notorious for finding this stuff? I’m just saying, you should think before you post stuff because you WILL end up on SLXS!

I enjoyed that quite a bit though, why do chicks lose their minds so much? I see celebs and actually couldn’t care less really. Well unless they’re female, I do try throw out a sick vibe in case they want to marry me. I’ll always marry for the superficial stuff like looks and money!

Oh damn, forgot the video, here it is:

Check all the usual suspects in the video! Manthe, Mace…I was kind of expecting Westcott, Rolly and G to make an appearance!

Awesome times.

One Comment on “Locnville ‘There’ Official Music Video

  1. These guys are so fruity, they even like sing at the same time. Their only fans are teenage girls. Such a crap sound they have.

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