The Cobra Snake

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Mark Hunter ‘The Cobra Snake’ but he is awesome!

The basic story is that he photographs all the top parties in the world, shmoozing with celebs and traveling with the likes of Steve Aoki. A Canon 5D camera is all The Cobra Snake seems to need, and he is throwing out a sick vibe! I love his photos not because they’re the best (They’re probably not), but just because of the people he captures and the way he is…he throws it down retro.


Mark Hunter AKA The Cobra Snake

I think with photographer it’s important to bring a sick energy to the places that you are photographing, to put people in a good mood and get those shots. The Cobra Snake was in Cape Town with Steve Aoki and captured some cool shots, as seen here by these two photos from The Assembly in Cape Town:



Both photos (VIA)

I’m absolutely in love with rock/music photography, the energy and moods at these events is insane. It’s not posing like on the Camps Bay strip, it’s raw and energetic and mad and pure. and that’s what photography should be, it shouldn’t be posing in Tiger until you get the perfect shot for your Facebook profile. All photography should be like this.

I love it!

Anyway, thought I’d let you know, but Google Mark Hunter the Cobra Snake and you’ll find some cool interviews with the guy, living the dream, keeping it real.

Click HERE for the Cobra Snakes gallery from Steve Aoki in Cape Town. And check out the rest of his galleries on his website, very cool stuff.

What a kiff oke!


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