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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 21 Dec 2009

Oh oh oh I so excite! I’ve been  NEEDING to use this photo I took about three weeks ago on my lunch break up to Hermanus. Yeah that’s right, myself and Charlie V were bored so we decided to drive up to Hermanus because it’s awesome there. It’s basically where I want to be all the time. Unfortunately for me I cannot make it up tomorrow for the festival which has put my kugelsak in a vice. Well at least that’s what it feels like.

Sean In Her(m)anus

“Built To Be Ridden…Her Anus Cycles” Come on, that’s genius…

Anyway I believe it’s going to be a scorcher, do you realise how many people from Cape Town are in Hermanus right now? It’s bordering on pornographic. Seriously, Hermanus gets a bit silly with the amount of people there now, and the funny thing? All the girls who go up just happen to be models of some sort! and if they’re not models, they’re just hot anyway and given the chance…well I would.

Enough about me though! Let’s get the details:

Forbidden Fruit Festival

Forbidden Fruit Goes Coastal

Hermanus High School 22 December 10 bands 10 hours music festival

On the 22th December South Africa’s new festival experience Forbidden Fruit hits the coast, for a one- off mega band slam summer concert featuring a staggering ten bands over 10 hours of rocked out madness. The sleepy seaside town of Hermanus is preparing itself for a serious wakeup call as the largest outdoor music event ever in the Overberg, hits town.

The intriguing stellar line up covers the complete range of what is happening in the SA Rock scene.  From the enfant terribles of the Afrikaans scene Die Heuwels Fantasies and their angsty big brothers Van Coke Cartel through the indefinable percussive driven funk metal which is Napalma, the slinky summer skunk of 7Th Son, the -Rock-Pop-Blues-Jive of Hot Water, right through to crowd pleasing upstarts Heroes Wear Red, the line up is a fat juicy slice of what is really mattering, music wise today.

Add to that local coastal stalwarts Akkedis and Cape Town favourites  Reburn, all leading up to an incredible finale from, the soon to be stadium rock gods, the indie darlings The Dirty Skirts and the band who have been called by many as the greatest SA alternative rock back ever  -Sugardrive, it verges on audio overdose territory.

For the price of some single band gigs you get yourself a day long fest with some of the most decadent delights that SA rock as to offer, all crammed into an unmissable musical feast. Forbidden? This festival is going to so darn bad, rightfully it should be banned!

11 hours 10 Bands 110 Bucks One day Only

22nd December 2009 14:00 Gates 12:00

R110 Presale (Click here to buy your tickets) R125 (door) under 12 R50 under 6 free

Contact info(at)4biddenfruit(dot)co(dot)za

Gracious me, that was like reading a viagra.

Because I have a boner.

Remember, depending on how you drive, Hermanus is only like 40 minutes away from Cape Town! Be there!


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Are you gay? You seem to have an obsession for the words anal / anus

December 21 2009 16:29 pm Sean Lloyd Website


We obviously don't hang in the same humour circles...It just happens to be an in joke since around 2003, and whenever one of us goes to Hermanus, it's the done thing to get photos taken at the signs. And no, I happen to not be gay.


I love Hermanus… typical drinking village with a fishing problem.

@Mike He’s not gay – just bi-curious ;)

December 21 2009 21:22 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hey R

Ha ha, Hermanus is exactly that! I really love that place though, I'm quite chilled all the time and the Hermanus feel is just that of chilling. I'm always relaxed there, even more so than normal.

Yeah I just do things that I think are fun without worrying about people thinking "I wonder if he's gay?"

Not that I think sexuality makes a difference, I hang out with people who I can have fun with, and if they happen to be gay...makes no difference to me, I'm not phased at all. Life needs to be more chilled!

Dig that picture!! Did you cover the “M” quickly and then have the pic! Her Anus is the best most chilled place in the world… heading through after christmas, Im going to look out for this sign aswell… If they re painted, I will cover the “M” again:)

How long you in Her anus for??

December 22 2009 13:21 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Ha ha, no a little bit of Photoshop! Actually just used paint...on my computer. Have some more signs there, we just drove up for lunch because we were quite bored. Arrived back at around 9 in the evening, I love random missions like that.

You have to get some photos there, I must actually post an article on that day, took loads of photos.

Legendary! If one just opens their eyes one will see that there are many funny things like these around. Keep up the good work guys!

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