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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 21 Jun 2010

As you all know, I rolled into Joburg last week for some international public relations and peace keeping…and didn’t speak  to one local! It was all Australia (G’day mate!) and Mexico (Amigo amigo!) We met the coolest supporters in the world, Mexico bring a massive vibe. It’s all tequila, sombreros and those Mexican wrestling masks like in Nacho Libre. There is a full write up coming, but I don’t know where to start. Some photos perhaps to get you into the mindset of me last week:


Viva Mexico!


Lasith Malinga (Left)

There were our boys from Dubai, including Lasith Malinga (Surely?!) above, classic!


Hey, Giio, and Malinga chillaxing in the corner!

I missed the boys in Cape Town due to a ridiculous schedule I have going, keeping the peace, doing my UN work, growing food and whatever else it is I do.

I must thank all the Joburg crew for the awesome times, most notably the Monday or Tuesday night where we didn’t sleep at all. The manager couldn’t believe it when she came down at around 5:30 to check on the breakfast making, and we were still there chilling! Anyway, I had some &Union beer sent to the boys in Joburg so they can taste some of the finest, and some Nederburg wine, for some local flavour!

Thanks to everyone for the great times, great stories to come! So much to tell you, it’s mad.

So it seems Mexico and Australia need to be next on the traveling list…


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My dear friend Sean!! This is Rodrigo writing from Mexico now, back to the reality :( Great entry. Your dad show us the webpage in the hotel. I hope we can all see us again very soon. You are welcome in Mexico whenever you want. Cheers.

June 24 2010 08:16 am Sean Lloyd Website

Hey Rodrigo! It was awesome meeting you guys, yeah I'm also all back to work, need the World Cup to finish ha ha! Yeah it would be great to all meet up again soon, I'm definitely putting Mexico on the map of places to visit :) I will keep in contact though, great meeting awesome Mexican fans.

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