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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 24 Jun 2010

And no, it’s not because I don’t care about the environment, it’s because I’m sick and tired of hearing opinions and ideas from stupid people.

Do you want to know something? Some 113 million gallons of oil have spilled into the Gulf Of Mexico (According to THIS). At 42 gallons to the barrel, I believe this to be 269000 barrels of oil (Seriously correct me if I’m wrong, my maths is horrendous!)

You want to know more? Yesterday the world consumed some 85 million barrels of oil. Today we’ll do the same. Tomorrow we’ll continue. For the rest of our lives we’ll be consuming this, maybe more if we can, until we run out of oil. So we stress about spilling oil into the ocean, but we’re completely fine with burning our way through 85 million barrels of oil.




Its classic of the human race, to want to blame somebody, instead of admitting to being part of the problem. We’re suddenly forgetting about all the other petroleum companies wasting the environment away. We forget that every aspect of our lives is dominated, and run by oil. We forget about all the plastic and chemicals we pump into the environment. We forget that the synthetic dyes from our clothing gets washed into the environment. Things like thinners, turps, paint…when painters are done, what do they do? Wash it down the drain. Into the land and sea.

We’re as much to blame as BP. No one is in the clear. We’re all the problem.

And what pisses me off the most is the celebrities coming out to boycott BP. Like we care what some stupid person with lots of money has to say. FFSakes, it’s an environmental crisis, not a marketing opportunity. Shut up and do something about it. Don’t use your name, I don’t care that you’re Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. You know nothing about the real problems in the world, because you’re so consumed by your fake world.

You want to know something else? All that plastic and shit you throw in the street, you know where that ends up? In the ocean, killing wildlife, but the press don’t care about that too much. They don’t care about it, because no one can see it. It’s not visible as a dirty black oil slick covering the wildlife so it can’t be bad. Google “North Pacific Gyre” and you will see what I mean. Or we can have a quick look at this video:

The quality isn’t great, but it gets the message across. Also read THIS piece on Greenpeace to explain it a little more.

Also, a couple of Google searches landed me at a nice round number. One billion. Around 1 billion tons of pesticides are used every year. Oh wait…that’s only in the US.

So while it is great that every single tool on the planet is blaming BP, I think we really need to take a look at the situation, and realise that it’s not important. Our opinions don’t matter, because the environment can’t hear us. The only time it will hear us, is when we stop abusing it.

So stop using the BP oil spill to blame someone, and stop using it to promote your brand.

Stand up, get out, and do something. Until then,  kindly shut up.

UPDATE: In response to this being retweeted, please also support the ROSE Foundation who collect used oil. Never, ever throw used motor oil down the drain, because then you’re doing the same as BP…and what’s the point in that?

rose foundation

Click here for the ROSE Foundation website.


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Sean Nieuwoudt @SeanNieuwoudt Website Reply

Agreed & nicely put.


Adam Mitchell @@AdsMitchell Website Reply

Thanks for posting this Sean! Changed my perception completely. So true that as humans we feel the need to blame, when there is a corporate logo behind the story. The plastics thing is shocking and I hope this post gets as much attention as possible. DON’T LITTER, keep our earth clean and green folks!

Hey guys

Shot for the comments, yeah I think we all need to take the time to think about these things. To me, the oil spill has been a great thing in regards to opening peoples eyes to what’s happening to the world. I see it as pollution made visible. In Cape Town we always have the ‘Cape Doctor’, the wind that blows the pollution away.

So it’s out of sight, but it never really leaves us. We need disasters like this to realise these chemicals and pollution never leave us, and we need to find solutions to using 85 million barrels of oil every day of our lives.

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