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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 12 May 2010

3 kings

PROPERLY living the dream!

Three guys playing online poker and paying R51000 a month rent on their Cape Town beach house. Between the writer filing the story and the photo shoot ten days later, one of the players had banked over R2 million.

Crisis, it’s all happening!

Go get your issue, it’s out now.


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That is fucking retarded.


May 12 2010 17:39 pm Sean Lloyd Website

It makes me...mad! I don't know who those guys are but they played it up nicely for the interview. Apparently they were walking to the shop and one of the guys dropped a hundred bucks or something, and the guy stopped to pick it up, and they looked at him like he was mad stopping to pick up such a small amount of cash.

Otherwise it was cool, but yeah...too cool for school sometimes.

But I have news for you Walter Chronkite….
YOU aaaren’t!

The guy on the left is Ryan Brauer – on allafrica all the time. Where can I get May issue of GQ?

June 28 2010 14:13 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Hey dude

You can always contact GQ via this link, you can normally order previous issue from them:

Kind regards


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