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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 29 Jun 2010

In fact, fine art is a bit shit really! I’ve never understood the world of fine art really, but probably because I’m not a raging drug addict. The prices of some of this shit is astronomical, for what is really some interpretation of what LSD, weed and booze make you see. Damien Hirst is supposedly an ‘artist’, but sorry to break it to you D-Dog, you’re a bit shit actually. I mean, your shark in formaldehyde is cool and all, but crisis, anyone can do it. You just managed to get hold of a shark!

damien hirst shark

I’ve been covering ants in Pratley glue for years, I would have done a shark but I don’t find those in my garden too often. If I was on acid I’d probably see a shark in my garden, mind you, I’d probably also go to Candy Mountain like Charlie did:

Besides the point.

Damien Hirst recently did an artistic version of an Audi A1 for some or other ridiculous AIDS thing for Elton John, I don’t really know, I’m not too interested. Fix global warming, instead of trying to maintain or increase the population.

damien hirst audi a1

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Damiens Audi reminds me of those thing we used to do at the Community Chest Carnival or something, where you throw paint onto some board, then they spin it around. It takes no skill and you can be an 11 year old meth head living in the Plein, and your piece of ‘art’ could be as good as Damiens (Mummy, mummy give a R4 for a piesang Steri Stumpie). I find the same thing with photography, yeah there is skill involved, but most photos come from being in the right situation and snapping a defining moment in time. The message in the photo comes from the people and places, not by the cameras settings and the users skill. If you look at some of the greatest photos in history, they’re all about defining moments. Many of the worlds greatest photos were taken on simple cameras, using film and no Photoshop.

Anyway, I’m just saying, Damien Hirst isn’t a good artist, he’s just the product of some stupid hype. He’s not changing the world…he’s just overrated.

And his work is kak.


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So you also ran out of weed Mr Lloyd?

June 29 2010 13:16 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Unless you're growing, you're always running out :)

Marc Perel @MarcPerel Website Reply

Charlie the Unicorn! I love Charlie!

Ring Ring…


Ring Ring


July 01 2010 11:05 am Sean Lloyd Website

Ha ha it's a classic! Weird...but classic. And salad fingers is just another story...crazy shit, kids doing too much acid these days

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