2 Comments How To Spot A Psycho Or Stalker

Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 17 Dec 2009

I’m often asked, for some reason or other, for advice on relationships.

“Sean, how do I know when she’s the one?”

“Well my young squire it’s easy. When you meet her, and you get that tingling feeling in your pants, where at that moment, you’d do anything to bone her. That’s real love my man”

And this is true both ways, for guys and girls. Useful advice once again from me!

But while I could pen a script full of thousands of words of advice on the stalker/psycho situation which continues to plague certain individuals in Cape Town (You know who you are — the one with a restraining order laid against you, by me), I’ve always believed that a picture paints a thousand words.

So a video streams a billion. Guys, date anyone, but avoid this type:

Simple, pure advice. Follow it.

(Thanks Trem!)


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that chicks face is so disturbing i cant help but watch it. if i were in a dark alley with her i think id punch her in those fucked up eyes.

December 18 2009 09:51 am Sean Lloyd Website

Yeah that chick is cooked. God, imagine dating that...definite case of her chopping your chap off while you're sleeping

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