Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Available At V&A Waterfront In Cape Town

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Tom Ford’s latest fragrance, Grey Vetiver, is a classic fragrance that will in all likeliness remind you of a bygone era. I have tried it personally, and it’s not really for me. While I’m not tuned to the different variables of scents, I know what works and what doesn’t work. As a young, urban guy, you’re probably not going to get on too well with Grey Vetiver. It’s an old fragrance and may in fact remind you of old people…and church.

I tested it out yesterday at Edgars in the V&A Waterfront and I was expecting to come right within 5 minutes of trying it on. Not so…not to say it’s not a nice scent, it doesn’t make me go “WTF is that?!” It’s an old school, elegant scent, one which I don’t think is particularly suited to the younger generation. In fact, I’d say wearing this in your late 30’s would be ideal. But then again, maybe it would be cool seeing some dude arriving at a function in his Timberland boat shoes, white V-Neck shirt and semi-faded jeans and wearing Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Maybe the contrast would just be so awesome that it works? Possibly.

If you have seen the ads for Grey Vetiver, and are a Tom Ford fan (Like me), then you may very well be wanting to try a little spritzing of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. I tried Canal Walk and Cavendish Square and no one is stocking it, but Edgars in the V&A Waterfront are stocking it. It’s pricey, at between R1000 and R1200, but look, we’re not plebbs now, are we? No!

Tom Ford is a master at design and is credited with turning Gucci around into the brand it is today. Tom Ford’s Gucci Pour Homme is an absolute classic and something that I don’t often speak about because it’s like a secret that I want kept to myself. I want to be the only one wearing it sometimes, such is the effect of the fragrance. Every single person has fallen in love with Gucci Pour Homme after testing it. My bottle has run out and it is not available in South Africa anymore. BLEAK.

Gucci Pour Homme

Seriously, does anyone know where I can get this in Cape Town? Can we order it from somewhere? Tried Amazon but it can’t get to SA…Should I try one of those US postal address vibes?

So to be fair, it’s not a bad fragrance and some will love it, but I think if you’re reading this website…maybe give it a skip.

Gucci Pour Homme II is awesome though, give that a go.

Gucci Pour Homme II Gift Set With Shower Gel

This costs around R800 at Stuttafords in Cape Town

Seriously, try it, I think you’ll be impressed.

Lothario. Antonio. Julio.

6 Comments on “Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Available At V&A Waterfront In Cape Town

  1. If you’re gonna use a US forwarding service go with They are pretty reasonable and reliable.
    Used them for a laptop that I imported and the only delay (2 days) happened after it landed in South Africa. SAPO is fail.

  2. I also have the same problem as the guy who wrote rheletter about GUCCI POUR HOMME, I can’t find it anywhere
    Can anyone help us find it? Prepared to pay. GUCCI POUR HOMME ii is not preferable cos I’ve tried it B4.

  3. That strawberrynet site looks very dodge. You should check up on it on or something similar for customer reviews…

  4. Hey Ashraf

    Shot for the heads up, will have a look around now and see what people are saying about it :)


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