Win The Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the most visually appealing cars on planet earth at this moment, with the performance to match. It’s every mans dream to drive one of these, but at some R1766926 million (ZAR), it can be a little out of touch of the everyday person. Not anymore! Let’s first look at what we’re dealing with:

Engine: 4.5 litre V8
Power: 425kW/540Nm
0-100km/hr: 3.4 seconds
Top Speed: 325km/hr

Ferrari 458 Italia Front View

Ferrari 458 Italia Side View

Ferrari 458 Italia Rear View

There really isn’t anything to say about the car, other than the fact that it is car porn. This is the stuff dreams are made of! Imagine burning down the Camps Bay strip in this beast? While I wouldn’t want to be a home wrecker, I’m afraid if I was driving this car, I would simply have to wreck homes! Guys wives would be throwing themselves at me, and while wrong on a moral basis, I would have to sleep with all of them. Only because I’m a giver!

Look, the fact that I only have three minutes in me is besides the point. Three minutes is a round in a heavyweight title match! Yeah…you wouldn’t trash talk Ali would you? So don’t trash talk me! Now that the car porn images are out the way, let’s look at the Ferrari 458 Italia burning around the track like it just doesn’t care:

Not too bad? Want one?


Seriously, that’s your only chance of ever owning one. I’m not forcing you to buy tickets, but you’ll look like a bit of a tit if I win, and drive past you on the Camps Bay strip, and throw my slush puppie all over your Yaris. Then bang your girlfriend. And take your mom out for a nice seafood dinner…

And never call her again.

3 Comments on “Win The Ferrari 458 Italia

  1. I’m curious. Does this blogging blog/ad tactic really work? I remember seeing Oakes doing the lotto one months back…

  2. Hey Craig

    It does work and the payouts are great because it’s in pounds, it’s just difficult to get new users as many of them will have signed up on other blogs promoting the program.

    It’s a cool thing to promote though, but not quite the way to make cash! Working with brands is more on the ground work and quite difficult to get into, but worth it.


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